A Berlinese doll

by Lee Oliveira on August 5, 2011

Doesn’t she look like a doll?.. Perfect hair, skin and fabulous style.

Lee x


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Lauren August 5, 2011

She really does look like a doll! I love the pop of the bright yellow bag against her pastel outfit.

The Styleseer

Kate August 5, 2011

Oh my word, a grown-up Shirley Temple :)



Tanvi August 5, 2011

A doll she looks! Totally! :) ♡ from © tanvii.com

dragon fruit August 5, 2011

she really does!! beauty


chen del mundo August 6, 2011

love her locks, = )

chen = )

Fashionistable August 6, 2011

Oh she looks like Shirley Temple from the Good Ship Lollypop. Sweet. Xxxx

CessOviedo August 6, 2011

Oh my! She looks surreal, would have never thought of seeing anyone with that hair, she looks lovely!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Cathy Benavides August 6, 2011

I always wanted curly hair when I was little. My older sister had curly hair and I was so jealous. She told me that if I wanted to get curly hair I had to lick my finger and stick it in the electrical socket. After a few tries (yes I tried more than once) I had a burned finger, a bruised tailbone from hitting the floor and no curly hair. True story.

Sick by Trend August 6, 2011

OH MY GOD! LOVE HER HAIR!!!!!!!!! cool picture lee!


Have a nice weekend :)


Ellie August 6, 2011

Oh my gosh she is incredibly gorgeous. How beautiful!


Lauren August 6, 2011

Her hair is to die for!!!!

<3 L

Cristiana Nunes August 6, 2011

She totally looks like a dool. So sweet! I love her hair!

Bckls August 6, 2011

Yes, just like a little Anne doll. Wish she was wearing those glasses!

Jason August 6, 2011

Oh yes she does!! Know her. Amazing shot xx

Sherin August 6, 2011

She’s gorgeous!! Her hair is definitely so much like a doll.

Adrien Loren August 6, 2011

She is an authentic Doll!!!



Adrien Loren

The Foolish Aesthete August 6, 2011

Her face is like a porcelain doll from the past! Wonderful hair (like Fashionistable said, very Shirley Temple!). xx


the nyanzi report August 6, 2011

fabulous shot lee!

janettaylor August 6, 2011

Indeed! :-)


Cheyl parker August 6, 2011

Oh my goodness!!!!!! Love her!!!!!!! And yes, just like a doll!!!!!

Nicole @FHF August 6, 2011

omg…just like a doll! Love her…xo

Ashlei August 6, 2011

Omg her hair is so awesome! Perfect little ringlets and I love the shade of blonde, she is a little doll! Great shot!

xx Ashlei


My Styleadvisor August 6, 2011

Wow…that hair……

Samantha Z August 7, 2011

You have a great eye for photography!


Any Second Now August 7, 2011

Awww…she looks like Shirley Temple! I loved Shirley Temple when I was a little girl. ADORABLE picture, Lee!


Polka Princess August 7, 2011

Oh! Those curls look unreal!!! She’s so pretty & cute – sailor cap, soft pastels et all! :)

Paulina August 7, 2011

So pretty photo;)

stela alves August 7, 2011

Just wonderful Lee!!
Street Style by Stela

KC of Nouveau Skin August 7, 2011

i love the pants. cute outfit.


Virginie August 8, 2011

She’s got an amazing hair, love her style!


My Republic of Fashion August 8, 2011

How amazing is this girl?! LOVE her hair so much. :) Hope you are keeping well, Lee? SArahD x

Best Of Palm Beach August 8, 2011

She sure does….super cute!

kavery August 8, 2011

Shirley Temple reborn! So cute and such perfect curls.

fashiondoctor August 8, 2011

very sweet girl!

Jamillah August 8, 2011

Totally like a doll! She doesn’t look like a real person! Like she’s from some other place where hair is perfect. Great capture.

Kirstin Marie August 8, 2011

Oh my gosh, she looks adorable!! She definitely looks like a doll.

Oh to Be a Muse August 9, 2011

wow, this is so shirley temple. i love her top!

RA August 9, 2011

such a lovely look :)

Laura@Artfullyartista August 9, 2011

Oh my she does and she is so pretty!!!! I love this shot Lee!

Anna August 9, 2011

she has a really unique style! lovely shot!

Christel August 9, 2011

She’s so lovely ! You’re right, she’s like a pretty doll !

Jaime @ la vie...j'aime August 12, 2011

Her curls are amazing!! Great shot, Lee!

prutha August 13, 2011

adorable!!! amazing find lee

Andy Sophie August 13, 2011

Amazing, she does look like a doll :)

Leni August 31, 2011

hej hej,
thanks for taking this photo of me. Just spottet it.
hope to see you soon back in Berlin?! tell me if you’re planning to come again.

greetings Leni
ps. thanks for all the lovely comments.

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