On the streets of Surry Hills…Sydney

by Lee Oliveira on June 3, 2011

Yesterday’s post was about explaining my change from Nikon to Canon. Instead of typing my reason let’s have a look at the results that my baby is giving to me right now. Walking around the streets of Sydney this week was a bit stressful. Almost everybody is wearing black but meeting Ollie made me think that miracles can happen.

top,cardigan,pants,bag, shoes and necklace are all vintage; no fragrance.

So tell me… what do you think of the new results?

Lee x

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Jessica June 3, 2011

Woaaaaaah she looks so good!!! And your cam is lovely, you did an amazing job 😀

Rochelle fox June 3, 2011
SACRAMENTO June 3, 2011

I think you were good before, and you are good now.
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Pushing Boundaries- animal print &amp Video Blog

WMS June 3, 2011

Wow has she got orange streaks in her hair? The image is just perfect – I love how she is in focus, every detail is sharp and the setting is more out of focus and soft, it puts all the emphasis on her. Plus it picks up the colours amazingly! – WMS.

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sunday June 3, 2011

Look… i myself am a Nikon girl… Not for any particular reason just picked it out of the two when i was starting out. BUT I do concede the fact that Canon gives amazing colour! The colours are always lively and vivid. In fact (I will probably go to Nikon hell for saying this) my next item on the ‘hitlist’ is a G12 which i can drag with me everywhere without having to worry about lenses.

I digress.. beautiful shot and love that she is wearing colour – winter is a b*tch for street style photogs cos yeah ..EVERYONE is wearing black


Oh to Be a Muse June 3, 2011

i think you’re a great photographer no matter what camera you use! but since i have a Canon too, i can definitely say that I love this–such great bokeh. :)
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modanista junkie June 3, 2011

I think all your photos always come out great!! :)

I’m obsessing over her pants!

modanista junkie recently posted..Things I Fancy

Ambuji June 3, 2011

I love your photos either ways, new or old camera doesn’t matter. However, I did notice the extra touch of the blurred back ground that makes the model stand out and highlights her. Also, love that you incorporated the signs in the concrete as it gives edginess to the photo.
Ambuji recently posted..“Head” of Chanel

Kent Johnson June 4, 2011

Lovely shot. Go Canon Go Lee!
Kent Johnson recently posted..Medium – Vinyl – Hardware-Plump Galleries Enmore

CessOviedo June 4, 2011

Talent is not measured with the camera that you use dear, love the pictures!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries
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konshon June 4, 2011

cooool, los resueltados son bueno, pero para ti cual es mejor??
konshon recently posted..amarillo

YvonnaLivianna June 4, 2011

I love the shot! The colors are great and love the blurred background. You are amazing!

YvonnaLivianna recently posted..Figuring out the basics!

Claire June 4, 2011

Love the way the outfit highlights her hair – lovely shot x

Claire recently posted..Have a sweet weekend! xx

Sherin June 4, 2011

The photo is amazing! Switching camera’s was a great idea (although your pictures before were amazing idea). I love how you captured the colour from her outfit.
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Renata Lampert June 4, 2011

So, u are brazilian two? hehe

I loved this pic!
Renata Lampert recently posted..O que você leva em sua bolsa

Couture Carrie June 4, 2011

Gorgeous look!
Those pants are so fun!


stylemefab June 4, 2011

I love the shot (but you know I loved your work already), I think the colors really comeout and she looks fantastic. But maybe you could do a side by side shot of the same pictures from the two different cameras so we can see if there is a difference.
stylemefab recently posted..Musician Mike Peralta- Just cuz

Sarah Doyle June 4, 2011

I am all over floral prints at the mo! She looks stunning!
Burn the Blonde X
Sarah Doyle recently posted..Summer Time

Rocquelle June 4, 2011

I think her outfit is lovely! Love the orange with the purple and blue pants, and the photo is gorgeous!
Rocquelle recently posted..SMILE

edoardo June 4, 2011

The pants are amazing, honestly I don’t like the bag and the matching with the cardigan but those pants are really really cool…they are so fresh and chic ;D


ediot June 4, 2011

fantastic shot. i love how she dares to wear bright color and daring pattern. So fun.
You switched from nikon to canon.. i might want to do that too.. when i have more money to buy a new camera.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
ediot recently posted..stories from the garden stories from the sea

Manon June 4, 2011

I love the combination of the pants and cardigan.

Xx Manon
Manon recently posted..Opening werk- sh äp

GRIT & GLAMOUR June 4, 2011

Looks good to me!!!

GRIT & GLAMOUR recently posted..Video Review- Maybelline Color Sensational Clear Lipliner

Ana Carolina June 4, 2011

UAL! Quero uma camera igual! hahahaha Ficou perfeita a foto!!!!!


