1 Year of leeoliveira.com

by Lee Oliveira on May 13, 2011

Exactly one year ago I pressed the “publish” button for my first blog post. I didn’t know what to expect… all these things were crossing my mind at the time! Are people going to like me! Am I going to be any good at this! Will people take my website seriously and feel inspired!…. I could go on and on.

I have met some amazing people in such a short time of leeoliveira.com. Late last year I made some rash and scary decisions about what I should do and which path I should take (“The last post for 2010 – The Real Me“). But like ever single human being, we are free and entirely able to change our lives to some extent. Thankfully, the change to focusing on my blog fulltime has opened up many opportunities.

Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog. Or should I say OUR BLOG?! This blog is not just about me, it’s about all the people I photograph. I enjoy sharing my photography, and you my readers were always the big judge and pushed me to work harder. I look back now at some of my original photos when I started the blog and I think…. how bad were they…. haha. But, on the other hand it shows the journey of how far I have come and how seriously I now take the quality of the shots. This passion that I have turned out to be something that a lot of people like about my blog and I’m glad you all feel inspired by the people I photograph.


dress-Tiger; jacket-Pumpkin Patch; boots-Myer; stockings-Cotton On; fragrance-Flora by Gucci (OMG)


I wish I could celebrate this special day with each one of you. So, instead of making this post about me. I wanted to put this gorgeous little fashionista that I photographed last week at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week. Her name is Jackie. Could she be any cuter?

Tonight I will be having a glass of champagne (well… maybe a bottle) and I will be wishing all of you could join me.

I thank all of followers and supporters from the bottom of my heart for trusting my fashion eye and feeling inspired through my photographs. Without all of you supporting me, my blog wouldn’t be were it is today.


Lee Oliveira xo



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sacramento May 15, 2011

Happy blog anniversary, dear Lee.
sacramento recently posted..Postcards From Berlin- Shopping my Daughter´s Closet

Jennifer Fabulous May 15, 2011

Yaaaay!! Congrats on your blogiversary, dear friend! I’m really impressed. You have managed to create quite the empire over here in just 365 days. 😉 But with your talent for finding stylish gems and photography skills, I really am not surprised. Your blog is one of the most fabulous out there. xoxo



Congrats!!! 😀 Love passing by your blog, so I really looking forward to a new year of great photos 😀

And that little girl is just gorgeous 😀
BEAUTYCOUNTRY recently posted..Countryside

Polka Princess May 15, 2011

Dear dear Lee! Am so happy that this lovely blog has come such a long way in one fabulous year……….I sincerely hope & pray that many more such beautiful anniversaries are celebrated in the years to come…….all the very best!!! And you really couldn’t have selected anyone more cute & stylish for this special post…….this cute creature sure shows that nowadays fashion is not restricted to age also!! :)
Polka Princess recently posted..A Striped Story

Heather Fonseca May 15, 2011

I’m so glad I’ve met you too Lee! I love your blog. Your sweet personality comes out in every post.

Heather Fonseca recently posted..How to make new friends

Hadassah Martes (Linton from London) May 15, 2011

One word: GORGEOUS! She’s a cutie!

Congrats on your 1 year blogging anniversary !
Hadassah Martes (Linton from London) recently posted..Un Jardin de Rosas

Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy May 15, 2011

You are an amazing photographer and it’s an absolute pleasure to read your blog! I just read your previous post about, about you, and I love your story! How inspiring, and I’m a huge fan of taking giant risks to follow your dreams…currently living that! :) What a beautiful photo this is too, she’s so stylish!

Rachel @ Inspiration in Italy recently posted..Allettante Skirt new etsy boutique!

THE-LOUDMOUTH May 15, 2011

Um… this girl is ADORABLE! So fashionable and cute. Look at that smile — what a ham! Lovely capture, Lee.

Congrats on your one year! You’re amazing at what you do and we all love you!
THE-LOUDMOUTH recently posted..Open House- The Office

Susu Paris Chic May 15, 2011

Your blog look really funky! So nice to see guys here out in the vogue spheres! Come and have a look at my lil’ blog… Fashion kisses!
Susu Paris Chic recently posted..Cannes Starlette

Anika ByAnika May 15, 2011

Hi sweetheart, I am so happy for you! And, I am so exited to see what the next year will bring for you! Well done on creating such wonderful things in you life, it is very inspiring to see. One day I hope to give you a big hug in person, but for now blowing you kisses will have to suffice. xx

ps, The girl is adorable! I love the shot. I always love your shots!
Anika ByAnika recently posted..Vintage ByAnika- Flaming June &amp Anika

alexandre May 15, 2011

Bom eu sou suspeito de falar de seu trabalho, pois sempre o achei impecável em tudo que faz. Sua competencia, seu compromentimento, sua determinação, enfim em tudo de faz e faz com vontade. Parabéns pelas conquistas!!! Vc merece e ainda vem mais pra esse proximo ano!!! Que Deus abençoe sempre seu caminho.

Karnoski May 15, 2011

Happy Birthday 😀
she’s so cuuute (:
Karnoski recently posted..White Passion

Brett May 15, 2011

Congratulations :)
All the best for the next year!
Brett recently posted..What boots to wear with Leggings

Audrey Allure May 16, 2011

Aw she’s adorable! Happy birthday to your blog! :)
Audrey Allure recently posted..Its my 21st Birthday!

Virginie May 16, 2011

Love your blog, what a great pics and looks as any age!

Happy birthday ; )

Virginie/ Couture & DIY

ediot May 16, 2011

congrats on your success! you take amazing photos and i love your way of writing.
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. lovely photo here above btw, i love her cardigan/blazer. and she’s so cute.;)
ediot recently posted..that blouse and the reflection of a house

Laura Tenshi May 16, 2011

Happy belated first blog anniversary ! I wish you all the best and I am sure you will be blogging for many years to come. Your passion for fashion will get you and your blog far. Keep up this amazing work and all your hard work will pay off !
Laura Tenshi recently posted..Paisley Print

Comtessedeferveur May 16, 2011

Happy Bloggoversary Lee! What a great achievement and long may it flourish! Cutest pic ever btw! xx

Kirstin Marie May 16, 2011

Again, Happy (belated) 1 year anniversary!! I hope you enjoyed your champagne! I love your blog, and you take gorgeous photos. Thank you for being you, and sharing with us your amazing talents. You, sir, are an inspiration.

Kirstin Marie recently posted..Peek-a-boo I see you

Verena May 16, 2011

Congratulatios, Lee! 1 year? Wow! That must feel amazing. I hope there are many more years to come xx

KC of Nouveau Skin May 16, 2011

happy anniversary to your blog Lee!! congrats.. it is a wonderful site and i really enjoy seeing people from all over with their chic style. keep up the good work and keep feeding us beauty. :)

KC of Nouveau Skin recently posted..SM Holiday 2011- Color Fun

kavery May 16, 2011

Congrats on a year of great posts and for introducing us to such a variety of looks and people

ohmytravelbag May 16, 2011

Happy blog Anniversary!

wobblinbetty May 16, 2011

congrats dear!!!
and I’m so loving that shot you posted, she’s fab!! :)
wobblinbetty recently posted..Polaroids chapter 02

Marlo Perry May 16, 2011

Congratulations on one marvellous year!

How cute is that girl?! I think I saw her at the Bowie show. What a little angel.

prutha May 17, 2011

congrats dear… u have totally and utterly done super well for urself and i am very proud of u [like i keep saying]..u defi deserve the bottle of champagne
prutha recently posted..Run Lola Run- Personal Fashion

style'n May 17, 2011

Lee- a BIG congrats to you..I adore your blog. And my one year will be coming up at the end of the month. Isn’t it amazing how much you have learned this year and all the wonderful people you have met through the blog and in person? I feel like the year has just flown by. Cheers to another year of blogging and wonderful fashion photography. Naina
style’n recently posted..Day to Night

Lucy May 17, 2011

Happy 1 year blog anniversary! Nice to see you are doing well. And good for us, for having such a good streetstyle blog on the other side of the world! xxx
Lucy recently posted..Dress For Less- The Striped Summer Dress

Oh to Be a Muse May 17, 2011

awh, how adorable is she! and with the gucci perfume too! :)

Lee, congrats on the one year anniversary of leeoliveira.com! that is such an awesome feat so i’m very proud of you. your blog is fantastic and i can’t wait to see all your future photos as i’m sure this site will be around for a long time!


Oh to Be a Muse recently posted..Featured Fashionista- Lucia

The Foolish Aesthete May 17, 2011

The girl is so adorable! Gives Suri Cruise a run for her “best dressed” title. Congratulations on one year blogging!

Bionica May 17, 2011

Lee happy blog-aversary
your blog is FABULOUS!!!
and so is Jackie
omg what a cutie
and she wears Flora, she it too cool =)

Bionica recently posted..Delicias Ticas

Dusk May 18, 2011

Lee honey… out of all your beautiful posts, this one is the most beautiful! What a heartfelt and warm and witty post! and what a gorgeous photo!!! Jackie is adorable!!

Bravo… here’s to many more years and looking forward to Lee Oliveira. The Agency. :) x
Dusk recently posted..Im Rushin

Dressed and Eaten May 18, 2011

Congratulations on this momentous occasion. All the very best. You are doing a great job!

Sebastian Styles May 19, 2011

Congratulations on all your success Lee, I am glad I am not the only one with some anxiety the first time I went out and started asking people to let me photograph them. If all the comments are any indication, your blog and passion touches a lot of people.

Nick R May 20, 2011

kids have the most insane style there is, especially those that live in cities. if we can take anything from this girl, it’s that a little confidence, a little diva-attitude, goes a long way.

Cristiane May 26, 2011

uau Lee, um ano! Não acredito que você possa ter tirado fotos ruins, ainda que tenham sido as tuas primeiras fotos. Gosto de vir aqui e obter inspiração, você tem um olho clínico e sabe muito bem em qual ângulo se posicionar para fazer belas fotos! Se vier ao Brasil novamente, faz uma foto minha? hahahahahahaa


PS.: acho que encontrei uma foto (horrível) de quando eu tinha black power!

chen del mundo May 29, 2011

congratulations lee, i know this is a tad late but oh well…
here’s to FASHION and STYLE!
= )


chen del mundo recently posted..fruitty &amp juicy sunday may 29- 2011

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