On the streets of Hong Kong… Tsim Sha Tsui

by Lee Oliveira on January 7, 2011

Can you believe that I lost my notebook? I was so upset because I had a few names of people that I photographed… (Ok… move on!)

This young man is from Germany and was visiting Hong Kong on holiday.

I am a huge fan of navy and brown together. It brings such a great contrast. Besides that, I couldn’t stop staring at his boots and his bag during the photoshoot.

More disappointing, was when I realized that I used the wrong setting on the first picture. (sorry guys)

At least I didn’t lose my camera. Can you imagine! I would cry out loud in public.

Lee x

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Katie January 7, 2011

Love navy and brown together! Wore that combination today :)
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FH January 7, 2011

I love his smile :)

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SACRAMENTO January 7, 2011

You are fantastic.
I love men who dare, and the ones who acknowledge that crying is ok. You would love the streets of Berlin.
Un abrazo siempre.
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Fashion- Plaid and Polkadots

SACRAMENTO January 7, 2011

acknowledge, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Fashion- Plaid and Polkadots

Anna January 7, 2011

I dont know.. 😀 I think he’s shoes are kinda weird.! 😀 (My opinion) :) But I do like his bag and navy coloured blazer.
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Sherin January 7, 2011

I love those boots!! Need them. This guy is really rocking them, along with the really cool bag.
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Comtesse de ferveur January 7, 2011

Navy and brown, navy and tan = greatness. Gosh, I love his boots.xx Comtesse xx
Comtesse de ferveur recently posted..Three new looks out of my closet

Paulina January 7, 2011

Nice photo!;)
Paulina recently posted..Let’s go to the party

Maddy January 7, 2011

I think your setting were pretty spot on! In photography, as long as the pictures are sharp, you can fix a lot of “evils” in post processing :)
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Diana Mieczan January 7, 2011

Ohh Im so sorry about your notebook…I hate when that happends. Btw: the photos are great. I totally love his jacket
Happy Friday
Diana Mieczan recently posted..Handpainting Art

Sara @ Purses Pastries Etc... January 8, 2011

Oh, love his bag!!!
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Sara @ Purses Pastries Etc... January 8, 2011

p.s. sorry to to hear about your notebook — such a bummer when stuff like that happens while on holiday, isn’t it?

Laura Tenshi January 8, 2011

Too bad you lost your notebook. Well, like you said, at least you didn’t lose your camera.
I love his boots and the bag. Navy and brown make a great contrast indeed.
Laura Tenshi recently posted..Maxi skirt

sweet January 8, 2011

WOW he looks great….and he looks familiar too hahahaha!!! but maybe they just look the same to me…to think I live in an Asian country as well…

awww great photos still and sorry about the notebook Lee…


Couture Carrie January 8, 2011

What a great bag!
Gorgeous shot!


Van Ötvös January 8, 2011

Oi Lee, eu realmente amo bolsas!!
Também adorei as botas dele…e o blazer!!
Seu notebook…que pena!

Lee, bom fim de semana!

Van Ötvös recently posted..ITS HONEYhand bag

Nicole January 8, 2011

Why is he so fierce?! His whole ensemble is totally working for him. And that bag!!!! Xo
Nicole recently posted..Friday love

Manon January 8, 2011

I really love his outfit, the boots and bag are amazing.

Love, Manon.
Manon recently posted..Coco And Karlie On The Go

Tasha B January 8, 2011

nooo that sucks!! :(
Tasha B recently posted..RAGGED PRIEST-

christine January 8, 2011

You may have used the wrong setting on your camera, but the photo came out amazing! Brown and navy are just so cozy together, warm beautiful colors. I scrolled down to see his boots last, they were a fun surprise.

jemina January 8, 2011

Oh, I’m sorry you lost your note book Lee…
I have missed you
and I seriously need to get this young man’s purse/ bag???
Anyways, I think he rocks, you’ve got a sharp eye dear :)

Happy Weekend


jemina January 8, 2011

and of course, HIS BOOTS!!!!!

he he he

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Shin January 8, 2011

He has such a nice presence! I love that he’s not afraid to carry a bag like that! It’s so chic! I think you did a great shot of him Lee! xoxoxoxoo

ryan January 8, 2011

I love his bag too, his entire ensemble is amazing. I am SO glad you did not lose your camera : ) xoxo
ryan recently posted..Dont be average

Danielle January 8, 2011

I love his look – the brown boots are amazing!!!

