Where is the cat?

When I hit the streets of Sydney, I look for all kinds of stylish people. This time I didn’t have to run for her because she was just standing on the sidewalk. All I had to do was… Oh.. hang on! She had an ipod on. yeah! Whatever..

A few seconds later all she could see in front of her was my face with a big smile. Without saying a word she started laughing at me and I thought.. phew!

Isabel wears top by Emporio Armani, skirt and bag all vintage, boots by Prada and Daisy fragrance by Marc Jacobs

Isobel wore all black but there was a softness to the look. Not sure if its her colourful bag or the ribbon in her hair. The see through top look reminds me of “The woman with the boyish touch” that I have photographed.

I realised that Isobel had drawn a cat face in one of her knees. I thought that was very cute and girly.

Thanks Isobel, I might be photographing you on runway one day.


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Lee Oliveira
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