Perfection in details

I had seen Nicholas walking the streets of Sydney near to where I work a few times now. He always caught my eye as he is so impeccably dressed. I was always cursing under my breath that I never had my camera with me to get a good shot of him.

Nicholas wears shirt, shoes, pocket square all by Farage, jeans by Replay, jacket by Bagozza Milano, belt by Polo Ralph Lauren, sunglasses by Marc Jacobs and La Nuit De L’Homme YSL fragrance

Well, a few days ago I did and I now get to show you how amazing he looks. Loving the dark denim, soft pink shirt, black slim jacket, brown shoes and belt and the touch of a pure silk pocket square.

His style is faultless from head to toe. If you look closely at the photo you will see the top of the silk pocket square only sticks out around 1/4 to 1/2 out of the pocket. It is such a small detail but that’s what I call PERFECTION.

 He also kept mentioning to me how immaculate his wife dresses. I can't wait to meet her one day on the streets of Sydney so I can photograph her. I have always wanted to to show all my readers what I really love about fashion. To do this, I have now started my photography course at ACP (Australia Centre for Photography). This allows me to take better photos and use the beautiful natural light that Sydney and Australia has to offer. 

Now,  I am glued with my camera 24/7. I cannot miss any great photo opportunities on the streets of Sydney. I am grateful that I have such a great choice of street models around to choose.
Not  only does Nicholas look great but he also likes to make people feel amazing with his company "Jewellery Concierge" at  His pieces are fabulous.

Now I know why people who work within the fashion industry love to make other people feel amazing. Because we are all gifted and born with an amazing eye for fashion.
Oh well.. I was also born with expensive taste in fashion
What too about you guys?

Lee Oliveira
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