On the streets of San Francisco… with another blogger

by Lee Oliveira on January 21, 2011

While I was in San Francisco I had the pleasure to meet another great blogger from Los Angeles. Please say hi to my friend Ambu.

coat-Hermes; dress and bag-Louis Vuitton; boots-Jimmy Choo; glasses-Moscot; fragrance-Spring Flower by Creed

It’s hard to say what I like the most. I was very impressed with that beautiful cashmere coat cut by laser (not a single stich). I love cashmere! Who doesn’t?

Ambu is a fantastic blogger with a very strong opinion about fashion. I am so glad she is my new friend too. (Jemina don’t be jealous…. I love you both equally).

I will see in soon again in Vegas Ambu.

Ps. I am obsessed with my Valentino DVD you gave me. (THANK YOU!)

Mwah for now…

Lee x

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Shin January 21, 2011

Wow, she definitely has a very unique stand! I can see her stand out wherever she go! That red coat in the first picture is stunning! You’re going to Vegas Lee?! That’s so exciting you get to travel so much! xoxoxoo

Shin January 21, 2011

Oops, I meant to say she has a very unique style! Sorry about that :-)

Katie January 21, 2011

Ok, now I wish I could see that Hermes coat in person. It sounds amazing! (And the color looks gorgeous in your pictures.)
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SACRAMENTO January 21, 2011

Fantastic cape, fantastic Ambu ( I shall keep a very close eye on her, and her blog).
About Valentino, the last emperor, I saw it on TV with my daughter, and we were very touched by his genius and by his long lasting realtionship. Fantastic.!!
Perphaps one day we all shall meet. yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Besos my dear friend.
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Winter Flowers

Collette Osuna January 21, 2011

WHat a coat….great pics Sweets:)

Stop by and say Hello:)
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Collette Osuna recently posted.. Friend Friday- Are You for Real

Maddy January 21, 2011

Wow!! That color of the Hermes coat is stunning! And I love how she experiments with fashion! And I love her specs! I’m in the hunt for some new ones, so eyewear always sticks out to me :)
Maddy recently posted..Bare Essentials

Diana Mieczan January 22, 2011

That is such a beautiful coat and I really adore her outfit…Love your photos
Diana Mieczan recently posted..Page Turner

Couture Carrie January 22, 2011

I love it when bloggers meet up in real life!

Gorgeous coat!


Comtesse de ferveur January 22, 2011

That coat is unbelievable. Just unbelievable. What a beauty.
xx Comtesse xx

Cafe Fashionista January 22, 2011

San Francisco is full of such amazing style – j’adore the Hermes coat!! :)
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Albert January 22, 2011

One thing in the Arts, whether it’s painting, sculpture, architecture, or fashion, that moves me, intellectually and emotionally, more than anything else, is an expression that is simple, yet bold. That coat is a great example.

Fashnlvr January 22, 2011

I knew it was Ambu you hinted at in yesterday’s post!! She is adorable! Notice her coat kinda matches the orange sweater of that cool guy you posted yesterday? Love that coat! The dress with the golden paisley is awesome!!
And you’re going to Vegas? Hmmm – would that be the StyleNation Meetup??? I hope so!
Love your photos Lee and I hope I get to meet you F2F one day!!
Fashnlvr recently posted..Constructing an Outfit- An Uninspired Day

@mybagandshoes January 22, 2011

It’s great to meet your new friend! And gosh lucky you, you’re going to Vegas!!

Cristiana Nunes January 22, 2011

I’m in love with her coat. damn it!
Cristiana Nunes recently posted..Two Alexander McQueen Looks for Springtime

Tanvi January 22, 2011

She seems like her own person! Individual and distinct style! :) Great Shots Less!
Tanvi recently posted..Photo Diary – Day trip to Neemrana Fort

Michelle @ Glisters & Blisters January 22, 2011

they’re sooo gorgeous !

jazzy elizabeth January 22, 2011
BEAUTYCOUNTRY January 22, 2011


Great color and great coat/cape!! 😀
BEAUTYCOUNTRY recently posted..Style Confused

Pearl Westwood January 22, 2011

Oh she has some fabulous style! x
Pearl Westwood recently posted..Jack-et In- What To Wear For An Evening Out

Sherin January 22, 2011

The coat is definitley incredible. I like the top as well. It’s a pretty colour.
Sherin recently posted..Sky Atlantic Launch

Lisa L S January 22, 2011

The dress is amazing! I admire people who dress in strong colours and mix different styles like that. She seems to be a very interesting woman.