Danielle recently posted..Friday Shoe Drool

Emilie January 8, 2011

Hi, I just found your blog and have to comment!
I couldn’t help to compare your blog with the sartorialist’s.
While both are equally super fantastic blogs, I sometimes feel that something’s missing from the sartorialist’s. Every picture taken, I find myself longing to know the story behind it and most of the times there are only pictures with no wordings.
So you can imagine my delightfulness when reading your blog because behind every great picture there’s also a beautiful story told.
I can see myself excited in future if my dashboard is telling you have a new post because I’m definitely subscribing!

ps: sorry for the long comment and if in anyway you find this kinda offensive (i did just make a comparison between your blog and another and I swear, never did that before), please take my sincerest apology.


Beny Ricardo Sadewo January 8, 2011

OMG! so handsome,…. where you got this guy Mr. Lee??? and his bag is totally cool!

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
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prutha January 8, 2011

lol… i can also imagine u crying out loud in public lee….hehehe…. i would too… but diaries r ok… we can make do with the little less melodramatic swearing in public for this one i say…

lovely pictures… love his bag

JTwisdom January 8, 2011

That blue blazer with the trim on the cuffs is so cool and the tan leather brief makes him look so put together.
JTwisdom recently posted..Green Eye of Envy- Comparison

Marta on cocogroove January 8, 2011

He has some chic style! The pics are great!
Marta on cocogroove recently posted..Stuck with glamour

Nana January 8, 2011

I love the color combination! Beautiful outfit! Kisses:)
Nana recently posted..Birds

Melissa January 9, 2011

He looks so good.
Love the shoes, and the bag, and also the jacket.

Amanda Archambault January 9, 2011

Love it Lee!!! And I agree. Navy blue and brown are great complimentary colors!

ediot January 9, 2011

That second photo is really good!
ediot recently posted..streets and styles and butterflies

a!kO January 9, 2011

I love his boots and soooo want them!! I have never thought of pairing navy and brown together…hmmm gives me an idea 😀 I guess being a lil different doesn’t hurt eh? 😉 Oh how did you lose your notebook? Keep that camera safe! I think I would’ve vent out in frustration…and yes, crying is ok 😀

a!kO recently posted..Project 365- 6 Oreo

Angga Heinrich January 9, 2011

I’m exactly like you, I lost everything easily and then discover it 3 months later :-( or most of the time not lol
anyway, if only I can meet this guy that you photograph def will steal his boots and jacket hahahah
Angga Heinrich recently posted..Green fur

mo January 9, 2011

i would totally cry too! let’s pray that never happens! fantastic shot
mo recently posted..BLANC

Aissata January 9, 2011

I love his bag

Aissata recently posted..white all around

Aissata January 9, 2011

I love his bag even though I can’t see it well

Aissata recently posted..white all around

Summer January 9, 2011

i love the photography on your website!

Be sure to enter my “Buttons & Bows Giveaway” HERE if you haven’t already :)


xoxo Summer.

ClaraSmiles January 9, 2011

I love his bag!!
so lovely
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Winnie January 9, 2011

Oh love his style! Love all the brown details.
Winnie recently posted..A day of surprises

Christel January 9, 2011

Stylish and cute boy !
Christel recently posted..Les clochards célestes – The Dharma Bums

AX80 January 10, 2011

These boots are made for walking. However, it’s the sweater that has me most intrigued. Something about the classic, vintage upper part of it.
AX80 recently posted..Pour LAmour de Rouge

MY STYLE ADVICE January 10, 2011

I LOVE THE BOOTS, but i have a pet-peeve about stuffing thick pants into boots and having lots of wrinkles at the knees…

sharai January 10, 2011

Great find.. He looks great! Messed up you lost your notebook! I hope you´ll find it back.

Nana January 10, 2011

Thanks so much for your comment! Kisses:)
Nana recently posted..Apple

My Republic of Fashion January 10, 2011

I just love that guys boots and his blazer. Hope you had a fantastic weekend, Lee.

PS That peach Chanel bag is stunning!! :)SarahD xx
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..Sweet Dreams

ninjagaiden78 January 10, 2011

I like the jacket and the sweater.

ninjagaiden78 recently posted..Love is

Amanda Archambault January 10, 2011

Thanks Lee for all your comments recently!!! I adore reading them :)

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