Feeling like a rockstart…NYC

by Lee Oliveira on April 26, 2011

I am so lucky to be able to find and photograph different people on the streets wherever I am. Speaking of street fashion photography… You never know who is just around the corner!

Neyo was a “normal” kinda of guy until I said.. “Cool glasses”! – He said “They are very Gaga, aren’t they?!.. Oh…camera?!! .. I am ready..snap.. snap!!”

Thanks Neyo for making my job so much more fun and enjoyable.

Lee x

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Monika April 26, 2011

Great photo, Lee!
Monika recently posted..Heel Virgin

Fashion gossip April 26, 2011

Woooow!!!!! This picture is beyond amazing!!! LOOOOVE!!!!
Xoxo, K.
Fashion gossip recently posted..Hot spring and DIM

the nyanzi report April 26, 2011

this picture is just beyond! well spotted.
the nyanzi report recently posted..Transitional Ensemble – Just off Brick Lane – London

Maddy April 26, 2011

Gosh!! You find the perfect subjects for your post! And the wind blowing at the same time was just perfect timing!
Maddy recently posted..In Bloom

Mila April 26, 2011

Wow! Great photo!

Mila recently posted..Ruthie Davis edgy road

Kellie April 26, 2011

So cool, Lee!
Kellie recently posted..Comeback

modanista junkie April 27, 2011

Those sunglasses are fierce!!

modanista junkie recently posted..Mel Made Rosette Necklace

Cecylia April 27, 2011

wow! What a shot- perfect timing Lee!
Cecylia recently posted..Fashion For Freedom

Collette Osuna April 27, 2011

Awesome photo Lee….he is a rockstar indeed:0
Collette Osuna recently posted..Twitter Tuesday- Fashionably Frugal

SACRAMENTO April 27, 2011

How did you get the hair????????????????
Amazing photo, Lee!!!
SACRAMENTO recently posted..My Brother´s Fan &amp Blog Overbranding

Ylenia April 27, 2011

OMG!! how could you shoot that??? I have triead many times to shoot something that moves but it was a total failure. Maybe because I do not have the right tools? (actually I have a compact camera, shame on me)

anyway, this pic is amazing!
hope to meet you somewhere, someday and be shoot by you!!!
Ylenia recently posted..Easter weekend in pictures

nydontleaveme April 27, 2011

GREAT Photo! You really captured character!

nydontleaveme recently posted..DINO-MITE!

CessOviedo April 27, 2011

Oh he’s in deed born to be a rock star! Amazing outfit!

Cess O. <3
The Outfit Diaries

pop champagne April 27, 2011

those are sweet glasses! nice pic!
pop champagne recently posted..This Chick Hates Paris Hilton

kate April 27, 2011

love how you captured her hair flying in the wind.. the combo of that with the stunna shades makes her look like a rockstar for real
kate recently posted..last nights party

Fashionistable April 27, 2011

There is great energy here. He gave you a fun shot. Xxxx

JASON April 27, 2011



janettaylor April 27, 2011

Absolutely cooool!

janettaylor recently posted..Guess who

Manon April 27, 2011

Wow, such a cool photo and outfit.
Manon recently posted..Coinonia Conceptual Contemporary

Sherin April 27, 2011

Seriously amazing!! Those glasses are so incredible.
Sherin recently posted..A Pakistani Engagement

Nicole @ Frankie Hearts Fashion April 27, 2011

He is fabulous! HE reminds me of Hollywood from the movie “Mannequin”…love it!!

Oh to Be a Muse April 27, 2011

those are definitely cool glasses. and he’s right–super Gaga!
Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Whats In Fashion- Top 5 Headlines for April

edoardo April 27, 2011

Greta look, especially with that fur neck and the black&white aesthethic of hte image is amazing!


My Republic of Fashion April 27, 2011

LOVE this photo so much, Lee!! :)SarahD x
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..White

Christel April 27, 2011

I can feel your passion for your photographer activity in this post, it’s so exciting !

ninjagaiden78 April 27, 2011

This is an awesome shot Lee!

ninjagaiden78 recently posted..Ill Pic of the day

prutha April 27, 2011

he truly is a find!!!
prutha recently posted..I want to be Perfect- Personal Fashion

Terri April 27, 2011

Yes to the sweater. Yes to the hair! Yes to the GAGA glasses!!
Terri recently posted..Helgas Bag

Becca April 27, 2011

What a character! And what an amazing photo. I love that you were able to catch him with his hair blowing up in the wind!
Becca recently posted..Hairstyle Challenge- Results and 100 Aveda Giveaway

Kirstin Marie April 27, 2011

Awesome photo, those sunglasses are very lady gaga. :)
Kirstin Marie recently posted..Sugar pie

Annabelle April 27, 2011

Wow, how fabulous!!!! Gorgeous picture!!! Great blog, I am now following! Maybe you’ll have time to visit mine:)

Annabelle recently posted..On the Way to Paradise Cove

Beny Ricardo Sadewo April 27, 2011

the glasses indeed! so gaga! but wait, soo,.. you work for Ne-yo? FAB!

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
Beny Ricardo Sadewo recently posted..Where is My ELLE

Laura@ArtfullyArtista April 27, 2011

He’s so cool! Loving his glasses and his hair!
Laura@ArtfullyArtista recently posted..Celebrate

Shin April 27, 2011

This is one of my favorite shots on your blog Lee! There’s so much energy in this photo! I love that when you talk to someone, they respond back to you as if they’re your friend. I like that! xxoxoo

Jelena April 27, 2011

great shoot, fierce subject!!:)
Jelena recently posted..Plaid Rocks!!

Madison April 27, 2011

In the moment! love it Lee! I also like the fact that it’s in black & white, this is nice!
Madison recently posted..Vanity Vintage Vol 03

Becky Regina April 27, 2011

So cool that you had a chance to shoot this picture of him! The glasses are just WOW. Amazing!

LOCA POR TU ROPA April 27, 2011

Lee, your are great!! This Lady Gaga Man is amazing!!

Bianca April 27, 2011

haha could so imagine you in this moment Lee! he is so wow love it! p.s.. thanks for such an amazing weekend hunni <33
Bianca recently posted..Who is Ziggy

KC of nouveau skin April 27, 2011

a game subject is a good subject all the time. :)

KC of nouveau skin recently posted..Love from Shanghai

Fash&Mark April 28, 2011

LOOL. great pic. such a cool catch!

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