Stress and the City

by Lee Oliveira on October 12, 2010

Sydney is a very busy and crazy city. It feels like the city never sleeps. People always rushing around with no time to talk. Like the old saying goes “time is money” and I totally agree.

While I was wandering this crazy city, I actually noticedthat I was one of those crazy people rushing around. As I stood at the street corner waiting for the traffic lights to change, I spotted this young guy across the street who was on his phone. It looked like he was having an intense conversation. When the lights changed I noticed he had finished his conversation and was just standing there. I wanted to approach him and have a chat but I thought (don’t even go there). Well, I didn’t really listen to myself (did I?) and just went for it. I asked him if I could take a photograph and he said “yeah sure”.

I love a well tailored suit myself and admire a man or women wearing one. It creates such a powerful statement. Remember Kevin and Seya from a previous post?

Benjamin wears suit, shirt, tie and shoes, all by Arthur Galan, watch by Kenneth Cole New York watch and fragrance Gucci Pour Homme II

When I was taking his photos, he said to me “hold on a sec” and started to fix his tie. I thought this would make a great shot so I didn’t stop photographing.  His actions created a whole sense of elegance. When he told me he was ready I replied back “I got the shot already” and he laughed. Looks like I made his day by photographing him. (YAY)

In this post I also wanted to point out the importance of having the perfect tie knot. There are so many different techniques out there but one of the most popular and practical knots is the half windsor. I found this link (click here) which I think is really helpful for those guys who struggle to get their tie in the perfect knot.

Thanks Benjamin. You wear your suit so well and you were very stylish.


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Anthea October 12, 2010

He looks impeccable! I admire your courage to ask people to be photographed!
Anthea recently posted..Easy Breezy

style'n October 12, 2010

He looks so stylish and I love the second picture because it looks like you were just snapping away as he was fixing the tie…so unexpected.
style’n recently posted..Pretty in Pink

fashion butter October 12, 2010

Great subject as usual, Lee! I am sending that tie tying link to my hubby, it’s still a crap shoot for him. Ha1
fashion butter recently posted..Face the facts

Laura Tenshi October 12, 2010

He is very good looking and I laughed so much at the “don’t even go there” part, don’t worry it didn’t even cross my mind. I love the fact he pays so much attention to details and that he wanted to fix his tie for the picture.
Laura Tenshi recently posted..Pink Rubber Boots

Grit and Glamour October 12, 2010

He looks so nice, in addition to being super stylish!

I love Arthur Galan. I wish we had a store in the U.S.!

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour
Grit and Glamour recently posted..Worker V- 12

Krystal/Village October 12, 2010

aw, i love the knot tying picture…
Krystal/Village recently posted..This and that

Jude October 12, 2010

I love how you thought “Don’t go there”! and snapped away while he was fixing his tie. The effect is beautiful – love these! And you’ve officially convinced me – there’s nothing like a guy in a good suit! :)
Jude recently posted..City diary- Honolulu

Couture Carrie October 12, 2010

So dapper!
Great shots, Lee!


ML October 12, 2010

Yup, I love the he is fixing his tie so casually. He is quite dapper!


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Manon October 12, 2010

He is so stylish. I love it!!
Manon recently posted..Streetstyle Inspiration

sweet October 12, 2010

looking at his photos all I can say is that he is adorable…and stylish…I really love guys wearing the famous coat and tie…it just takes my breath away!!!

Great post!!! and he has a wonderful smile too 😀


FashionLifeCoach October 12, 2010

Great styling and very well fit. Drink a coffee and enjoying this stunning gentlemen styling, regardless if any stress is surrounding me 😉
FashionLifeCoach recently posted..Vintage Brooch Look

Alexandre October 12, 2010

Muito elegante. Simples e chick. Adorei.

style-haus October 13, 2010

very dapper and stylish! he really wears the suit well
style-haus recently posted..Fashion Meets Technology

Beny Ricardo Sadewo October 13, 2010

so sweet story Lee…. i love the u shoot him, and u’re unpredictable…
btw… please link back my blog again, because i’ve change my domain, thanks keep in touch.. ^^

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
Beny Ricardo Sadewo recently posted..Street Style Selection Oct Girl in Action!

