Très Français

by Lee Oliveira on August 13, 2010

A few of you might be thinking right now, why do I have a french theme for this post. Well, the story goes like this. I caught this young gentleman about to walk into the train station. I had to stop him right away because his look was absolutely impeccable.

I asked him if he was french and he said no. I was saying to myself.. “OH Lee, just shut up if you not sure”. But… then he said, that was very strange of you to ask me that.

He continued to then tell me that he is going to live in Paris very shortly for 1 year to complete his studies in graphic design. And then I thought to myself, “Il regarde très français” For all of you that speak french worse than I do, that means “He looks very french“.

jacket by Satch, shirt and scarf both by Calibre, pants and shoes both by Dolce & Gabbana, bag by Dior Homme and Amber Absolute fragrance by Tom Ford

Dané mentioned to me that he is very inspired by french people and their culture. He’s got the look, check out the umbrella as well. He loves everything about them and he is looking forward to spending christmas and new years eve in Paris. Now, that is a dream. He even started saying a few words in french to me. I understood a few words but replying back to him was absolutely out of the question.

I think I gravitate towards men with bags. I seem to be taking a lot of photos of them. Remember Patrick with the Yves Saint Laurent Y-Mail patent black bag from a previous post? I don’t think I am obsessed with bags. Am I?

Dané “Votre regard était absolument parfait”.

Merci beaucoup


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sasha b. August 16, 2010

Impeccable is right!! he is lookin sharp! i love a man with some style.

Nelonie aka lancelonie August 16, 2010

Fabulous & fantastic!

sam August 16, 2010

LOVE THIS LOOK reminds me of the men in Paris when i was over there very chic and sexy 😉

Camila F. August 16, 2010

Nossa, ele já está super no clima da França, né? Super estiloso!

Fashion Profiles August 17, 2010

He sported a very elegant look and fashionable men are very rare in this world. You are the luckiest when you found this man. He is an epitome of a French guy – classy without even trying.

Grace August 17, 2010

I ADORE men’s fashion!

Love Grace.

Les Deux - Katie August 17, 2010

Love your blog and this post! It’s got such nice wit to it. You’ve definitely got a new fan.

Les Deux – Katie

Erika Michel August 17, 2010

OMG yesss! he looks sooo Paris…
It’s like french people dont try sooo hard to look good, it just comes NATURAL to them.


jamie-lee August 17, 2010

I don’t think theres anything wrong with gravitating towards men with bags! x

agdame August 20, 2010

Love the outfit
so perfect
so chic
even the umbrella looks so chic
love it so much
makes him look so hot


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