Deadly Prada shoes…

by Lee Oliveira on July 1, 2011

As a male, I often get surprising reactions from girls when I know the exact label that they’re wearing. I loved this photo so much and just wanted to share it with you all.



It was nice meeting you Rebecca.

Lee x


PS – I’ll be in Berlin next week for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week so stay tuned.

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Manon July 1, 2011

I love them Lee. Amazing photos.

Xx, Manon

Andy Sophie July 1, 2011

Oh Lee,dreaming shoes and WONDERFUL PHOTO !

Bianca July 1, 2011

Joisus!!! Those shoes are on another level!! Amaze snap hun! xxx

Monika July 1, 2011

I like it’s in b&w, it looks great!

Mila July 1, 2011

Love these Prada shoes!

Tanvi July 1, 2011

Deadly indeed!

♡ from ©

Cecylia July 1, 2011

I DIE! thanks for capturing these beauties and sharing with us Lee. Travel safe!

Couture Carrie July 1, 2011

Amazing shoes!


GRIT & GLAMOUR July 1, 2011

They could be deadly, that is for sure. Absolutely gorgeous. You know I want ’em!

TeenageDirtbag July 1, 2011

It’s nice that yoo have a rich knowledge in brands, guys should be more informed in fashion! :).

Ambuji July 1, 2011

Prada is in a league of her own! You spotted the shoes and hence you, my friend are in a league of your own!

Marina July 1, 2011

WOW…those are some Fabulous shoes!!! Lucky you have fun @ Berlin Fashion Week.

<3 Marina

Cathy Benavides July 2, 2011

You can’t see it, but I’m totally drooling right now. Those shoes are amazing!

Michelle @ Glisters & Blisters July 2, 2011

oh dear.. those shoes are TO DIE FORRRRRR !

http://www.glisters and

WMS July 2, 2011

LOVE these. Have seen so many Prada shoes online recently and am now obsessed! Maybe a little sales shopping is in order – WMS.

noelani July 2, 2011

My husband also knows most of the brands I buy now too- because he tracks them on the credit cards;) These shoes would be worth the risk!

Hadassah Martes (Linton from London) July 2, 2011

Beautiful! Love ’em with the leggings!

chen del mundo July 2, 2011

can’t wait to meet the fashion people of berlin,


Unita July 2, 2011

Oh boy, Prada always have it’s own way to charm their user..
Great blog Lee! 😀


Unita July 2, 2011

Well, Prada seems to have it’s own way to always amaze people, I guess..
Great pic, great blog Lee, keep it up! Love it 😀

Unita (

dimitri July 2, 2011

Those Prada shoes are amazing !
Nice pictures.
Have a nice day Lee

Lauren Nicole July 2, 2011

Those Prada shoes are to die for. I’d kill for those shoes!

Lucy July 2, 2011

That’s a great shot. Love black and white!

Laura@Artfullyartista July 2, 2011

oh man I love those shoes soooo much!!!!!!! Amazing photo!!!!

modanista junkie July 2, 2011

Amazing shot! The shoes are fantastic!


Kirstin Marie July 2, 2011

Those are stunning shoes. Beautiful photo, Lee!!

CessOviedo July 2, 2011

one word: PERFECT!

Andrea July 2, 2011

wow awesome shoes but i could never walk in them 😀

great blog!

savvy gal July 2, 2011

i love those shoes. i won’t be able to walk but I can look great, right. : )

Melissa July 2, 2011

Eeeee Gorgeous!!!!!


Sherin July 2, 2011

I love those! I’m a huge shoe fan and those are absolutely amazing.

kristy July 2, 2011

these are such stunning shoes and you really got a great shot of them lee!

Jason July 2, 2011

deadly indeed!

KC of Nouveau Skin July 2, 2011

i think it’s nice that you know your brands. this is a dramatic photo btw, lee. :)

Oh to Be a Muse July 2, 2011

i think it’s pretty awesome that you know the exact label too. i would find it amusing! these shoes are gorgeous.

Natalia July 2, 2011

I ABSOLUTELY love these shoes!! Ah! Amazing!

A Brit Greek July 2, 2011

Yowsers, they’re freakin’ amazing, me wants too! Great shot Lee.

Hope you have fun in Berlin! Can’t wait to see more cool shots!

Gigi July 2, 2011

Oh yeeeeeeeeee….! love it!

I’m dead! Lol

Bom fim de semana para ti. Beijos

Annachiara July 2, 2011

FANTASTIC shoes!!! amazing blog always dear ;D

Noura July 2, 2011

you are clearly the perfect male

La sonrisa de Hiperión July 2, 2011

Esos son unos taconazos y lo demás es tontería…

Saludos y un abrazo.

ldm July 3, 2011

omg i love!!!! hope you’re having fun in hk! let me know if you need any recommendations as to where you wanna go!

xx from hong kong :)

Haute World July 3, 2011

Killer heels – love them. Also love the leather pants. I’m still desperately searching for the perfect pair. Have fun in Berlin! One of my favorite cities.

FASHION TALES July 3, 2011

Stunning photo and beautiful shoes. Can’t wait to see what Berlin brings…. -xx

Cynthia Bagué July 3, 2011

Amazing Pradas!


Beny Ricardo Sadewo July 3, 2011

ahahaha of course Lee, a woman always got such a special reaction for a guy who known her fashion stuff, especially at the first impression! xoxo

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Hitesh D. July 3, 2011


Outstanding shoes & I’m preety much sure you will be having the time of your life in Berlin!

Have fun & looking forward to see the pictures!


miss Margaret Cruzemark July 3, 2011

You did very well for sharing this pic with us, cause it is PERFECT!!!
Kisses and hugs
Miss Margaret Cruzemark

Samantha Elisabeth July 3, 2011

Haha this made me think of that Legally Blonde scene when she asks Warner, “What shoes are these?” “Uhhh black ones?” (Or something like that).
Nevertheless, I love that men are becoming more stylish!! And I love these shoes. As an art form. Not necessarily on my feet. They’re still recovering from my day in wedges…

Marissa July 4, 2011

Even I didn’t know these were Prada. You’re good, Mr. Lee, you’re good. Have a safe trip to Berlin! Can’t wait to read all about it.

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