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The Lee Oliveira Media Group Australia, founded in 2010, boasts experience in various facets of the Fashion industry.  Lee was at the forefront as a new wave of expression started in the digital stratosphere, ushering Street Style moments into Instagram and cementing his acclaim on the popular Social Media app.

Brazil-born but Sydney-based, Lee is a creative consultant and photographer who comes from a Sales and Retail background after working with multiple international media outlets such as New York Times Fashion, Grazia Italy, Marie Claire Brazil, Harper’s Bazaar Brazil, and Men’s Style Magazine Australia.  Working with Gucci, where he was the iconic brand’s first street photographer in Hong Kong and Singapore fueled his passion further.  His organic casting of real-life talent around him saw success with Weibo and Weiko followers, and his snapshots - long before mass coverage of the sneakers-and-suits trend - bordered on genius.  Under his belt, Lee has been featured within Vogue.com, South China Morning Post, WWD, Corriere De La Serra, and Chicago Tribune.

Following two defining projects with Gucci and Valentino, Lee started working for the New York Times Fashion department in a digital capacity, while also contributing to the Thursday Styles column.  Lee’s unofficial signature of capturing the surrounding environment with focused talent and geo-tagging equated to a rise in Instagram followers for the Times’.  With multiple shows and presentations happening back to back and in opposite sides of the city during Fashion Week – Lee remains keen and meek.  Unable to be everywhere and shoot everything, Lee challenges himself personally and professionally in his pursuit to be digitally savvy by sharing his vision and work by uploading edits as quickly as possible.

Lee Oliveira Photographer

Like a painter, he starts off with a digital blank canvas – playing with light and landscape while finding the right medium to connect his subjects to their surroundings.  NYT further honed his love of style through various collaborations while being visually impactful and keeping both the aesthetic and story cult

Passionate and a visionary, Lee connected his two worlds of Brazil and Fashion together integrating himself as a leader and trailblazer in the Brazilian Fashion community.  His work with Helena Bordon, crafting her image and wardrobe for five years - and his multilingual abilities - have been instrumental in helping him grow his clientele to include the likes of Juliana Santos, Camila Queiroz, Camila Coutinho, Marina Ruy Barbosa, Mariah Bernadez Maia, and Martha Graeff.  It has also led him to working with Marie Claire Brazil, where his experiences around the world and his understanding of how to nurture and facilitate his talents’ needs have played an important role in highlighting Brazil’s rise to the global scene.  Continuing his pursuits after Brazil in Sydney, Lee participates during Australia Fashion Week seasonally and continues to work with Australian brands.

With a perceptive eye and a true sense of capturing both a moment and a feeling, he searches and waits for those instances that tell his story as a chronicler of art, culture, and individuality.  From art direction and styling, to branding and forecasting, to photography, Oliveira has worked with companies, luxury brands, retailers, and tastemakers alike on various creative campaigns and digital projects.  Such companies include Gucci, Valentino, Tod’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Tory Burch, Santoni, Delveaux, GAP, Levi’s, Samsung, and Matches Fashion.  His captivating technique, professional demeanor, and warm personality have helped him develop many relationships across the fashion industry and around the world.

The multi-hyphenate was even asked by Dolce & Gabbana to join and walk the runway in their January Fall/Winter 2017 Men’s Show, alongside other Instagram and YouTube personalities.  Iceberg’s Fall/Winter 2018 Milan show also created an opportunity for Oliveira’s artistic and visual talents on the brand’s first magazine which was a memorable experience (as the show started at Quadrilatero della Moda to Via Montenapoleone passing Piazza Duomo and ending at Piazza Castello).  And over the past three years, the Armani Group has enlisted Oliveira for consultations with content creation, influencer engagements, and styling throughout Europe.

With a majority of his exposure started out at New York Times Fashion, Lee Oliveira has been recognized as a unique creative talent and photographer for over half a decade, archiving moments throughout Fashion Weeks and brand’s styles. When fashion and photography are not part of his schedule, Lee enjoys participating in conferences and talks, gardening, and working on a new project for 2021 that will bridge his previous experience with his love of nature and wellness.  “For me, Fashion and Style are beyond the streets. 

With today’s technology and social media, the connection and interaction amongst us all is truly conversational, especially with the ever-evolving world.  We, too, have to be diverse and inclusive, as this is a part of a lifestyle within many others.  This community and shared network makes it one of life’s most discussed topics, just like art, cuisine, film, literature, music, and sports.”


Previous Consultations and Contributions consist of:



  • New York Times Fashion
  • Armani Group
  • Gucci
  • Valentino
  • Tod's
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Delvaux
  • Diesel
  • Dona Santa
  • Iceberg
  • Levi’s
  • Matches Fashion
  • TOD’s
  • Tommy Hilfiger
  • Samsung
  • Santoni
  • Sunglass Hut


Influencers and Celebrities:

  • Helena Bordon
  • Juliana Santos
  • Martha Graeff
  • Mariah Bernardez
  • Camila Queiroz
  • Camila Coutinho
  • Marina Ruy Barbosa


Services consist of:


  • Art Direction – Campaigns and Visual Projects
  • Branding and Strategy
  • Forecasting and Trend Analysis
  • Image Consultant and Development
  • Photography
  • Social Media Creative Direction and Management




Lee has worked with global brands including: