50’s Stylin’

by Lee Oliveira on October 15, 2010

You have no idea how happy I was when I saw this beautiful woman wandering the streets of Newtown walking her dogs. Such a 50’s inspiration and please take a closer look at her hair style. Gorgeous! The street was packed full of people but she stood out with her look and her poodles. I was actually on the opposite side of the road so I had to run and dodge traffic to catch up with her. I almost got run down by a car. (I am ok!)  When I caught up to her I jumped in front and said “Hello!!”… hahaha. She was so calm with the sweetest voice ever. Meanwhile.. I jumping like popping popcorn with happiness. She didn’t want me to take her photo but I insisted. I had to show you all how stylish she was.

Sarah wears 50’s Vintage dress and fragrance Miss Dior Cherie by Dior

I adored her 50’s dress. I love the little details including the multiple spaghetti straps and the print on the bottom half. I assume back in those days the dress and print were very fashion forward.

I have a real appreciation for vintage pieces but its a little difficult at times to find girls on the street wearing the right combinations. When I find it, I can’t wait to feature it here. Remember Maddy from Maddy on Bourke? She was another one of my vintage catches.

I felt guilty because I didn’t have any treats for Buddy (black poodle) and Marcel (white poodle) but I did give them a little attention too.

Thanks Sarah. You are super stylish.


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alexander October 15, 2010

great look.

Maddy October 15, 2010

Super stylish indeed!! And the adorable B&W poodles are her best “accessory”!
Maddy recently posted..Taking Matters into My Own Hands…

Not A Paper Cup October 15, 2010

is it even possible to find people this beautiful just ‘walking the streets’ hehe.
Not A Paper Cup recently posted..Heart Heart Heart

SACRAMENTO October 15, 2010

It was worth the running. She is stunning!!!
Well done.
Un abrazo from Spain

SACRAMENTO recently posted..Bread making Day

fashion butter October 15, 2010

She looks great. I love her hair and those doggies are adorable!

style'n October 15, 2010

You’re right…very fashion forward and love her confident and unique style. And those dogs!! so adorable.
style’n recently posted..An Indian Wedding

Anthea October 15, 2010

Love her look. I am in search of a 50s inspired dress! Her hair is awesome!
Anthea recently posted..Sundresses and pretty views

Closet Fashionista October 15, 2010

Oooh wow! She looks so great 😀

fhen October 15, 2010

it’s very fashion forward at this moment too!
and the black and white styling is so gorgeous
fhen recently posted..ion topman topshop first anniversary

FashionLifeCoach October 15, 2010

Her outfit and sytling is though through until the very little detail.The accessory of dogs, her hair style and her attitude beam me back into the 50s.
FashionLifeCoach recently posted..Dapper Velvet

Jude October 15, 2010

I love this because she looks a little bit different, but so sweet and chic! You captured it gorgeously! (I love reading how you describe your approach too :))
Jude recently posted..Hampstead Heath- London

Grit and Glamour October 15, 2010

I love her and her dogs! It’s like she’s right out of Mad Men. She may be one of your greatest finds, Lee!

♥ V
twitter: @gritandglamour
Grit and Glamour recently posted..Friend Friday- Baby Steps to a Better Blog

leia October 15, 2010

I adore 50s styling! This girl is gorgeous!
leia recently posted..Foreign Affairs

Tamy Pesinato October 15, 2010

Loved this lady’s outfit! This combination is just so classy!

xx Tamy
Tamy Pesinato recently posted..Lara Stone Vogue UK November

Manon October 15, 2010

She is gorgeous. Also love her tattoo.
Manon recently posted..Gisele Feature In Brazilian Vogue

A Brit Greek October 15, 2010

Wow, not only has she got the perfect hair, she is absolutely drop dead gorgeous! Just look closely at her face!

Stylish thing!
A Brit Greek recently posted..Happy Weekend!

Christel October 15, 2010

That’s a black and white style !

Marta October 15, 2010

love style of the 50s! and she looks so fabulous!
Marta recently posted..Rainy days

sweet October 15, 2010

love the outfit…so stunning…I am in love with the A-line skirt…


My Republic of Fashion October 15, 2010

That vintage dress is just so gorgeous. Look at the fabulous dogs, also!! Great pics, Lee. :)SarahD

Stacey Kelly October 15, 2010

this post is so inspiring–i love her outfit! and her hair is FLAWLESS and so cool. i love her totally unique sense of style. glad you ran across the street to capture her outfit :)


Stacey Kelly recently posted..fashion week recap- ingrid vlasov

Marchmusings October 15, 2010

Love it all: her dress, her hair and the poodles that match her black and white dress. Following you on Bloglovin
Marchmusings recently posted..Shopping my closet

Monique October 15, 2010

wow, where do you find these people?? shes perfect! and you shot her so well with the pups!
xo M
Monique recently posted..Make up Essentials

Krystal/Village October 15, 2010

is she real???? she is a doll! i love it =)
Krystal/Village recently posted..Links &amp Things

Jose C. October 16, 2010

Love the 50′s inspiration with a modern twist.
She’s so elegant with her hairstyle and poodles.
Great photos as always!

