On the streets of Sydney…Hyde Park

by Lee Oliveira on January 28, 2011

I was having a coffee with a friend in the park that I hadn’t seen for ages. Out the corner of my eye I spotted this handsome guy. My friend was getting a little annoyed because I was only half paying attention to him. He laughed and saidyou are so dedicated“.

top-Resteröds, shorts-Motive, shoes-All Stars, hat-Rip Curl, NO fragrance

Nicklas had recently relocated back to Australia after spending many years in Europe. I could tell. He’s got that whole European summer thing going on. I would like to see more guys making more effort with their style like him. The hat makes all the difference.

Welcome back home Nicklas and thank you for bringing you style back with you.

Sorry to my friend Sam, next time… coffee on me!

Lee x

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Storm January 28, 2011

Oh wow! What a cutie.

Fortheloveoffashion January 28, 2011
Gigi Guerreiro January 28, 2011

Handsome indeed !

SACRAMENTO January 28, 2011

A cherub from the heavens…No wonder you couldn´t concentrate on the coffee. hehehehe.
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Black and Gold

Katie January 28, 2011

You are dedicated! He definitely has a European style to him – very effortless.
Katie recently posted..What Im Loving

A Brit Greek January 28, 2011

I lol when I read Sacramento’s comment, she nailed it, a stylish cherub indeed!
A Brit Greek recently posted..Flash forward to Spring- High streets hottest

Josceline January 28, 2011

haha that’s a brilliant story but I suppose it would be quite hard to concentrate with him wandering around! definite pretty boy and you’re right the hat is definitely what makes the outfit :)
Josceline recently posted..Seville Street Art

Josceline January 28, 2011

haha that’s a brilliant story but I suppose it would be quite hard to concentrate with him wandering around! definite pretty boy and you’re right the hat is definitely what makes the outfit :)
Josceline recently posted..Seville Street Art

Alexandre January 28, 2011

Eu também fikei totalmente desconcertado!!! Que camiseta lindaaaa!!! Amei o estilo!!!

Alexandre January 28, 2011

Eu também fikei totalmente desconcertado!!! Que camiseta lindaaaa!!! Amei o estilo!!!

liz January 28, 2011

OOh yes so totally agree with you. If only guys can put more effort to their clothes and not just wear tshirt, board shorts and thongs!! the dude is gorgeous as well. thank for the eye-candy Lee 😉

Maddy January 28, 2011

Lol!! Oh yes, I agree….so dedicated to your work ;o)
Maddy recently posted..To Give or Not To Give

Rosy January 28, 2011

😀 very cute! nice job…lol
Rosy recently posted..McDonalds

BEAUTYCOUNTRY January 29, 2011

What a great look!! 😀

Love his hat :)
BEAUTYCOUNTRY recently posted..Casual Black

Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy January 29, 2011

What a great hat and that blonde hair is nice! xoxo
Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy recently posted..Old New

Emily January 29, 2011

Wowie he is a cutie. Loving that hat and blonde hair. You do seem pretty dedicated 😉
Emily recently posted..Threading my thoughts

KC of nouveau skin January 29, 2011

well, he does look great and handsome. 😀 i like that he mixes comfort and style. some people focus too much on one and forget the other. i am guilty of that. haha

KC of nouveau skin recently posted..My Picks- Acne and Paul Smith AW2011

julia louise January 29, 2011

Lovely blog and post, dear<3 Hope to see you on my blog. You are also welcome to follow<3


Audrey Allure January 29, 2011

His style looks so effortless; I agree the hat makes a difference.
Audrey Allure recently posted..Snow Days

Rafael Franco January 29, 2011


Wow! Beautiful guy! I love his outfit, very simple and cool.

kisses from Brazil*

Rafael Franco recently posted..The Strokes are back!

Cristiana Nunes January 29, 2011

Simple and stylish.
Cristiana Nunes recently posted..Long &amp Floral Dresses

Jessica Kelly January 29, 2011

Oh the beautiful people of Australia. I have GOT to go here! Great shots, glad to find your site!
Jessica Kelly recently posted..Kick Up Your Heels!

Krystal/Village January 29, 2011

He seems very confidant, i like it!
Krystal/Village recently posted..On Putting a Bird On It

ana January 29, 2011

eu descreveria-o como o Principezinho dos tempos modernos..so faltava estar a segurar na rosa! =)

em relação ao meu post,bem compro mais Asos,nunca comprei F21 mas desta vez vou escolher algumas peças.

ana recently posted..WestRags Loves Mcqueen

Couture Carrie January 29, 2011

Love his style!
Great hat!


reni January 29, 2011

time and time again this just proves that simplicity still rocks and that less is more.
reni recently posted..from costa rica with love

THE-LOUDMOUTH January 29, 2011

Lee you’re very talented.

