On the streets of Sydney…Crown St

by Lee Oliveira on February 7, 2011

If you think it’s easy to stop people and take a picture of them, OH you just try it!… Sometimes I get “No thanks! or Sorry, I haven’t got change!“. When I stopped Jane and explained to her what I do, she was about to give me a big fat NO Thanks. She then looked around and realised that she was the most fashionable on this busy street.

dress-Karen Walker; bag-Prada; shoes-Nine West; sunglasses-AM Wear; fragrance-Michael Kors

The warm colours of Jane‘s dress were refreshing and relaxed. The T bar sandals were a great complement to her outfit.

Later I was thinking to myself,  why did she almost say no to me?! Maybe she has been photographed before. Perhaps she was in a fashion catalog  or on a catwalk and I didn’t recognize her. Well, she was hiding behind those gorgeous sunglasses.

Thanks Jane,

It was fun, wasn’t it? 😀

Lee x

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Comtesse de ferveur February 7, 2011

Ha ha I often wonder about the range of responses fearless street style bloggers might receive – people can be incredibly shy. I love her dress, but then again, I do love Karen Walker’s designs.
Comtesse de ferveur recently posted..Black Swan and Midi Magic

Katie February 7, 2011

It doesnt seem easy at all! The colors of her dress are gorgeous, and I’m so jealous of how warm it is there!
Katie recently posted..Citizen Erased

Collette Osuna February 7, 2011

Great little dress….and Id NEVER say no to you Lee…ever:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
Check out my 30×30 Remix….Let’s do this!♥
Collette Osuna recently posted.. Color Inspiration- 10-5 &amp ELF Winner!!

Beatriz February 7, 2011

I want those sunglasses. Right now!

Emilie February 7, 2011

laughing out loud on the i haven’t got change…but you do have to admit, the probability of being approached by somebody wanting to take picture compared to someone wanting money in this country is like .0001% to 100%.

love the karen walker!
Emilie recently posted..happy new year

Jelena February 7, 2011

i’m dying for the summer….:(( i envy this girl Lee!:( 😀 she looks great,and her bag is absolutely fabulous,too bad i can’t see it better!:D
Jelena recently posted..Crete- the last day-cloudy afternoon

Cecylia February 7, 2011

lol how could anyone say no to you?!

love her dress!!!
Cecylia recently posted..Graffiti Pants

saigon February 7, 2011

has no reason to be shy about. a very rare dress colour and pattern. although the combination is almost of one colour
saigon recently posted..Evidence II- Innocent shopping spree

Gertrude February 7, 2011

Love the warm colours on her.. and they match perfectly with her skin tone! x
Gertrude recently posted..What I Wore- Against the Rules

Closet Fashionista February 8, 2011

LOVE that dress!!!
Closet Fashionista recently posted..Review- Chanel Riva

thestreetfashion5xpro February 8, 2011

Gorgeous post as always!!!

Catherine February 8, 2011

nice street style, casual and chic,


Bella Q February 8, 2011

I am glad she said yes! LOVE the dress and her in it. The colors are so subdued and great for that mad print. The handbag’s leather goes so well with it.

I just read your comment about your beautiful 40 something partner. LOVE! As in I had no doubt that handsome you had good taste. Now I wanna see! xo. -Bella Q
the Citizen Rosebud
Bella Q recently posted..Let Your Light Shine- Beauty at 40

modanista junkie February 8, 2011

Amazing little dress, and need to have those sunglasses!! They’re fabulous.

modanista junkie recently posted..IFABBO LA Event

cailin February 8, 2011

like the shoes!!!perfect!kisses

cailin recently posted..TrainSpotting

Nicole February 8, 2011

I can only imagine how hard it must be to find people that are willing to let you photograph them…but you manage to find the perfect subject and take the perfect pictures. Another brilliant one Lee! Xo
Nicole recently posted..Winter White Denim

SACRAMENTO February 8, 2011

Once I stopped a couple of girls in Mauerpark market in Berlin to take their photo, and it took me a while to convinced them, so I know iti is not easy.
You are doing so great, and Jane is beautiful.
Well done, GUAPO!!!!
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Furry coat and Better blogging

juliet February 8, 2011

What a lovely dress!

Juliet xxx

Maddy February 8, 2011

Her outfit is perfection!! What an amazing little summer dress! And that bag is to die for!! BTW -Lee, I got your message! I’ll have to check how the week goes, but I’ll tweet you to let you know on Wed. what the plans are and if I can make it or not :)

Victoria February 8, 2011

I’ve thought about doing something like this in my local town, but I think people would think I was mad! xxx
Victoria recently posted..My Week in Pictures4

Fashnlvr February 8, 2011

No doubt it is hard! It takes guts (or gumption) to walk up to a perfect stranger and say “hey – may I take your photo?” I’ve only done a couple street style photos and I had to screw up the courage both times. She is a great subject though. I love the graphic print dress and the sandals. She has great legs too – looks tall!!
Fashnlvr recently posted..Balance- 30X30 Day 5 &amp 6 With a Tie Bowed

Angga Heinrich February 8, 2011

Aaaww if you stop me in the street and ask me to photograph me, definitely a big YES!! LOL
Dont be discourage!! I’m sure there are a lot out there that actually appreciate what you did. Back to the fashion thingy..really love the subtle prints on her dress and I have to agree the T strap sandal makes the outfit more sophisticated
Angga Heinrich recently posted..Snow White

Fortheloveoffashion February 8, 2011

Love her T-Bar sandals! They’re gorgeous!:)


Manon February 8, 2011

Her combination is lovely. She looks great.

