Castlereagh St…Sydney

by Lee Oliveira on June 21, 2011

The CBD of Sydney sometimes looks like a catwalk of stylish people.

Mitsu wears from head to toe – Prada; fragrance: Infusion D’Homme by Prada.


Lee x


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KAIIWONG June 21, 2011

Have fun in Sydney !!


Manon June 21, 2011

Love it. The shoes are amazing. Have fun honey.


Andy Sophie June 21, 2011

I think his style is…PERFECT ! :)

Nusardel June 21, 2011

That first statement is so true. I was in Darlinghurst today for a school trip and I had my camera with me to hopefully begin shooting some street style, but I couldn’t decide who to ask. In the end I decided I’d not shoot anybody just to be on the safe side. As for Mitsu’s outfit, I love it. There’s nothing better than a nice dark suit, especially with the weather we’ve been experiencing in Sydney.

Claire June 21, 2011

yeah he looks good! x

Monika June 21, 2011

I like it all and specially the tie. It looks very simple on first look, but in fact it’s very chic as it has nice small ornament (up)

Paulina June 21, 2011

Great photo:)

Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul June 21, 2011

Love the suit and the colour combo!

SACRAMENTO June 21, 2011

Very smart.

Sherin June 21, 2011

Oh wow. He looks so perfectly dressed! More guys need to go out in suits. It’s a great look.

edoardo June 21, 2011

Too classic for my taste but really really nice, Prada is always chic!

Francesca June 21, 2011

that tie is perfection


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chen del mundo June 21, 2011

stylish wears PRADA!


stela alves June 21, 2011

Quanta elegancia!!!
Street Style by Stela

Laura@Artfully Artista June 22, 2011

I love it when guys dress to the nines it’s so wonderful to see because here in FL it’s not often seen.

Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy June 22, 2011

He looks very elegant and groomed, I like that…. oh and your shots are always perfect!! Amazing talent you have.


Couture Carrie June 22, 2011

Love his look, especially the shoes!


Lauren June 22, 2011

Such a sexy look. Damn!

<3 L

Audrey Allure June 22, 2011

He looks so stylish!

CessOviedo June 22, 2011

So elegant! Bet he speaks Prada too! Loved the tie!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Diane June 22, 2011

Great clean look! The tie adds a nice little edge there. I love that you cover such an array of styles, and everything from the classic to the wild. It’s always such a surprise to visit – I never know what will be here. Thanks for yet another great daily fix, Lee!

Alexa June 22, 2011

Love! Very sleek.
xo alexa

Cathy Benavides June 22, 2011

Men in suits *swoon* I love this look – it fits him like a glove!

My Styleadvisor June 22, 2011

Smart suit! I like suits that are narrow fitting. The Italians do that best! xxx Lucy

Kristin June 22, 2011

Have a blast Lee! And I totally want to take that entire look and put it on le hubs!

mystyle June 22, 2011

Hi there-a very sharp and chic look and a fabulous photo too!

Francesca R June 22, 2011

He is very elegant! I like him and tthe picture of course!

the nyanzi report June 22, 2011

well cut suit.

TeenageDirtbag June 22, 2011

Really stylish guy, I like that he wears even perfums from Prada :). And whats that on his tie? Nice element :).

stylemefab June 22, 2011

NIIIIIIICE!!!!!! he looks perfect, I love me a man in suit, can`t do no wrong!

Lyosha June 22, 2011

ohhh… this man is so stylish! Can’t beleive monobrand outfit can be soo stunning in real life!

ambuji June 22, 2011

My favorite cerebral, intellectual brand-Prada!! You can spot him from a mile away. He is the Prada man!! Could it be any better???

Nicole @FHF June 22, 2011

Classic Prada…loving the charcoal hue with the blue shirt! xo

Samantha Elisabeth June 22, 2011

Love this. Such a clean, classic look.

kavery June 22, 2011

Nothing like a classic suit to make him stand out

DeVero June 22, 2011

Great shot, cool shoes!

Malory June 22, 2011
Beny Ricardo Sadewo June 22, 2011

Masculine!!!! great shoot as always, thanks for such a constructive comments , you rawwwwwwwk guys! xoxo

Beny Ricardo Sadewo

Tea June 22, 2011

I love the look of blue & grey together. It’s a smart and sharp look.

Raquel June 22, 2011

Beautiful! :)

KC of Nouveau Skin June 22, 2011

nice..he looks really sharp and handsome.

GRIT & GLAMOUR June 23, 2011

Castlereagh has all the stores that make me drool! And clearly, stylish people. 😉

latrenia bryant June 23, 2011
Krystal/Village June 23, 2011

VERY nice.

Jelena June 23, 2011

Lee this is one seriously uber stylish gentleman!! Bravo, it seems to me like he was born in this suit!!

Kalyani June 26, 2011

Hi Lee, another great pic..the suit is perfect in everyway cut, colour, style and well teamed with blue..I love the background…but mayb I’m biased (i’m impressed with Sydney CBD no matter how many times I go there!!)

Fabienne Jach June 27, 2011

… and he makes it look so effortless.
xo, f
The House in the Clouds

Bionica June 30, 2011

Mitsu looks impeccable =)


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