Denival Fagundes October 13, 2010

Hello handsome!
Really loved the guy in suit, living in Central London (City) do get to see tons of men in suit but sometimes it hurts to see how badly they get dressed. Wish I could stop them give your card and tell them to check your blog for some tips.

Love ya!!!


KC October 13, 2010

oh, he is handsome. 😛
KC recently posted..Landing at Preview- A Short Story

SACRAMENTO October 13, 2010

Thank you very much for visiting my blog; that gives me tha chance to see you and your interesting blog. I will put it in my blogroll from this minute.
Do come again.
Un abrazo from Spain.

jemina October 13, 2010

Your pics result is getting better and better Lee, I’m so happy for you, What I can feel is that loads of good things are coming to you darling, please take care and keep in touch.
Forever your friend
jemina recently and other things

Maddy October 13, 2010

What a handsome fellow! And are you sure you just spotted him on the streets? He looks like he belongs in the pages of GQ!

leia October 13, 2010

He’s so handsome! I think more men should wear suits, they are so flattering and sophisticated.

Monique October 13, 2010

He looks so great!! Thanks for the link to the tie knot! FWD-ING to many of my man friends! hehe xo M
Monique recently posted..Polka Dots and Burgers

LeRon October 13, 2010

That young man looks very stylish.
LeRon recently posted..The Coolest Dinner Party Ever

Jose C. October 13, 2010

such a classic and polished look.

Jose C.
Jose C. recently posted..You never called

My Republic of Fashion October 13, 2010

I love his suit and look at his watch…want it!! :)SarahD
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..Mugshot Monday

A Brit Greek October 13, 2010

He looks sharp n stylish and i know what you mean about the “time is money” phrase… it’s always a bit manic in the CBD area!
Great shots!
A Brit Greek recently posted..Happy Weekend!

Marchmusings October 14, 2010

He looks uber-cool and so confident in his suit. Have to give kudos to your photography skills too, Lee.
I have a question, how come your Wordpress-powered blog picks up all my details while others I visit don’t, and I have to type them in each time? ( I had to ask ‘coz I’m lazy..)
Marchmusings recently posted..Hunter and gatherer

benjamin October 14, 2010

GUYS! thanks so much for all the incredible comments!! talk about giving me a big head, what an incredible job Lee has done on the photo shoot! Remember everyone it’s all about being gorgeous and fabulous!!!!

Benjamin. x

Lee Oliveira October 14, 2010

@Marchmisings – u mean other bloggers recent blog posts? Its a wordpress plug in u can download. I don’t think blogger has this feature

Camila F. October 14, 2010

Realmente ficou muito simpática a foto do rapaz arrumando a gravata. Ficou super natural e espontânea, adorei!
Camila F. recently posted..Sítio das Amoras

jasna October 14, 2010

Hes gorgeous!!! Happy Thursday! xxx

Keith October 14, 2010

Wow. He’s got such great style. I really like what he’s hearing. Thanks for sharing with us.

prutha October 14, 2010

he looks like a kid!!! very cute boy i say…
prutha recently posted..Enjoy the Cuteness- Street Fashion

copywaitress October 14, 2010

well well well… what a handsome man and what a great (and handsome:)) photographer :):):)
copywaitress recently hunting – in practice –

devilishlypleasurable October 14, 2010

he looks amazing in that good ol’-fashioned way. .

oh, the previous post with that dress = priceless

Stacey Kelly October 15, 2010

aww i like this post. his outfit is fabulous and i love the shot of him adjusting his tie.

Stacey Kelly recently week recap- ingrid vlasov

Bionica October 17, 2010

very handsome and well dressed
simply put =)

Bionica recently posted..Keep Paradin

David Toms October 21, 2010

These are great photos of how stylish Sydney can be. Being Australian and now living in Toronto Canada, I notice a huge difference in how people dress. I was back in Australia in March and it reminded me of how fashionabley dressed and stylish Sydneysiders are. Here in Canada, there is no endless amount of good clothes from places such as Zara and Club Monaco, however you very rarely see someone well dressed, as for a young man in a suit…… forget it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!
David Toms recently posted..Fall into the Trenches with Some Savoir Faire!

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