Colours on W 15th St & 7th St

by Lee Oliveira on March 1, 2011

I saw Curran almost everyday during the shows at New York Fashion Week. How could I not photograph him?! These are some of the amazing colours he wears everyday.

jaket-Missfit Vintage; sweater and hat-J.Crew; pants-BDG; sneakers and gloves-Paul Smith; glasses-Gazelle; fragrance-L’Homme YSL

I really wanted to take his wool jacket back home with me haha. I can see myself wearing this.

Great meeting you Curran.

Lee x

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suzy March 1, 2011

I’m loving the bold southwestern colors- everywhere I look I’m seeing bold colors and rich textures- now I can’t wait for Spring and Summer. And I’m so jealous you got to go to Fashion Week , hope you had an amazing time. Maybe I’ll get to go next year :)

Beneath the Glass
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chen del mundo March 1, 2011
Collette Osuna March 1, 2011

GREAT style!
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Maddy March 1, 2011

Great use of color, especially in New York! Usually it’s a sea of black :)
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Manon March 1, 2011

His blazer is amazing.

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Beatriz March 1, 2011

Gostaria que mais homens fossem assim divertidos! Amei!

Jason March 1, 2011

i want that blazer! 😀
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edoardo March 2, 2011

COol, cool jacket! I lvoe the socks color and the jacket, good match!

KC of Nouveau Skin March 2, 2011

i admire people who brave colours. i wish i am as experimental.
KC of Nouveau Skin recently posted..Will Be Back Soon

Anthea March 2, 2011

So stylish! Love that jacket and how everything else in the outfit matches so nicely with it.
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Veshoevius March 2, 2011

Fabulous jacket! Great outfit down to the orange socks – men should wear more colour.
Veshoevius recently posted..London Fashion Week- Mawi

Couture Carrie March 2, 2011

What a cool blazer!


Audrey Allure March 2, 2011

His blazer is really cool!
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Kaleido Mind March 2, 2011

He has such a fun style!!! love it:)

xNTA March 2, 2011

Wow. Talk about amazing! What an eye!

Have a great one! x
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Fabienne Jach March 2, 2011

That jacket IS great! I saw a lady wearing a really really vibrant deep purple fleece hoodie with hot pink piping this weekend at the snow… She’s lucky she didn’t get too close, the colors were out of this world!
Fabienne Jach recently posted..Project ReStyle

Nadine 2.0 March 2, 2011

This guy made my day! Lovely colours. Good Eye Lee!
Nadine 2.0 recently posted..Realway to Runway LWren to Amy

Christel March 2, 2011

I love his funky cool style !

modanista junkie March 2, 2011

Love the vintage blazer for me!!! The whole outfit is so put together nicely!!


prutha March 2, 2011

love his jacket
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thestreetfashion5xpro March 2, 2011

So stylish! Love that jacket…perfect mix…great shot

Jennifer Fabulous March 2, 2011

What an awesome outfit! His jacket is AMAZING!!

Katie March 2, 2011

I love his jacket! Gorgeous colors.
Katie recently posted..28

Trendsetters March 2, 2011

Great picture!!!! And great blog, really :)

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Sherin March 2, 2011

Definitely an amazing outfit. I love that wool jacket! Love his glasses so much as well.
Sherin recently posted..LFW Outfit

Shin March 2, 2011

Wow, I love the color of his jacket and the socks and his shoes! It all works together harmoniously. The way he rolled up his pants slightly is pretty cool too! xoxoxoo

Cheryl March 2, 2011

i really like his pants and hat. is it weird that he reminds me of my dad? love the look.
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ediot March 2, 2011

fantastic photograph. LOVE that blazer . it’s amazing.
ediot recently posted..Mulberry fall-winter 2011

Erika March 2, 2011

I met Curran, too! He is so nice and a fellow Philadelphia :) His outfits were all so colorful + inspiring. Great photo!

Miss you Lee xo
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jaicroise March 2, 2011

All these colors put together fits him so well! How to resist?
jaicroise recently posted..Everyones Parka

Zarna March 2, 2011

he looks so amazing – that blazer is just beautiful!
Zarna recently posted..just smile

Kirstin Marie March 2, 2011

Wow, I love his jacket! I can see why you wanted to take it home. It’s awesome.
Kirstin Marie recently posted..Pretty Pretty Things

Laura March 2, 2011

His jacket is too amazing for words!!!! I want one too!!!
Laura recently posted..Dress-like

Fashnlvr March 2, 2011

These colors are wonderful. So bright and confident! Real men wear color!!
Fashnlvr recently posted..RECONsider &amp RECONstruct- Home Fashion DIY Project

Ellen March 2, 2011

nice mix and matching the colors. looks so nice and not too bright for eyes. :) I like the sneakers. :)

kavery March 2, 2011

He is so dapper and so confident too
kavery recently posted..Stylenuggets is 1!

Tanvi March 2, 2011

What an amazing jacket! Great shot Lee!
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My Republic of Fashion March 2, 2011

To say I want Curran’s jacket is an understatement. Love it!! :)SarahD xx
My Republic of Fashion recently posted..De-Clutter

Raquel March 2, 2011

Great photo!
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SACRAMENTO March 3, 2011

Fabulous jacket!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

devilishly pleasurable March 3, 2011

Gosh, I love how he makes this look so amazing! x
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Polka Princess March 3, 2011

I LOVE colors……& Curran seems to be donning a lovely amalgamation of bright hues!! Love his gloves!!! :)
Polka Princess recently posted..Lace love

Cristiana Nunes March 3, 2011

His jacket, his glasses, the shirt, the shoes, the socks. He is really stylish, perfect color and pattern mixture.
Cristiana Nunes recently posted..Face Life with Style

Meg March 4, 2011

Oooh i like this one!! One of my fav photos from you, the composition is so great, his outfit just works so well against the colour of the bricks!
His style is so awesome, love it!
Meg recently posted..Monday Morning Inspiration- Center Sage Progression

Marissa March 4, 2011

Got to meet Curran at IFB- he is quite the King! 😉 Looked spiffy in his ensemble that day, I can only imagine how he looked at the shows!

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