This kid needs to model! Amen to what Sacramento said haha.
THE-LOUDMOUTH recently posted..What you feel is what you are

Fashion Profiles January 29, 2011

Lee, you were right when you looked at his way… He has fashionable shorts… I love it so much… You have an exceptional taste… =)
Fashion Profiles recently posted..The Narcissistic Glow – Grandvicfel- Manila

Arash Mazinani January 29, 2011

I love the hat. For a guy I have a small head so finding a decent hat is always a pain in the… I have one for summer it’s perfect. But I found one for winter in H&M now it’s gone and as always I’m kicking myself for not buying it.

Arash Mazinani recently posted..Who Else Wants The Definitive Guide on Spring Summer 2011 Trends Part 2

a!kO January 29, 2011

I am loving that hat 😀 and shorts, who would’ve thought of that…with a hat. 😀 I love his style too!

a!kO recently posted..Project 365- 28 Random loves

Leia January 29, 2011

This guy is SO handsome and I love his laid back style!

Collette Osuna January 29, 2011

Great pic hunnie…..love the hat!!!
I sent you a DM on Twitter….wanna make sure you read it:)

Stop by and say Hello♥
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Tinfoils Tiaras January 29, 2011

Oh he is surfer boy cute! I am insanely jealous that he can wear shorts- it was -35 celcius in Ottawa this week! I was just thinking to myself “hmmm, what fragrance is he wearing?” and I read no fragrance. Figures- those blonde surfer boys can get away with it!

isabel January 29, 2011

OMG i LOVE him!
Isabel @ Walk of Fashion
isabel recently posted..Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Leather Bag

Nicole January 29, 2011

Well hello there Nicklas! Very cute and great style….Happy weekend doll! xo
Nicole recently posted..From the Forest

Paulina January 29, 2011

Great hat! 😉
Paulina recently posted..Runaway

Van Ötvös January 29, 2011

Lee, ele é muito cheio de estilo mesmo…adorei…e o chapéu realmente fez o look!!


Van Ötvös recently posted..IT´S HONEYalgumas inspirações!!

ryan January 29, 2011

Oh Lee, so hilarious. Yes he is very handsome, and yes, the hat makes all the difference. Have a great weekend! Thanks for the birthday wish on facebook!
ryan recently posted..dilemma

ToVogueOrBust January 29, 2011

Aside from the fact that he’s absolutely gorgeous, I love his style. Haha I don’t blame you for being a bit distracted while takign his pic at all. Thanks for voting for me in the contest I am in Lee, you’re a sweetheart!

Alexandra xo

ToVogueOrBust recently posted..Dance- Dance- Dance

ambuji January 29, 2011

Niklas looks like a Greek God who has taken a day off from work to chill on the sunny beaches of Australia!!! His facial features are striking and you are right he has the whole uber cool European look going on!!!! Lee you have such a great eye thru the lens!!!!!

ambuji recently posted..Break the Chains of Fashion-Conformity!!

DeVero January 29, 2011

he has such an interesting tipe of face! Looks like a painting! Like the detail of his T-shirt!!
DeVero recently posted..Almost dead but so Alive

Zarna January 29, 2011

he’s so cute! i love his hair & the hat!
Zarna recently posted..sky high

Sean Rasmussen January 29, 2011

Hey, that’s my nephew, Nicklas. :)
Sean Rasmussen recently posted..Think And Grow Rich 215 – The Light Bulb Moment

tim January 29, 2011

Well aside from being so stylish. I also love his face. I freaked out when i saw this guy. Uber Hotness is hovering him! Gosh..
tim recently posted..The vibe for Fashion 2011

Annachiara January 29, 2011

Awesome!!!! 😀 .. Obsessed with your work
i totally love this blog 😀

Annachiara recently posted..Leopard Obsession

Annachiara January 29, 2011

I LOOOOVE this blog 😀
Annachiara recently posted..Leopard Obsession

Sherin January 29, 2011

Love his look. The hat is really cool, and I absolutely love his hair.
Sherin recently posted..Take 10 Challenge 7- ASOS Cape

sweet January 29, 2011

The hat is so fab….and with the grey shirt I feel the summery feel on his outfit…and yes i always give a thumbs up to a guy who can wear those kind of shorts…love it…thanks for featuring him…
you really have a great eye for good style…horray!!!


Manon January 29, 2011

He is cute, love his hat.
Manon recently posted..AIFW- Individuals by AMFI

Anna Theresa January 29, 2011

hey lee, I’m impressed by your blog… i’ll definitely include you into my blogroll!
although hats are not my favourite accessory to wear, it looks great on nicklas!
all the best to down under from germany!
Anna Theresa recently posted..Accessories Pre-Fall 11

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