Oxford St…Sydney

by Lee Oliveira on June 29, 2011

I’ve asked Carmel on a previous occasion if I could photograph her and she said no. But, this time I wouldn’t take no for answer. hahaha.

dress-from a Hong Kong market; cardigan-Urban Outfits; shoes-Funkis; bag-Deadly Ponies; necklace-Dinosaur Designs; sunglasses-Karen Walker; fragrance-Amber Essence Oil by Kiehl’s


Thanks Carmel.

Lee x

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Eye June 29, 2011

Very nice look!!!!!!!!!!! love it!

SACRAMENTO June 29, 2011

From the glassses to the sandals, pure magic.
Thank you Lee.

Blink London June 29, 2011

a great look, and a great shot

Kalyani June 29, 2011

Nice one! Orange brightens up the dull day:)


Couture Carrie June 29, 2011

She is so chic!
Love that necklace!


Shelby June 29, 2011

ah she is so stylish, i’m glad you didn’t let her say no!! that dress is amazing… the color, the pleating… and she styled it amazingly. great shot, i love that you captured her walking and trying to fight a smile <3shelby


Tanvi June 29, 2011

What a fabulous necklace!!!

♡ from © tanvii.com

YvonnaLivianna June 29, 2011

That necklace is to die for! Great shot, also love the coral dress!!


THE-LOUDMOUTH June 29, 2011

Awesome! I love that you finally got your photo… her sunnies are awesome and I love the orange.

THE-LOUDMOUTH June 29, 2011

And I just used “awesome” twice… I’m tired :)

Joy June 29, 2011

Great shot, as per usual, Lee.
I love her ensemble :)
Joy x

Francesca R June 29, 2011

I love everything in the upper part, but I am not a fan of socks+sandals combinations!

Ambuji June 30, 2011

The loose cardi over the bright orange dress is a statement of effortless style!!! I love big, loose cardis and paired with a shorter dress makes a very modern outfit!! I too use Kiehl’s musk and absolutely love it’s luxurious feel and fragrance!!! Great photo my dearest friend!

Big Hug Studio June 30, 2011

I really like this look.

The oatmeal cardigan softens the orange quite nicely and I like size of it too.
And that necklace is so cool; I am looking up the company as I write this.

CessOviedo June 30, 2011

So glad you convinced her this time, she is so photograph material! Necklace and sunglasses so edgy!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Neris June 30, 2011

Such a cool look! Love the socks with sandals!


Fashion Fractions

Lauren Nicole June 30, 2011

I love her shades!

Punctuation Mark June 30, 2011

i really love this images… and her necklace!

Alleen June 30, 2011

I love the coral dress paired with the chunky sweater… photography is amazing as always!!!

Claire June 30, 2011

Loove this outfit – amazing details with that chunky cardi x


Lucy June 30, 2011

Wonderful! I love it all! Especially those clogs….

The Foolish Aesthete June 30, 2011

Fantastic dress and necklace combination!

Jennifer Fabulous June 30, 2011

Now here is an insanely fabulous outfit that I could NEVER pull off! Lol. Awesome.

Manon June 30, 2011

I love her dress.

Fashionistable June 30, 2011

Well done for your persistence. She looks great. Sorry for the radio silence – been on holiday. Xxxx

Cristiana Nunes June 30, 2011

Crazy stylish, I absolutely love the sunglasses and her haircut!

Sherin June 30, 2011

I love the colour she’s wearing. She looks fab!! And that necklace is so pretty.

the nyanzi report June 30, 2011

Why would she say no? Your profile picture makes you out to be a great charmer…
Anyway, good thing your persistence paid off, otherwise we would be denied this beauty.

Best Of Palm Beach June 30, 2011

Ugh that necklace is too cute and she wore it perfectly!


chen del mundo June 30, 2011

thank God she said yes,
nice style…
great capture lee…
= )



Terri June 30, 2011

the necklace up against all the tiny pleats in the fabric is a touch of genius.

Noura June 30, 2011

I’m really into your blog, totally gonna start following!

dany June 30, 2011

such fantastic photos lee! i love red dress :) xxo, dany


Edwina June 30, 2011

well hells bells baby – i’m from Sydney and what a great photo tour you’ve got there! i live in Adelaide now and here, they call the cops when they see a little blonde girl using her Double Bay truck to re-park someone’s car. just not the same!
you have a great eye for picking interesting subjects though, fantastic photos.

Mode Plus June 30, 2011

Love the orange and that necklace. There are so many interesting people walking on this earth, I’m glad you’re snapping pics of them. I enjoy!

Nicole @ Frankie Hearts Fashion June 30, 2011

I LOVE her necklace! So unique…I can see why you wouldn’t take no for an answer! xo

Georgy June 30, 2011

I’m totally in love with your blog..This outfits are amazing and original..I’m happy that there are many creative people!

kath June 30, 2011

Hi Lee. I do love the dress. The color is beautiful! Socks in Sandals are also super cool =)I really like your photos!


akissfromthepast June 30, 2011

this girl has Great style =) now i found you awesome blog too ^^ i will visit here in the future too !

Caise June 30, 2011

she looks amazing!
and I really like your photos!

dimitri June 30, 2011

Hello Lee,
Your blog is so great. I love your street style photos. You have a great style, congrats.
She looks fab with this outfit.
Have a nice day.

Cristina L June 30, 2011

amazing outfit

A Brit Greek June 30, 2011

This girl is just wow! Loving the dress with low slung necklace – how cool?!
She sure knows how to work it! Great snap Lee! Besides, who could possibly say no to you!

Kate L. June 30, 2011

Great style!. Love your sunglasses!

Fashion Cat

Anika June 30, 2011

Sweetheart, first of all, your blog looks amazing! It hit me right away as I opened your site, fresh, clean, professional, the bigger pics really popped, and it all made me want more. Sorry for being a stranger lately.

I love the outfit, the colour and pleats of the dress are such a lovely contrast to the neckless and cardi. Very inspiring!
Thank you for sharing, Lee. I hope you are having fun on your adventures.

xo Anika

Jelena June 30, 2011

Beautiful beautiful dress, I am in love with the shape and color!:)

Bianca June 30, 2011

ohh she’s super cool! lover her whole look!! why wouldn’t she want to be snapped?! 😉 xxx


janettaylor July 1, 2011

Just cute!

Kimberly July 1, 2011

i love love love her dress so beautiful and love the color!


Dress Code: High Fashion July 1, 2011

I love her dress!

Best, Jenny


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