Bohemian Look

by Lee Oliveira on October 19, 2010

Ok! This time you’re probably going to laugh and are going to definitely call me crazy. I saw this girl wondering the streets with her friend, checking out all the stores along the way. I spotted her from behind and started to walk faster so I could catch up to her and her friend. As I caught up, she walked into a store so I thought I would just hang outside waiting patiently till she came out. OK, at this point I felt like a total stalker. I was hanging for a while. When she finally came out, I stopped her. She was a little shy at first and was laughing nervously. She couldn’t really figure out why I stopped her.

Here name is Nhu and while I was talking to her, Nhu’s friend was asking what I liked the most about her style. The peasant style tunic and colourful skirt had drawn me to her and the hat really finished the look. They laughed about it because Nhu had just purchased the hat at the store that I was waiting (stalking) in front of for her.

Nhu wears dress by Paper Scissors, top and bag purchased at Vietnam

I love when girls try to find they own style. And the greatest part meeting Nhu is the fact she felt very comfortable and fresh in that outfit. Meanwhile I was boiling in my denim and polo shirt. It was a little warm that day.

I found Nhu in the same street that I found Krizia from my “Military Chic“post. I am lucky to find such pretty girls in one of my favourite streets in Sydney.

Thanks Nhu, you are so beautiful. I hope you get a change to see the shots.


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SACRAMENTO October 19, 2010

That skirt is worth running and stalking, wow I am so glad that you did.I am mad about skirts, all skirts, but this one is so unusual. Thank you so much for sharing.
SACRAMENTO recently posted..D&ampG meets Antigua

A Brit Greek October 19, 2010

Gorgeous! I like that she owns that look and that she’s not trying too hard! What a beautiful girl-so love the hat.
Ok, you no longer need to go to the gym with all that style stalking & running!!! lol!
A Brit Greek recently posted..Shiny New Studded love

Anthea October 19, 2010

Hehe, I like hearing the stories about how you approach your subjects :)

Nhu looks great, very unique.
Anthea recently posted..A bit of improvisation

jemina October 19, 2010

She’s beautiful, I would stalk her too if I were you 😀

I LOVE her style, so effortless and yet chic at the same time, it’s all in the details i think :)

Lee, I think you are a style spotter pro (tee hee)

jemina recently and other things

Keith October 19, 2010

She’s beautiful. I love her style. That’s a cool hat.

Grit and Glamour October 19, 2010

Lee, the girl, your blog, and your photos are fantastic. I can see the growth in your shots…when you have a moment, will you DM me on Twitter with your camera and lens specs? I love these shots.

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour
Grit and Glamour recently posted..Everything You Wanted to Know About Blog Improvement But Were Afraid to Ask

jasna October 19, 2010

Love her look! Everything works together soo well! Hope you had a lovely wknd : ) xxx

Cinz October 19, 2010

Great blog and love all your street style photos!!! Thanks for stopping mine and leaving a comment=) Great to see the existence of male bloggers out there, you’re one of the first i’ve seen and that’s visited my blog! best of fashion luck and keep it up!!!

Cinz recently posted..Take a bow to hair bows!

Audrey Allure October 19, 2010

Such a great look, I love all the colors in her outfit :)
Audrey Allure recently posted..Inspirational Tuesdays- Week 38

FashionLifeCoach October 19, 2010

Fab and wow-credits for this outfit shot. I like her way of styling with different accessory add-ons.
FashionLifeCoach recently posted..Modern-day Design Ethos

fashion butter October 20, 2010

She’s adorable. A breath of fresh air, really.
fashion butter recently posted..An apology and an introduction

fhen October 20, 2010

oh her outfit is so unique!
loving the whole look. great job in spotting her and taking lovely photos
fhen recently posted..French R-evolution

Jude October 20, 2010

I love how she’s different and totally “owns” her outfit! If I were as brave as you, I would’ve stalked her too! :) Loved how you described the whole process – you street style photographers have courage!

Antoine October 20, 2010

Mmh And beyond her (uber Radiant / softly KILLing) smile I really like the way her printed dress tend to make blow a (so refreshing) wind of “bucolic Elegance” on urban territory !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Manon October 20, 2010

I love this look. It looks gorgeous on her.
Manon recently posted..Piet Paris Exhibition

Maddy October 20, 2010

Hahaha!! You must be very nice in person, because I’m always surprised at how often people let you photograph them for the blog :) I think if someone approached me, I’d think they were stalkerish too 😉

sweet October 20, 2010

she is so cute love the hat and her skirt…


Camila F. October 20, 2010

Eu nunca pensaria nessa combinação que ela fez, mas o resultado ficou super lindo!
Camila F. recently posted..Doily Art

My Republic of Fashion October 20, 2010

I love Nhu’s style! That dress is gorgeous.:)

PS Loving the new layout, Lee. :)SarahD

Liz S. October 20, 2010

Wow–she is so cute and I love her skirt and general style. Lee, your photography just gets better and better!
Liz S. recently posted..TRAVEL BAG STILL LIFE

