On the streets of San Francisco… Market St

Here I am… San Francisco. I love exploring and be able to photograph all different trends around the globe. I meet up with Albert and his girlfriend who is also a fashion blogger. Albert is a lawyer and he just released a book called The Elements of Constitutional LAW (Congrats Albert)  

jacket-Prada; shirt and sweater-Ralph Lauren; jeans-Levis; sunglasses and beanie -Vintage; sneakers-Saucony; fragrance-Antaeus by Chanel

Albert looked very comfortable in his sporty inspiration. I was in love with his sunglasses. I wanted them. haha

I am sure you’re all dying to know who Albert girlfriend is!  Well… I like to keep you in suspense a little. Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post.

She is fabulous

Lee x

Lee Oliveira
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