Good Morning Australia

by Lee Oliveira on June 21, 2010

I am so privileged to live in one of the most beautiful places in the world. Australia offers a great lifestyle with a combination of fabulous beaches and perfect weather.

Oh, and some great light for photography as well. Its winter here at the moment but it doesn’t stop for us from having blue skies all year round (well, almost every day).

Marie wears top by Foxxy New, cigarette satin black pants by Forever New, black patent peep toe shoes by Milane, watch by Quartz, necklace by Pandora, earings by Minco and fragrance by Armani White

On my way to work this week I noticed the sky was a perfect blue. I was so glad I didn’t forget my camera. I could now take plenty of beautiful pictures for my next post.

And it didn’t take me that long for me to find that perfect photo.

There she was looking  glamorous and feeling very sexy wearing a sky blue silk top, black satin cigarette pants and the cutest patent black peep toe shoes. I thought she looked fantastic. A breath of fresh air to welcome my day.

You don’t need to wear all black just because it’s winter. Pick your favorites colours and mix match to feel fabulous. And remember, some big heels will really turn heads!


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Guilherme Darabas June 21, 2010

I used to wear only black and gray during the winter, but I really think its much better when you wearing at least one more colour! Oh, I definally wanna go to Australiaa!

Sara June 21, 2010

I LOVE that bracelet and THAT RIGN!! I’m into Persona’s European charms right now ( Very refined. Always love a brunette in blue too!!!

thestreetfashion5xpro June 22, 2010

Gorgeous post! Beautiful photo…

prutha June 22, 2010

love her top and her accessories… very sweet smile too

follow if u like what u see?


sam June 23, 2010

wow im so happy i came across your blog and to know your from sydney love it :)

great blog x

nadine2point0 June 23, 2010

She’s just gorgeous and glowing and … it RAINED all day here! So envious.

jemina June 23, 2010

what great pictures and she looks stunning, xoxo

Levi Costa Arruda June 23, 2010

Adorei o blog!
Follow now! =D

Closet Fashionista June 23, 2010

Very cute! I love the big ring 😀

My Republic of Fashion June 23, 2010

What a great outfit! Just love that blue top…amazing colour.:)SarahD

Michael St. James June 23, 2010

Maria is one foxy lady! Love everything about her outfit. Cool blog and thanks for stopping by Bagpoor!

Melanie June 24, 2010

She wears that top with such confidence. She would have captured my attention as well!

Keith June 24, 2010

Great photos. She looks so amazing. I love her outfit. She’s got a wonderful smile too.

Queen D June 24, 2010

love the blouse..
NEON BLUE always look chic
anyway tks for leave comment in my blog..really apreciate it!!



Couture Carrie June 24, 2010

Love that blue tunic!


P.S. I must have at least 30 bikinis…

Lannie June 24, 2010

hey there!
so cool to see some australia street fashion! am an aussie living in nyc, so its great so see some pictures of home. :) glad i came across your blog.

Miiicha June 24, 2010

Love your ring!

|| M

NobodyKnowsMarc June 25, 2010
Tiffany June 25, 2010

I love the colour of the blouse with that hair colour!
Thank you for your comment in my blog!! Kisses
(I follow you from now!)

jas June 25, 2010

that top is FANTASTIC!

Sara June 25, 2010

Love that top! Great shots.
Have a nice weekend :)

HC June 26, 2010

i am OBSESSED with australia. no joke! i really want to study abroad there. so the fact that you are from there just really blows my mind. you are sooooo lucky! so i’m dying to know, what’s really trendy in australia right now. music wise and fashion wise? i have to know! lol

Lee Oliveira June 26, 2010

Thanks for the nice comments about Australia. I have been out lately and have heard some music by faze action that I really like. In terms of fashion, its winter here now we are seeing alot of trench coats around. Winter here is not that cold so some women I see are still showing off their legs with some nice pumps.

SabinePsynopsis June 28, 2010

Lovely lady & interesting outfit. I still have the best memories of Australia (having lived there in my childhood and later for a while). Sydney is one of the most stylish places with great cafés and food (and beaches and weather and…)

Grit and Glamour June 29, 2010

Aw, this makes me miss Sydney! The light there is amazing, it’s true. Really miss my fave beach near Cronulla, especially.

♥ V

charmaine June 29, 2010

i like the colour combo!

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