On the streets of Sydney…Crown St

If you think it’s easy to stop people and take a picture of them, OH you just try it!… Sometimes I get “No thanks! or Sorry, I haven’t got change!“. When I stopped Jane and explained to her what I do, she was about to give me a big fat NO Thanks. She then looked around and realised that she was the most fashionable on this busy street.

dress-Karen Walker; bag-Prada; shoes-Nine West; sunglasses-AM Wear; fragrance-Michael Kors

The warm colours of Jane‘s dress were refreshing and relaxed. The T bar sandals were a great complement to her outfit.

Later I was thinking to myself,  why did she almost say no to me?! Maybe she has been photographed before. Perhaps she was in a fashion catalog  or on a catwalk and I didn’t recognize her. Well, she was hiding behind those gorgeous sunglasses.

Thanks Jane,

It was fun, wasn’t it? 😀

Lee x

Lee Oliveira
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