I am not a Paparazzi – Part 2

by Lee Oliveira on August 24, 2010

I would like to dedicate part 2 for all those huge screaming fans of movie star Ashton Kutcher and the fabulous director Robert Luketic.

Unfortunately Katherine Heigl wasn’t in Sydney. If she was here, I am the one that would be screaming at her.

I asked Robert Luketic if he was wearing Dolce & Gabbana and he said to me, how do you know that? Well… let’s just say I was also wearing the same denim. Ashton Kutcher was also looking very dapper wearing Tom Ford from head to toe.

The best part of being a paparazzi for the night was I got to talk to them a little and I just want to say, they were fantastic. I was very glad when Ashton told me he really enjoyed Australia, and we all should be proud of living in a such beautiful country.

I know Ashton, That’s why I’m here.

I really enjoyed the movie. Has anybody watched this movie? It’s hilarious.

Right now, I feel as though I need about 24 hours sleep. It’s my second day at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival and I have been photographing and also tweeting like mad on the runway. Follow me on twitter and I will keep you up to date on this years SS 2010/11 Australian collections. Stay tuned.


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Esther August 24, 2010

awww i wana watch this movie..
so…r u reli going to paris ??

Melissa August 24, 2010

I haven’t see the movie, but I want to, I like ashton, he’s very funny.
Great work. And I’m sure that Australia is amazing.


alexandre August 24, 2010

Materia incriiivel, totalmente sem folego. Desculpa escrever isso aki, mas to so no “tay ou ci, ci ou lá”…

Manon August 24, 2010

I really want to see the movie and I love Ashton!

Tanvi August 24, 2010

He is so handsome!!! Love the pictures!

Jude August 24, 2010

I haven’t seen the movie, but this is the very definition of DAPPER! Great shots!

Grit and Glamour August 24, 2010

I really want to see this movie and I’m going to tell myself NOT to hate you because you are at RSFF. If you go to Sass & Bide, please take a bunch of photos for me!

♥ V


Kristin August 24, 2010

How cool that you got to be right up in there!

Laura Tenshi August 24, 2010

Great shots and what a eye for clothes you have. Ashton seems like a pretty cool guy, good to hear he is so laid back for a world superstar.

Kb August 24, 2010

Wow, what an amazing oppurtunity, he looks rather nice….

Kb from I Want You To Know

My Republic of Fashion August 24, 2010

Great pictures! Ashton looks so snazzy in his suit. :)SarahD

ryan August 24, 2010

Oh Ashton is so beautiful…

Sara August 24, 2010

Great shots! That movie isn’t out here yet, but I can’t wait until it is :)

LeRon August 24, 2010

The guy in the tuxedo jacket and jeans was killing it!
Good pics!


prutha August 24, 2010

hehe…its always fun to read ur posts oliver… ur funny..and i AM calling u paparazzi from now on….hehe
dude Robert Luketic [thats his name right?] is killing me in these pics…he’s HOTTT..

im way over kutcher, since PUNK’ED .. dont know y

Style, She Wrote August 24, 2010

I have not seen the movie but really want to. Great pictures!

Beny Ricardo Sadewo August 25, 2010

You did it well (again) Lie, and it’s even better… Mr. Kutcher.. so pretty handsome… ^^

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Pip August 25, 2010

you are so CUTE! Love your work honey. xx

Natalie August 25, 2010

Tom Ford is always an excellent choice. Nicely done, Ashton. Sounds like it was a great time!

style-haus August 25, 2010

they both look impeccable. love the tom ford suit on kutcher and the d&g jacket is fabulous!


Deanna August 25, 2010

hey, I’d like to thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! you’ve got a great site here. i love the pics.

Anthea August 25, 2010

Great shots Lee! Ashton looks amazing!

You make me want to visit Australia. Someone I know in Sydney has been begging me to come and visit!

Keith August 25, 2010

I’ve not seen the movie, but I do want to. I always enjoy watching Ashton in movies. I also am interested in what he’s wearing.

Purses Pastries Etc... August 25, 2010

Great photos, as always Lee! Glad you got the chance to “be a paparazzi” for a few hours :)
Looking forward to your pics from Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival!!

JellyBen August 25, 2010

Ele e lindo!! I cant wait for ur next posts about the Fashion week heheh. Xoxo

Sherin August 25, 2010

Wow, you got some great shots of Ashton! He’s looking gorgeous as usual.

Fatiha August 25, 2010

Ashton.. Such a beaut. I’ve watched the movie and i agree that it’s hilarious!

xoxo, http://heelsandwedges.blogspot.com

Mode Coco August 25, 2010

I need to see that movie:)

the style crusader August 25, 2010

oh this is so cool! i definitely would have been a bit giddy having ashton in my site. he is pretty hilarious. i haven’t seen the movie yet but after seeing your posts i really want to. xx

ClaraSmiles August 26, 2010

amazing picts!
answer: I love you too, my boyfriend has the same, and it is amazing 😉
thanks so much for the comment.

kisses and have a nice weekend

jasna August 26, 2010

Wow this is amazing!!! Love the pics! Love Ashton! : ) Have a good day xxx

Paulo August 26, 2010

Nice shots! You are a good photographer indeed!

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul August 26, 2010

Tom Ford and a grey suit? I wish I could get away with that colour! (and style)

KIRAFASHION August 26, 2010

I may watch it too!

Bionica August 26, 2010

Lee you have great pics =)
thank you so much

Both look fab
love that Tom Ford <3 on Ashton


Becca August 26, 2010

hey, being a paparazzo may not be that bad if it has you that close to Ashton. Hope you are enjoying fashion week! xo.

Grace August 27, 2010

Hello handsome!

Love Grace.

daisybabie August 28, 2010

Great pics, hon! Ashton is such a hottie! And funny! Double whammy. (Don’t ask me why I always comment on the gorgeousness of the men on your blog, you included…this place of yours is FULL of eye candy). Can’t wait to see what other weekly events you have to share with us. Cheers!

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