Lisa L S recently posted..20110120

prutha January 22, 2011

omg ..she is gorgeous!!! im soo jealous!! y the hell r u travelling soo much!! pls take me along!!! i love her style soo soo much i have to get to know her better
prutha recently posted..My Post for Vogue India- Retro Super Future

ryan January 22, 2011

So much fun that you get to meet all these fabulous bloggers! I’m still jealous you got to meet Jemina!!! I am going to go check out her blog right now, have fun in San Francisco, I love that city!!
ryan recently posted..Old Hollywood forever

Nádia January 22, 2011

WOW, the coat is breathtaking!!! <3

Obrigada pelo comentário! :)

Nádia recently posted..I got freaky- freaky- baby

reni January 22, 2011

super cool post, of course, i am biased because i am from los angeles (but now live in oregon). thanks for making her take off her coat, as i was super curious about what’s underneath albert’s coat!
reni recently posted..street scenes- la fortuna- costa rica

Nickie Frye January 22, 2011

I can’t decide which I love more either. The coat & the dress are both incredible. I didn’t know you were in The City. I’m just over the Golden Gate Bridge! :)
Nickie Frye recently posted..An Interview with Style Bust

Beny Ricardo Sadewo January 22, 2011

Hey Mr. Lee,… just realize that you capturin Jemina on your previous post, *whos Jemiina??? (i wonder first) and i notice her here!!!!!!! Awwwww envy me Mr. Lee, i haven’t meet her yet even we’re from the same country too. Ohh, hope one day can meet you, Jemiina , and Ambu soon,… its just caused all of us love to traveling i think but one day, YES! we need to meets! And oh The Ambu’s coat was amazing!!! look’s like DIY result…… (oh come on benn Do not again) =p

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
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Fatiha Faulzi January 22, 2011

The Hermes coat is really cool. Not a big fan of the dres though..
Fatiha Faulzi recently posted..Lets play kite

Aissata January 22, 2011

wow!!! love the coat

Aissata recently posted..Front porch commute

Ds January 22, 2011

Lee you are great!

I can gladly say addicted to your blog… It’s not conventional fashion which is great to see!!

Very unique and I love it!!!!

ediot January 22, 2011

thanks so much for sharing. her coat is so nice.
great photos too. i can’t wait to go check out her blog now.
wish you a nice weekend!
ediot recently posted..Sass &amp Bide Spring-Summer 2011

Jelena January 22, 2011

she looks so cool,i respect the people that aren’t afraid to look different and original!:)
Jelena recently posted..Another exhibition outfit

Manon January 22, 2011

Amazing coat. I love these photos.
Have a lovely weekend Lee!!
Manon recently posted..Fashion Photographer Kurt

Nana January 22, 2011

So original look! Kisses:)
Nana recently posted..Awards

Audrey Allure January 23, 2011

I love cashmere; what a fun look!
Audrey Allure recently posted..Absolutely Audrey

Ellen January 23, 2011

wow. she has unique fashion style. :) her coat is unique too :) up for this post. thanks for sharing. :)

Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy January 23, 2011

Hello! Thank you for the nice comment and you are a great photographer!


Haute World January 23, 2011

That coat is phenomenal but so is the dress. I love the fact she mixed a simple coat in red with a more elaborate dress which is pink. Most people would probably shy away from combining those two colors let alone two styles.
Haute World recently posted..Gareth Pugh Hong Kong

a!kO January 23, 2011

Oh beautiful coat, I am loving that red…I want one now!! Jealous! When I was living in the States eons ago I had a red coat and was kinda shy to wear it cause it would stand out in the snow! And now I wish I still have it because it would be such a statement piece!!! Lucky you, you get to travel and do the things you love!!

a!kO recently posted..Project 365- 20 Dont let me cry for pizza

My Republic of Fashion January 23, 2011

That cashmere coat is just stunning! I just adore that beautiful dress, also. Great pictures, as always, Lee. I hope you are having a fantastico weekend. SarahD :)xx
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..Anyone Say Bum-Bag

Angga Heinrich January 23, 2011

WOW!! she have great sense of style!! I’m loving that coat!! I need to check her out
Angga Heinrich recently posted..Just like YSL

Emilie January 23, 2011

such a strong and stunning style!
also in love with the hair cut!

lol on you and jemina!

Amanda Archambault January 23, 2011

Look at her outfit!!! that’s so interesting. I love other cultures :)

xoxo, A

paulina January 23, 2011

she really has such a beautiful style i wish she was my aunt :)


Josceline January 23, 2011

wow thats amazing that the coat was cut completely by laser! how cool! she looks very interesting indeed!
Josceline recently posted..Lost Girls &amp Love Hotels

jasna January 23, 2011

Love her colours in her outfit!! Hope you are having a good wknd! xx
jasna recently posted..Hooray For Friday

Christel January 24, 2011

She’s got a great and strong style !
Christel recently posted..Chantons sous la neige -Singing in the snow

fuyume January 24, 2011

I love her pink top/dress its so stunning with amazing detailing she has some great style :) great photos as usual :)
fuyume recently posted..Guest Blogger–Ellie Nicole

sweet January 24, 2011

oh the coat just perfect!!!! just so beautiful…really something I love the way she pose with real confidence about the coat….oh totally jealous of the color…


Josie January 24, 2011

You have received a blogger award :)
please visit my own blog to accept it ♥

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