Closet Fashionista October 20, 2010

Oooh I love this look!!! 😀

Monique October 20, 2010

hahaha Lee the fashion stalker! These lovely subjects are so lucky to be stalked by you!! And yes her skirt is FAB! Love the colors! Great shots!
xoxo M
Monique recently posted..Punkin Pie Pancakes

style-haus October 20, 2010

i always enjoy reading about how you hunt down your subjects :) love the mix of prints/patterns. p.s. like the new blog format!
style-haus recently posted..Rock Royalty

style'n October 20, 2010

That is THE BEST outfit. Love it! I am laughing because I can just see you chasing her down the street :)
style’n recently posted..La Bete Noire

Angela See, Angela Blog October 20, 2010

Cute! And haha the whole idea of street style hunting is a little stalky stalky

PS. re your comment, I do have a RSS button though it’s kinda hard to find.
Angela See, Angela Blog recently posted..Bag makeover and a not-so-spring outfit

esther October 20, 2010

i love to see when people are so comfortable about their style, Nhu is definitely one of the best one !
oh sydney, cant wait to visit, its on my to do list !!
esther recently posted..model moment – Arizona Muse

chiara totire October 20, 2010

I love the bohemien style!
Really nice :)

Dusk October 20, 2010

She is adorable and I see why you risked going in to stalker territory!!
(I suppose that’s a street style photographer’s life really!)… along with the actual photos, I enjoy reading about how you approach your subjects! You seem very humble and are obviously very friendly!
Dusk recently posted..Limelight

Tanvi October 20, 2010

She does have an air of freshness around her and is totally working that look! I love the stories that go with these style posts Lee! :)
Tanvi recently posted..And Im Back!

Justyna October 21, 2010

such a stunning outfit! fun and comfy!



Couture Carrie October 21, 2010

So gorgeous!
Love her fedora!


Natalia October 21, 2010

pure boho chic :)
Natalia recently posted..Love you too Daria

kristy October 21, 2010

darling, you are amazing. i love your dedication to your blog and the fact that you waited for her outside the store she was in. and it was well worth it, her style is definitely all her own and i love it. what luck you were able to find her! =)

Vogue Gone Rogue
kristy recently posted..Custo Barcelona Afterparty the White Room Exhibit

Alexandre October 21, 2010

Acredito que seja um dos looks mais interessantes que vc ja tenha postado. Amei a ousadia da mistura da garota. Coisa dificilima de acertar. Ainda mais que ela conseguiu deixar com ares romantico. Atitude e sem agressividade. AMEI O CHAPÉUZINHO, e a garota e linnnnda. Parabéns!!!

Vivian October 21, 2010
Kim October 21, 2010

Omg you are doing such an amazing job !! You def know who to spot !! Love this blog !

Marchmusings October 21, 2010

I like the photos you take and the background you give about the street-style photos. So we know they’re not just another subject to photograph but your thoughts behind the shots as well!
Marchmusings recently posted..The shirt off his back aka Shopping his closet

Bionica October 21, 2010

the skirt is fabulous
very lush with so many colors
and the top is just so pretty
love it!!!!

Bionica recently posted..Keep Paradin

ryan October 21, 2010

Insanely beautiful skirt!! And you are now on my blog roll too and sent you a friend request on facebook!
ryan recently posted..I should probably be sleeping

Margaret October 21, 2010

so cute :) the colours are fantastic!
And thanks for your lovely comments! So sweet x
Margaret recently posted..Freeze

amanda archambault October 21, 2010

I love that shirt!! It’s very pretty…
follow me and I’ll follow you!
xoxo, Amanda

Laura Tenshi October 21, 2010

This is so my style. I love seeing colorful, bold prints and she can wear them effortlessly. You are not a stalker, I find it cute how committed and passionate you are about photography and blogging.
Laura Tenshi recently posted..Green Coat

stela alves October 21, 2010

Que chapéu mais lindo!!!

Purses Pastries Etc... October 21, 2010

Lovely! Really really love her skirt! I’m sure she’s very happy you “stalked” her now :)
Purses Pastries Etc… recently posted..Shoes- shoes- shoes

Loz October 21, 2010

haha I don’t know what I love more…the street style of picturing you finding them every time I read a post, definitely one of the best I have played out in my head so far!


matchboxmuse October 22, 2010

Hey there,

Thanks for the lovely comment! Your blog is superb! Great street style photos. :) Would you like to follow each other?

Love, M

ninjagaiden78 October 22, 2010

Great pic. I love when beautiful women wear hats.
ninjagaiden78 recently posted..Leah Michelle stirring up controversey

Christel October 23, 2010

Oh I love this one, sweet and romantic !
Christel recently posted..Holidays !

ClaraSmiles October 23, 2010

so cute!!
love the color palette.
thanks so much for the lovely, lovely things you tell me on my blog…makes me so so happy :)

ClaraSmiles recently posted..I Feel You in Black and White!!

stella October 25, 2010

well, must say she’s brave 😉 anyway, bought myself that Lenin hat the other day, didn’t even know it is Lenin hat until friend pointed to the photo of him 😀 and I love it!
stella recently posted..La Vie en Rose

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