It’s Boy Time

by admin on May 26, 2010

It’s been one week now since I’ve launched my fashion blog and I would like to thank you all for following me.
I have received a few emails from guys asking me to give them a few ideas. Come on guys! As if I would forget about you (I am a guy as well).

The winter here in Australia has finally arrived and I have already seen a lot of jackets around town, so it’s time for us to impress. Let’s be honest, there is nothing more stylish than seeing a guy wearing a beautiful fitted jacket. So guys, I would like to help you to find your winter jacket.

When you go out there and look for your jacket (please! please! please!) buy your size, not two sizes too big. I have spotted some guys out there wearing jackets which don’t fit well (big, long, tight, etc) WRONG!!

Ask yourself, do I fit or do I hang in this jacket? Remember, the mirror is everybody’s best friend. If you need to wear a sweater underneath, do so but don’t buy a jacket that’s too baggy.

A few materials you should look for are cashmere, cotton (soft), wool or moleskin. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson what the jacket material is you are buying or have a sneak peak and try to find the label inside the jacket.

When you are looking for your winter jacket also look at the length in the arms and body.
ARMS: The length shouldn’t go lower than approximately 1cm below the wrist.
BODY: The perfect length of your jacket is when the back of the jacket touches the bottom of your bum.
If these are too long you can always have them altered.

I like all kinds of jackets. Single or double breasted, peacoat, trench coat and military look as long as they are fitted well.

Tom wears jacket, shirt, skinny tie, jeans, boots by Calibre and Bvlgari Pour Homme

My favourite Australian label without a doubt is CALIBRE and I love this double breasted jacket. It’s a combination of cotton and nylon which also makes it water resistant for extra versatility. It can be your signature jacket. They make the most comfortable pieces ever.

In this look I have also added a slim fit shirt, skinny tie, stretchy denim/wax jeans and brown leather boots also from CALIBRE. I think this combination is a great look for winter.

And last but not least, a nice perfum. Let me introduce you to my favourite obsession at the moment.
Prada Infusion D’Homme

By now you should feel like a millon dollars. That doesn’t mean you should forget to make a complement to your favourite girl. If you don’t have one today this may be your lucky day.

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Couture Carrie May 26, 2010

Love the look!
Fabulous jacket!


Nadine2point0 May 26, 2010

What a fantastic post – if my husband doesn't listen to me (which he seldom does) maybe now he'll get some direction from you, Lee!


Great photos.

Sara May 26, 2010

That jacket is amazing!
Great post

sliptakz May 27, 2010

well, what can i say, nice blog, and needed too :)

Anonymous May 27, 2010

I love Sydney fashion!
great advice

I_Wanna_Be May 27, 2010

thanks for following:)
see u soon!

Life is better with Converse May 27, 2010

Hey nice blog!!!! Thank u for your comment in mine!;) xoxo

Keith May 27, 2010

You do have a really cool blog. I quite enjoy it. I wish you the best with it.


amazing jacket…great style

Vinda Sonata May 27, 2010

thanks for sharing!! that leather coat is surely a perfect find!! love the riding boots, too! HOT!!

Paulo Caldeira May 28, 2010

Well-said brother Lee!

A good tailoring service also helps…

Front Row Mode May 28, 2010
I_Wanna_Be May 29, 2010

thanks for the comment!
have a nice week end too :)

MÄRTA stockholm sweden May 29, 2010

thanks so much for your sweet comment!

/ Märta

Fashion Butter May 30, 2010

great taste – this blog is doing a great service!!!! : ) keep it up!!!

NobodyKnowsMarc May 31, 2010
Jack Daniel May 31, 2010

What? Is it really winter in Australia? I'm dying to see the sun here in The Netherlands…because it's still very rainy, rainy, rainy…

We're still waiting for the sun. And you're about to face winter-time!!

Fabi May 31, 2010

omg amazing blog!!!! i love all the photos!! follow you:) and thank you for your comment:)!

i want what she's wearing June 1, 2010

Thanks for the encouraging comment! Nice blog, it's good to have a mens perspective for once. And you have so many followers for just a week – congrats!!

INTO THE FASHION June 10, 2010

Love the boots!


The Photodiarist June 18, 2010

I think I like the coat best . . . tight look over all.

Grit and Glamour June 30, 2010

Excellent post, Lee, and I totally love the outfit in the photo and the boots. Urban but masculine. Love.

When the Independent Fashion Bloggers site ( is back up (it’s an excellent network, and usually very reliable), you should join and absolutely submit this post to Links a la Mode. So few men are blogging about men’s fashion, and even fewer are doing original content.

I hope you’ll also join Bloglovin’ so your fashionista followers can subscribe that way as well. Can’t believe your blog is only a week old!

♥ V

Liz S. July 3, 2010

Ohh, god, I could eat those boots………

….but the whole outfit is amazing and he wears it well.

justin September 19, 2010

those jeans… gotta have them jeans!!

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