Manon recently posted..Minutes Of Fame

Shop N' Chomp February 8, 2011

Cute blog, Lee! I love street snaps. I think yours is the first where the fragrance is also listed. 😉
Shop N’ Chomp recently posted..Weekend Snapshots

Death By Shoe February 8, 2011

Great shot! I love the colors of her dress and her sandals are fantastic :)

Death By Shoe recently posted..Ray of Sunshine

Peh Sun February 8, 2011

OMG! your shots are so beautiful. Your work is awesome and you totally reminded me of The Sartorialist.

aka Squeeze The Pug

Paulina February 8, 2011

Lovely bag and shoes <3
Paulina recently posted..In spirit golden

My Republic of Fashion February 8, 2011

Oh, how I’d love to wear something so easy and breezy as this!! Sun, I need you! Great shots, Lee. :)SArahD x
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..Mugshot Monday-Butterfly Me Away

Sherin February 8, 2011

Absolutely love the dress. The colours are so fresh!
Sherin recently posted..Play Outfit

Bionica February 8, 2011

I do totally love the color scheme
the colors emit such a warmth!!!

Bionica recently posted..El Chico

isabel February 8, 2011

im so jealous of the warm weather there!

Isabel @ Walk of Fashion
isabel recently posted..Girl of the Blogosphere- Shevah

A Brit Greek February 8, 2011

Laughing away at the ‘no change’ bit!!! It’s funny what people say when they don’t often hear what you have to say first.

But seriously, how could anyone say No to you darl?
A Brit Greek recently posted..Tangerine Dream

Antoine February 8, 2011

WOow Frankly What a stunning (and so Welcome) “summery Fashionista” !!! I really like the way her pastel dress’ fruity vibrancy (subtly) honor her (wrongly) discreet Beauty, AND especially this “Fetish harmony” with her polished toes . . .
à Bientôt, Antoine
Antoine recently posted..SCULPTURALVertigo- Michelle Hunziker par Vincent PETERS in GQ ITALY décembre2010

julia louise February 8, 2011

RE: haha i get why you don’t wanna wear make-up 😀 Only a good thing though 😉 And yeah fitness is great!!
anyways, thank you for the comment :-)

julia louise recently posted..TODAYS CHECKLIST

Laura February 8, 2011

I’m glad she said yes because she looks so pretty and fabulously refreshing =)
Laura recently posted..It Gets Better with Age

Santina February 8, 2011

You know, before I had a blog, I totally turned people down when they asked to snap my pic! I’m happy Jane agreed…she looks gorgeous and her legs go on for days!
Santina recently posted..Bundled up but not complaining

Winnie February 8, 2011

Oh wow, she looks fab, I’m glad she let you photograph her in the end! I love her little tunic dress, such lovely colours.
Winnie recently posted..How many bloggers can you fit into a photobooth

Cat, Midwest Mayhem February 8, 2011

Jane is wearing a really great dress! The colors work so well together and I love the painterly quality of the dress pattern.

Tinfoils Tiaras February 8, 2011

Oww oww work those legs! She looks great-super print and I am super jealous that it is warm enough to wear that!
Tinfoils Tiaras recently posted..30×30 pt7 Uncertainities and a Glass of Red Wine

Kristin February 8, 2011

What a beautiful dress!
Kristin recently posted..Leopard Love

Kellie February 8, 2011

Such a cool dress, glad you were able to get her picture! :)
Kellie recently posted..I kind of look like my grampa today

ryan February 8, 2011

I love her dress and that bag. I always wondered if it was easy for you to get people to stop and allow you to take the photos!
ryan recently posted..Blue Monday

Fabienne Jach February 8, 2011

Good call on her part saying yes. How light and springy she looks!
Fabienne Jach recently posted..30 for 30 Winter- day 5 Fabulous in February!

Chantel February 8, 2011

Hahah, come to think of it, I dont know how I would react if someone stopped me in the middle of the street to snap my pic! LOL! She looks lovely, plain and simple, but og so chic, I adore her shoes 😉
Chantel recently posted..Sparkly ring and a happy heart

Cheryl February 8, 2011

Her dress is gorgeous and she´s sexy too! 😉
Cheryl recently posted..Copycat

Anthea February 8, 2011

Love her sandals and her bag. I can imagine how hard it is to ask people in the street for pics. I even struggle asking at events where it should be much easier.
Anthea recently posted..Fashion Love Story Launch

ediot February 9, 2011

adore that dress. it’s so cute
ediot recently posted..Kinder Aggugini

Polka Princess February 9, 2011

Oh! What’s NOT to love in Jane’s outfit? I mean from that bag…to those shoes…& those shades……….she’s just freaking awesome!!! :)

Sure glad she thought twice before saying No!!!
Polka Princess recently posted..Sowhos gonna be your valentine

Tanvi February 9, 2011

She has me craving for summers!!
Tanvi recently posted..I am vain and I love it

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