Chez Carolinette
Ana Carolina recently posted..Fashion Rio Verão 2012

The Foolish Aesthete June 4, 2011

Beautiful! OK, I really have to know =) — what lens do you have now? Looks like you got it really wide open. I love the sense of depth in the shot!
The Foolish Aesthete recently posted..CURVES IN SPACE

Marta June 4, 2011

Amazing picture! Love the way you made it look like the girl is coming out of the picture!
Marta recently posted..Dark Blue &amp Black

Beny Ricardo Sadewo June 4, 2011

The floral pants was swooooon + ing ^^

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
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KC of Nouveau Skin June 4, 2011

her floral pants match perfectly with that cardigan. i love it.

KC of Nouveau Skin recently posted..The Show

Sick by Trend June 4, 2011

The trousers print is fantastic! I really like the mixed with brown garments!


Have a nice weekend

Sick by Trend recently posted..PROJECTS WHICH GET IN SUCCESS

Suzanne Perazzini June 4, 2011

I make the cardinal sin of wearing too much black too. Thank goodness for those like Ollie.

Suzanne Perazzini recently posted..On Trend Work Gear

Cafe Fashionista June 4, 2011

Ooh, what an incredible look! J’adore the pattern mixing! :)
Cafe Fashionista recently posted..Hi- I Adore You

Hadassah Martes (Linton from London) June 4, 2011

The colors are amazing!!!!!!
Hadassah Martes (Linton from London) recently posted..Meet me half way

Lyosha June 4, 2011

Love her look!
as for your cam I was comparing your older shots with his new: the new cam seems to be better but the old one couldn’t be marked as worse :)
Lyosha recently posted..Vintage and New

Morrocanfashiondiary June 5, 2011

Those pants are gorgeous !
Morrocanfashiondiary recently posted..Red Dress ❤

Sabrina June 5, 2011

Sabrina recently posted..New in Choker

Marissa June 5, 2011

I know so little about cameras and photography, but I do know that the colors here look incredibly vibrant! Enjoy your new toy. :)
Marissa recently posted..Les Ballons Rouges

Haute World June 5, 2011

Incredible photography! Not that your old photos were bad of course. I love this look – the floral trousers are my favorite, but I love that she paired it with more color. Congrats on your new camera!
Haute World recently posted..Selfridges- Project Ocean – Washed Up London- UK

Tanvi June 5, 2011

Major Hair Envy!’

♡ from © tanvii.com
Tanvi recently posted..Much Wanted

Fashionistable June 5, 2011

Beautiful shot. Love the depth of field and she is soo cute. Xxxx

mystyle June 5, 2011

Hi there-a really fabulous picture, full of clarity and colour and she looks amazing too, very stylish and I love her trousers!!
mystyle recently posted..Thrift Inspiration- Kate Moss Style

My Republic of Fashion June 5, 2011

Lee, this picture is amazing. God bless that Canon! Love Ollie’s vintage pants so much. I want!! Hope you are having a fabulous weekend, Lee. :)SarahD xx
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..Just Dance

genevieve, sandbox romance June 5, 2011

More than a little in love with this photo, those pants, and the fact that you’ve joined the Canon club (I’m joking about the club, but I really do love my Canon to bits).
genevieve, sandbox romance recently posted..Savannah State REU- Week Three


This is just great!!! 😀
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Susu Paris Chic June 5, 2011

Go Ollie… she is a dash daring but manages it all so sweetly. True artists play with fire, but catch the deal right before the fall!
Susu Paris Chic recently posted..Yeehaw Ralph!

Mademoiselle Marie, street style June 5, 2011

beautiful pic! she looks awesome, i love her entire outfit! great shot Lee
Mademoiselle Marie, street style recently posted.. Be Swedish- be Hasbeens

Hazel June 6, 2011

what lens are you using? i’m using a canon slr too but your shots are wayy better hahaha 😛
Hazel recently posted..Fa-Fa-Fa Fashion!

nydontleaveme June 6, 2011

The color palette in this outfit is so great!
nydontleaveme recently posted..Lets get NauticalNautical

Cristiana Nunes June 6, 2011

She is really stylish, love the way she mixed the floral pants with the cardigan. The coulour palette is so visually attractive!
Cristiana Nunes recently posted..Inspiration Time

Jelena June 6, 2011

Maybe I can not be objective but for me u were, are and will be fantastic!! It’s U who is having that talent, good camera just makes it visible for the others!;)
Jelena recently posted..Im having Color Therapy!

sarah June 6, 2011

i want a posh camera! and i also want this lady’s lovely flowery trousers x

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