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by Lee Oliveira on July 5, 2011

Jim not only is a very stylish man but also the designer for his own label threeoverone.com. I loved his whole combination of denim.

shirt,tie,vest,pants and belt-ThreeOverOne; shoes-Trickers; sunglasses-Graz


Great seeing you again Jim.

Lee x

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Lucy July 5, 2011

He’s a cool dude….and he knows it 😉 Very nice!!!

Sick by Trend July 5, 2011

His shocks!!!!! haha:D love this outfit 😀 I’m agree with you about Balenciaga & Gucci 😀



Monika July 5, 2011

cool guy:)

SACRAMENTO July 5, 2011

Fantastic denim. it looks light and coll, and so does he.
Fantastic shot, my friend.

Fashion Infatuation July 5, 2011

Hello :)
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Herdiana Surachman HS July 5, 2011

fan of his sunnies and tie 😀


KC of Nouveau Skin July 5, 2011
the nyanzi report July 5, 2011

now that’s what i call man of style. well shot lee!

Mila July 5, 2011

Love his vest. These total denim looks are so popular right now


Cecylia July 5, 2011

Love his double denim :)

Tanvi July 5, 2011

His Denim Attire is quite dapper!

♡ from © tanvii.com

Audrey Allure July 5, 2011

What a stylish man!

Melissa July 6, 2011

Wow love this one!!


CessOviedo July 6, 2011

Jim looks great! He rocked that denim and of course sunglasses are awesome!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

modanista junkie July 6, 2011

Denim on denim…. nice!!!


Mary Jo July 6, 2011

Love this look, it’s so wearable and perfect for summer + chic.

xo Mary Jo

kike July 6, 2011

great look, i like to wear vest all the time, let’s say I’m a big fan of vests, that’s why i have a huge collection but this one is cool and also the sunglasses.


Sherin July 6, 2011

He’s definitely rocking double denim. He looks pretty awesome.

jasna July 6, 2011

He looks super chic! Happy Tuesday xx s

Anthea July 6, 2011

Jim looks absolutely amazing!

Nicole @FHF July 6, 2011

way to work the denim on denim!! Love it. xo

milanblogger July 6, 2011

a really “denim” man,great lee!!!!!

Lauren July 6, 2011

Very stylish indeed!

The Styleseer

Robert July 6, 2011

I love this one.. very cool!!

heather July 6, 2011

denim on denim, prretty gutsy, especially for a man but he looks great. the tie is really fabulous as well!


JTwisdom July 6, 2011

Hi Lee,

Sorry I haven’t been coming over checking out your fabulous pics. Life happens and it gets busy.
Love the vest the tie and sunglasses. I was thinking that he could wear the vest, tie and white shirt with grey heather pants. So versatile. Love that.

Jamillah July 6, 2011

I LOVE IT!! Denim on denim when done right is soooo good. I want his sunnies.

Manon July 6, 2011

I love the denim look. He really can handle it.

dimitri July 6, 2011

What a nice look !
Love this style. Very chic.
Nice pictures Lee.

Paulina July 6, 2011

Great photo 😉

FASHION TALES July 6, 2011

I love how summery it looks. it’s office casual but still very stylish… it works!

Arash Mazinani July 7, 2011

I like the top half and also the shoes the trousers are too baggy for me though personally.

Twitter: @arashmazinani

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