On the streets of Redfern…Sydney

by Lee Oliveira on May 25, 2011

I really like the colours that Nori is wearing. Even though it’s winter here in Australia, I appreciate the fact that he is sporting these colours.

shirt, tie and beanie, bag-Vintage, cardigan-American Apparel; glases-Giorgio Armani; no fragrance


Lee x



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Sick by Trend May 25, 2011

Fab outfit! I really like the cardigan with that skirt! The combination is fabulous! Great as usual 😀


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Lucy May 25, 2011

Great colour combination! I think the green cardigan pulls it all together.
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Ruby May 25, 2011

I love the color scheme! This is so fabulous.
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Kent Johnson May 25, 2011

Nice, & I love the tie. Even if it is on back-to-front!
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jasna May 25, 2011

Love the colours too! Happy Wednesday xx
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Rocquelle May 25, 2011

I LOVE color in winter (or any time of the year really)! The hunter green sweater is so right with the mustard and orange.
Rocquelle recently posted..Spring Twist

Shelby May 25, 2011

ah i love those colors together! reminds me of fall here in the USA when the leaves start turning all the brilliant shades in his shirt! he looks great <3shelby

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Kirstin Marie May 25, 2011

I love the colors he’s wearing. Despite your winter weather, I think his bright colors make up for it. Great photo!
Kirstin Marie recently posted..If you feel it- let it happen

Cecylia May 25, 2011

Love his shirt and tie!!! That’s a vintage tie!
Cecylia recently posted..Miss H Here!

WMS May 25, 2011

This guy’s got style! – WMS.


Monika May 25, 2011

Amazing color mix, I like his style a lot!
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Chide May 25, 2011

Those colors are to die for because they are so rich! Definitely loving it!
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A76 May 25, 2011

Cool – I love colour combo!
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Cafe Fashionista May 25, 2011

I am so digging his look – it is fantastic! :)
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Dusk May 25, 2011

Welll…even though it feels like it’s going to snow any moment now… it’s not technically winter, it’s still autumn soooo… these are perfect autumn colours!!
…And even if it was winter I would still appreciate seeing these colours. I am so SO tired of the greys and beiges and dull brown and blah blah boring ‘colours’ everyone thinks they should be wearing in winter! It’s winter! We need to brighten up!

He looks splendid!
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Mila May 25, 2011

Cool! Love the combination of colors!

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Milton May 25, 2011

That’s a nice tie!

modanista junkie May 26, 2011

I would do the same!! Bringing some pops of color into the cold weather is genius!!!


nydontleaveme May 26, 2011

He has awesome style! And Lee, when are you coming to NY 😉

Cristiane May 26, 2011

O que mais me chamou atenção aqui foi a combinação de cores! Nada exagerado, mais casual… LINDO!


Tanisha May 26, 2011

I heart bright colours on men. he looks fabulous..

the nyanzi report May 26, 2011

this is stand-out fashion. well spotted.

Katie May 26, 2011

Love how all the colors come together!

mystyle May 26, 2011

Hi there-a great street look, I also love the Givenchy dress post too!

stylemefab May 26, 2011

Love the tie, he definitely did well matching the hat, short and tie.
stylemefab recently posted..Wish list

The Foolish Aesthete May 26, 2011

Wonderful — very artsy look! I really like when guys dress creatively!
The Foolish Aesthete recently posted..CONTRAST &amp COMPARE

Maria Ana May 26, 2011

He looks so unique without being weird! I love it!!

ninjagaiden78 May 26, 2011

I like how he pairs the different colors together.
Good shot Lee.
ninjagaiden78 recently posted..Love is pt 10

Best Of Palm Beach May 26, 2011

Love it, he’s got flava!

Best Of Palm Beach recently posted..Rare Find- MCM Trunks

Tinfoils Tiaras May 26, 2011

I love that colour combination- when a man can dress it really is a beautiful thing!
Tinfoils Tiaras recently posted..forget blue balls- ive got red balls!

Shin May 26, 2011

He definitely knows how to wear color! I love that he’s wearing a tie too! That was unexpected and really cool! xoxooo

ms. eggplant May 26, 2011

been so busy! missed your blog :) i like his style, so quirky and cool, little can pull this off, only true artists at heart, i think, it’s something you can’t fake or copy :)

ps. Having a Satchel Clutch etc giveaway, you might want to check it out.

Fashionistable May 26, 2011

He is cute. Love he colour too and his sweet glasses. Xxxx

janettaylor May 26, 2011

He looks so fantastic!

janettaylor recently posted..How do you know

Sherin May 26, 2011

I love the colours he’s wearing. Guys definitely need to wear more colours. I also love the glasses.
Sherin recently posted..Outfit- Wandering around London

Oh to Be a Muse May 27, 2011

you’re right, he totally looks like spring! love the colors as well.
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genevieve, sandbox romance May 27, 2011

Loving the color combination! You’ve got a lovely blog; full of color and personality.

KC of Nouveau Skin May 27, 2011

oh i love that green cardigan. it’s sooooo cool. and also his tie.

KC of Nouveau Skin recently posted..A Night Out for Fashion

chen del mundo May 29, 2011

my auntie says its really cold there in OZ…
i’m excited to be there in august, = )


chen del mundo recently posted..fruitty &amp juicy sunday may 29- 2011

prutha June 2, 2011

love his style

Heather Fonseca June 2, 2011

Love the fabric on that shirt – and the way the placket is cut on the bias. Very cool.
Heather Fonseca recently posted..Unexpected classic – an outfit post

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