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One of my secrets that I would like to share with you all is that I am a obsessed with Prada. Last week I just wanted to “have a look” at their new collection, so there I was on my way to Prada.

As I was arriving at the store in Sydney, I saw this stylish guy outside wearing the most amazing black suit. I thought straight away, this will be my next post “Outside Prada

His name is Kevin and he was wearing Prada from head to toe and also wearing one of my favourite fragrance “Prada Infusion

Kevin wears head to toe Prada, sunglasses by Marc Jacobs and fragrance Prada Infusion by Prada

I always wanted to photograph some guy in a impeccable black slim fit suit and show the importance of having such a versatile piece in a male’s wardrobe. Similar to a lady having their LBD.

Here are some great tips for you to find your perfect Black Suit:


  • Make sure you know your exact size – if you are not sure ask for help
  • A single breasted suit is recommended.
  • 100% wool – you can wear it year round.
  • 1 buttons or 2 buttons will look more stylish and versatile.
  • For the perfect lapel go for a classic like this.
  • Single or double jacket vent.
  • Flat front pants are best.
  • Tailored pants. A baggy pant really isn’t flattering for anyone.
  • No cuffs on the pants (unless you are over 70)
  • Check the fit and if necessary take it to a tailor.

“never do the bottom button up” – it’s wrong and it hurts my eyes.

I hope these tips helped you and for all those ladies out there, tell your partners.

Ps.. My credit card took a beating that day as well …. Oops!

Thanks Kev!


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