Girl from North Carolina To New York City

by Lee Oliveira on February 14, 2011

Those who follow me on twitter or facebook know that I’m in New York for Fashion Week and this is my first blog post from the Big Apple.

I arrived here on Tuesday and it has been all go. This is the first time I’ve been able to sit down. I feel a bit spaced out and I’m not sure if it’s the jetlag or the fact that there is so much going on here. My head is spinning.

On Thursday I attended the IFB Evolving Influence conference. Can I just say… if any of you bloggers out there are thinking of doing this in the future, don’t just think…. do it. I highly recommend it. I feel I’m a wealth of knowledge when it comes to blogging now.  Besides that, I have made great connections with some amazing people. Let me now introduce you to one of them.

dress, coat, scarf and necklace-All Saints; sweater-Country Road; boots-Aldo; fragrance Estee Lauder Cinnabar

This is Vhani from Grit And Glamour. When I first started blogging, she was one of the first connections I made and I follow her blog religiously. She is such an intelligent woman and I hold her in the highest regard. Vahni was one of the panel moderators and what an amazing job she did. If you were watching the live stream you would have seen her in action. If you ever want to know about fashion blogging, she is your “go to” girl.

I was so excited to finally meet her and we connected like glue. I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much.

NYC misses you Vahni. Most of all… (Chelsea Dinning W 23th & 8th).

Such an honour to feature you -“Street Style“- on my blog.

See you soon.

Lee x

PS: this is my first time at New York Fashion Week and it won’t be my last. I have been invited to attend some shows and will soon have some amazing street style photos to share with you all.

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Antoine February 14, 2011

The uber stunning Vahni obviously exudes a kind of “effortless / utterly Vavavoooom-esque” Charisma that your “street stylesque” picture perfectly reflects Here Dear !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine
Antoine recently posted..HEALTHY BOMBshell- Estelle Lefébure par Mario TESTINO in PHOTO FRANCE Spécial Anniversaire n°300 avril1993

SACRAMENTO February 14, 2011

What a perfect photo of Vhani…You can see, and feel every single detail of pure perfection.
I adore Vhani, and we all love you lee, jejejejje.
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Furry coat and Better blogging

Katie February 14, 2011

GORGEOUS pic of Vahni, Lee! I cant wait to see more of what youve captured in NYC!
Katie recently posted..Collette Dressed Me &amp Friend Friday – Color Wars

ana February 14, 2011

she is stunning…..
ana recently posted..My Todays Look

ediot February 14, 2011

such a great photo! love the bright colors in your photographs. and oh. settling for nyfw doesn’t sound bad at all 😉 haha i wanna go to nyfw too..
hope you’re having a great time there!
ediot recently posted..Alexander Wang Fall-Winter 2011-2012

Francesca February 14, 2011

holy cow! she looks stunning. you are so so talented.



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Collette Osuna February 14, 2011

LOVE V…..shes a true inspiration to us all…you look fab girl..great job Lee!!!

Stop by and say Hello:)
Enter my Silver Lining Décor Jewelry Giveaway!!♥
Collette Osuna recently posted.. 30×30- 6-30 Dress Me Katie &amp FF- Color Wars

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul February 14, 2011

Love the capture Lee! What a stylish Greek goddess! Hope you’re having a ball in NYC!
Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul recently posted..Roast Beef with Chimichurri

Noortje February 14, 2011

amazing picture! really gorgeous!

fuyume February 14, 2011

awww V looks stunning as per usual :)
fuyume recently posted..What is an Alexa Ranking How is it Beneficial to My Blog

Elle February 14, 2011

Vahni is AMAZING. This photo of her is gorgeous, and she has some fabulous style. Love thatyou featured her as your first ny post!

Anika ByAnika February 14, 2011

stunning, smart and sexy, that is the delectable Vahni, captured by your wonderful eye Lee. J`adore! I shared this post on FB and twitter, love it so much. Thanks for sharing! I watched the stream and loved it, especially the bit that Vahni moderated brilliantly. Hugs to you both!

<3 Anika
Anika ByAnika recently posted..Kindness and stripes are always fashionable

Laura February 14, 2011

You got to meet her! Your so blessed!!! I would love to meet Vahni, she’s so cool!!! And her sense of style is phenomenal1 I love the bright pop of fuchsia!!!!
Laura recently posted..Wool Stripez

Kim February 14, 2011

Amazing, I’m sure I would have to loved being there! One day… :)
I follow her blog, it’s very informative and she seems like a very smart person.

Bella Q February 14, 2011

Wonderful! So a stunning pic of a stunner of a woman! Brings tears to my eyes, as you really captured the beautiful essence of V. Ah, Lee: nice, nice work!
Bella Q recently forty valentine

thestreetfashion5xpro February 14, 2011

she’s stunning…great shot

brookemeagan February 14, 2011

Gah! What a stunning shot. Vahni is a stunning woman inside and out and you captured that to perfection Lee. It makes me so happy to see V working it on the streets of New York. I feel inspired! x
brookemeagan recently posted..urban heart

Lisa L S February 14, 2011

Love the splash of color here! She looks gorgeous!
Lisa L S recently posted..Kate Moss For Longchamp S-S 2011

GRIT & GLAMOUR February 14, 2011


Oh, Lee, this is so incredible! I love it! Thank you for the beautiful photo and the sweet post. You know I absolutely love you! Thank you for a fantastic time, too. I totally cracked up about W 23th & 8th. Classic. Good times. Really gonna miss you!

And to all of you who posted so many truly flattering comments, thank you! I am touched, and honored.

GRIT & GLAMOUR recently posted..IFB Con Day 2- Moderating Evolving Influence

StyleOnTheCouch February 14, 2011

This is a really great photo. I was also at the conference, would have liked to say hi, there was so much to see, hear and learn I agree… pleased you made some great connections, enjoy the rest of your stay!