Jose C.

Jose C. recently posted..Deactivated

Audrey Allure October 16, 2010

She looks amazing! Love the way she styled her hair :)
Audrey Allure recently posted..Recent MAC Purchases

Couture Carrie October 16, 2010

So gorgeous!
What an amazing dress!
Fab shots, L!


Conchi October 16, 2010

Love the outfit, and Buddy&Marcel. J’Adore.

Conchi recently posted..Últimos coletazos del Verano y avance Otoño-Invierno 2010

kristy October 16, 2010

she looks incredible!! wow. such inspiration. i love her dogs too. =P

Vogue Gone Rogue
kristy recently posted..café days

Kinga October 16, 2010

what a great look!
Kinga recently posted..hot chocolate evening

A Lot Like Fashion October 16, 2010

She looks lovely and I especially love her hair! :)
I love Dior fragrances!

Follow my blog at http://fortheloveoffashionandotherthings.blogspot.com

Ren October 16, 2010

I love it-
Great blog-

I think I am going to start matching my outfits to my dog- it looks so put together!

MrJeffery October 17, 2010

omg. i love her outfit so much. so classic.

Angela See, Angela Blog October 17, 2010

She looks so perfectly poised. Lovely pick Lee, BTW I would love to be shot (photographically) by you someday too bad we’re in separate states :(

Angela See, Angela Blog recently posted..A new outfit and some colour lovin’

stela alves October 17, 2010

Lee, essa foto está maravilhosa!!!!!
stela alves recently posted..Selina- Dusseldorf

K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X October 18, 2010

Ooo nice new layout Lee! She is truly divine! Her hair must have taken all morn! Lovely pics x
K N O C K Y O U F O R S I X recently posted..ECRU

jenna pearle October 18, 2010

my favorite part of this is the creative hairstyle. graphic prints in black and white add a touch of sophistication. however, the icing on the cake is that she doesn’t look overdressed (for walking the dogs) or costumey at all. love, love love…
jenna pearle a la passionistaplace.blogspot.com

Madeline Weber October 18, 2010

i love the fifties style! she looks so chic! and those dogs are adorable haha

xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/
Madeline Weber recently posted..Riding in Style

Liz S October 18, 2010

Yes, she IS gorgeous. And so are her poodles–also one of the smartest of dogs, perfectly suited to this young lady. I am fortunate to see her quite regularly at the vintage fashion markets and fairs I sell at.
Liz S recently posted..TRAVEL BAG STILL LIFE

sam October 18, 2010

Hey buddy im loving the new refreshed look amazing :)
sam recently posted..MOODY MONDAY

ryan October 18, 2010

Great style, she can really pull of the 50’s look well. And her dogs are so sweet!
ryan recently posted..I should probably be sleeping

jemina October 18, 2010

Wow, how phenomenal, even her cute dogs compliment the colour of her outfit :), nice shots Lee

Here’s wishing you a brilliant day

LOVE always
jemina recently posted..shoes and other things

Purses Pastries Etc... October 18, 2010

One of the best posts ever!! I adore how the adorable Buddy and Marcel complement her outfit — you sure she wasn’t wandering around the street waiting for you to capture her in a photo? 😉
Purses Pastries Etc… recently posted..Still a fave

BusiChic October 18, 2010

Oh Lee! she is wow! Great work

(i like your work!) Xx

Conchi October 19, 2010

Thanks for the lovely comment you left on my blog! Please don’t hesitate to follow me.

Conchi recently posted..Últimos coletazos del Verano y avance Otoño-Invierno 2010

Camila F. October 19, 2010

Que linda! Fiquei encantada com a sua beleza e estilo!
Camila F. recently posted..Doily Art

maryn October 19, 2010

nice photo! i like this retro and chic look! thanks for ur comment, and u can let me english comment at my blog, i read them even if it’s not french! ;=)

Aissata October 19, 2010

i love this. her hair is very cute and very 50’s stylish indeed

Aissata recently posted..Oversized

jess- whatwouldkarldo.com October 19, 2010

Ah those puppies are so cute! Her look is classic and timeless xxx
jess- whatwouldkarldo.com recently posted..Tis’ the season to be fashionable!

sabrina October 19, 2010


sabrina recently posted..This is the life

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