Outside Caroline Charles…LFW SS12

by Lee Oliveira on September 19, 2011

Black usually isn’t a colour that I like to photograph on the streets however, I do wear black (sometimes). When I see someone like Laura, I couldn’t resist to get a shot of her.


So, how do you wear the black? To empower yourself or to hide a little your persona?

Lee x

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Cristiana Nunes September 19, 2011

Loveed it!!
Cristiana Nunes recently posted..Grey & Black

Jasonitos September 19, 2011

perfection!!! black and white never dies!
Jasonitos recently posted..GIVEAWAY #6

Cheyl parker September 19, 2011

Oh I love black! This outfit is wonderful, and different from what I’m used to seeing you capture. I like it!!!!!
Cheyl parker recently posted..Glutton For Punishment

jasna September 19, 2011

She looks amazing! Happy Monday xx

Bree@ The BlogStylist September 19, 2011

She looks stunning!

Rachel September 19, 2011

I wear black as a backdrop to another piece that’s either bright and colorful, or with an interesting pattern that can stand on its own. For this picture, I like how the collar on the woman’s top looks sort of old fashioned school marm’ish and as your eye travels down, the boots are a little bit unexpected and toughen up the look. Nice photo!
Rachel recently posted..Paul Smith

dimitri September 19, 2011

This is an impeccable look. Everything is so nice.
Love this style, this outfit is really great.
Love this photos too. x
dimitri recently posted..Dans le parc du château de Malmaison

Lauren September 20, 2011

I can see why you couldn’t resist. She looks great and the hat gives it a nice, almost playful air. For me, I wear black when I want to feel sleek and powerful, of course! 😉

The Styleseer
Lauren recently posted..On the Street – Waverley Street, Palo Alto

KC of Nouveau Skin September 20, 2011

i wear black to put on a smart, strong look. i think it’s a very nice color. it can be boring sometimes but you should hunt people who wear black unpredictably like this girl. :)

KC of Nouveau Skin recently posted..Cuffed Shorts at the Market

My Styleadvisor September 20, 2011

She looks wonderful! After all the colour blocking this summer, black feels kind of fresh again 😉
My Styleadvisor recently posted..God Save The Queen.

Anthea September 20, 2011

Love her outfit especially the collar peeking out. I wear black mostly when I am going for a LBD kind of look.
Anthea recently posted..Guard The Vintage Giveaway

jos xx September 20, 2011

lovely. black is one of my fav!
jos xx recently posted..Your Love Is My Drug

CessOviedo September 20, 2011

Black is always a GO! the hat completes the look gorgeous!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries
CessOviedo recently posted..View from the Balcony…

PvdH September 20, 2011

I love wearing black Lee (particularly for my day job as a banker 😉 ) But when I go out I love making it pop with bright coloured shoes or handbag. Great shot, cant wait to see more!
PvdH recently posted..LFW Part 1. Easing In

Cathy Benavides September 20, 2011

I wear a lot of black – it’s like a blank canvas to me. You can add so much to it, or you can keep it totally simple. I’m loving this black and white combo :)
Cathy Benavides recently posted..Sonsi Fashion Genius

dragon fruit September 20, 2011

i love that collar and her hat – i aslo love black on black.

dragon fruit recently posted..SOLESTRUCK x DOLCE VITA

Nicole September 20, 2011

she is absolutely fab!! that hat is gorge. xo

Rocquelle September 20, 2011

Black isn’t really a color I’m drawn to, but every now and then I like to wear all black with a statement shoe or something because it challenges me. Creating a stylish/interesting all black look takes a bit of skill if you ask me.

akiko September 20, 2011

Such a classic style! Love her midi skirt and great photo as always :) -akiko

akiko recently posted..polka dot + pleat

Heather Fonseca September 20, 2011

Oooh! It’s a trouser-skirt. LOVE that! I love lack and white together. Her outfit is so simple but unique. Love it.

Heather Fonseca recently posted..A Fabulous Fall Skirt

Sherin September 20, 2011

I love wearing black and she looks great in that dress. Love her hat as well.
Sherin recently posted..Fashion Week Outfits

Christel September 20, 2011

She’s so elegant ! I love to wear black from head to toe sometimes, it’s so dramatic !
Christel recently posted..MY EVIL TWIN IS STILL BURNING

BeLighter September 20, 2011

I used to wear black a lot! and I mean a lot, specially for “night outing”, but now I think it’s too harsh on my face and ageing, so I simply don’t have it in my wardrobe (maybe one or to pieces for winter time). Black can also be an aesthetic statement, and mood statement.
Definitely not my fave…
BeLighter recently posted..Front Row at Burberry

fashionhogger September 20, 2011

How Sound Of Music esque!
fashionhogger recently posted..Missoni Weekend

Claire September 20, 2011

Fantastic – Laura Bailey always works it x

Claire recently posted..London Fashion Week meets a Large Orange Hat

Fashionistable September 21, 2011

Very difficult not to shoot black in London. We love it. So good to meet you. Xxxx

The Foolish Aesthete September 21, 2011

This is how I love black — in mixed textures and with a hint of white, or another color. Terrific shot! You are everywhere, Lee. Are you going to Milan and Paris too? xx
The Foolish Aesthete recently posted..JUST BECAUSE

T. September 23, 2011

I can’t hide in black. I feel that an all-black outfit requires more confidence than color-blocking for instance. Because black makes YOU stand out, not the clothes.
T. recently posted..NYFW

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