TeenageDirtbag February 14, 2011

I saw Vahni’s blog few times, she really does a great job with it :).
TeenageDirtbag recently posted..copy paste

eugenialejos February 14, 2011

love your pictures!! amazing!
eugenialejos recently posted..Vallets of Louis Vuitton to one and fifty euros-

Stacey February 14, 2011

She is fab and such a stunning outfit and picture!
Stacey recently posted..Have a bright weekend!

Beny Ricardo Sadewo February 14, 2011

wowwwww,….. Amazing,…. YES! as u said Lee,.. she’s my “Go to Girl”,.. hope see you next year on the event,… xoxo. ah yah, i’m agree with the quote ” Don’t think, just do it!” *smooch

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
Beny Ricardo Sadewo recently posted..Dont think- just shoot!

Mish Dish February 14, 2011

What a stellar photo of V! I met her the night before this photo. You captured her beauty, light and energy perfectly. XO Mish

Terri February 14, 2011

So cool to see Vahni through Lee Oliveira’s eyes!
Terri recently posted..Grumpy in Pink

Aissata February 14, 2011

love her coat. great photo
Aissata recently posted..back and running

Brad February 14, 2011

Ciao Lee,

I recognize your Blog – I’ve definitely been here once or twice → ♥

And, after seeing your pics. & experiences @ IFB in NYC, I now wish that I had registered and hopped a quick 1 1/2 Hr. flight down! You’re right, Lee, I could have learned so much from all those other talented and experienced Bloggers out there.
Gonna’ follow your Blog now on a regular basis ☆

Ciao Bello,

– Brad/

KC of Nouveau Skin February 14, 2011

she looks fabulous. love her confidence and beauty.
KC of Nouveau Skin recently posted..The Little Elephant

Fabienne Jach February 14, 2011

That is a most fab photo of the lovely Ms. V. Her luxurious mane disappears into the scarf which disappears into the coat. Holy Style! <3!

I would agree with you, it didn't take many interactions and visits to her blog for me to form the same opinion of her.
Fabienne Jach recently posted..Welcome!

Manon February 14, 2011

She looks amazing. Love your style. Wish I was there with you in New York!!

Manon recently posted..Less Is More

Leia February 14, 2011

Oh my goodness… WOW! One of my favorite bloggers photographed by my favorite street style photographer. You are both awesome!

liana February 14, 2011

amazing photo! you have some serious skills :) i am so jealous you got to attend the IFB conference, it sounds like it was amazing! and i love vahni’s blog, it’s really great :)

thanks for the comment on my blog too!
liana recently posted..Objectss Of My Affection

Dagens Outfit February 14, 2011

jesus christ, i LOVE, love, LOOOOVE the necklace! 😀

Ylenia February 14, 2011

uhm, I love her look ! let me go anc check her blog, if it is fashionbla like her, well…..
yes, I have to say that the most rewarding thing about blog is people and make new friends and contact!
Please report all back from NYFW!!!


Jelena February 14, 2011

i am soooooo happy u’re there Lee,in NY!:)) enjoy for me as well,please!:)) this is the first time i hear for Vhani,i will check her blog immediately…she is such a pretty girl,and so stylish,i like her!!:)
Jelena recently posted..Rainy day in Trikala

Tanvi February 14, 2011

This is AWESOME lee. Great shot and I am glad you are having so much fun in NYC!

cailin February 14, 2011

great!!!love her style!kisses

Veshoevius February 14, 2011

What a fabulous photo of Vahni!
Veshoevius recently posted..Friend Friday – Colour Wars

edoardo February 14, 2011

Amazing coat and scarf, I love the shapes of this outfit!

Sherin February 15, 2011

Ooo, exciting! I’m hearing rumous of an IFB conference in the UK, so very excited for that.
She looks so fab! Love the necklace she’s got on.
Sherin recently posted..Guest Post- Maxi Makes a Comeback

Míriam February 15, 2011

I’m in love with the color of her dress and the necklace, soo beautiful :)
Míriam recently posted..An Amsterdam kind of story

Maddy February 15, 2011

How lucky are you, Lee! And it seems you’ve been checking out some amazing shows and parties! I’ve enjoyed reading all you tweets :) I would love to visit IFB since a lot of my fave bloggers attended, but I’m not a fashion blogger, so not sure if it’s the right conference for me :)

Nana February 15, 2011

So nice look! Love the dress color! Kisses:)
Nana recently posted..Autilias interview

modanista junkie February 15, 2011

So jealous you got to attend the IFB conference!! And yes, I, too follow her blog! She’s amazing and if I ever need assistance with my blog, I go to her blog and I find everything!!
Love her.

happy v-day.


jaicroise February 15, 2011

She has a great style, love her dress!
jaicroise recently posted..Orange !

Nicole February 15, 2011

Leee! What an amazing shot of Vhani…sounds like you are having an unforgettable time! xo

Kirstin Marie February 15, 2011

Love this photo of her! She truly is an amazing person. Love her!!

As for the IFB Conference, I’m hoping (fingers crossed), that Jeanine holds another in September, so I can make it. I was super bummed that I couldn’t make it this time, but the live feed was very helpful!
Kirstin Marie recently posted..Friend Friday- Color Wars

LeRon February 15, 2011

Hey Lee,

Nice pic. I am soooo jealous you are in NY for fashion week. If you are going later this year, I will see you for the other fashion week.
LeRon recently posted..Valentines day and all of that

a!kO February 15, 2011

I am loving her whole outfit, from the coat to the boots!! I would LOVE to have that boots!!! She is very beautiful too. 😀

a!kO recently posted..Project 365- 40 Pudding

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