The last post for 2010… “The real me”

by Lee Oliveira on December 31, 2010

I thought I would make my last post of the year about me ….. for a change.

First and foremost, I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. Whether it be through facebook, twitter, personal emails or the many comments I receive on the blog it’s all good. All the positive feedback makes me work even harder and helps me pursue my dream.

I get many requests from people asking about the guy behind the lens. Who is he? What makes him tick? Why does he do this? Well, here it is. Not many people know about the many changes that have happened to me just recently so I will just blab it all out now.

I have worked in the fashion industry for many years but I always felt there was something missing. I did love it but I wanted more. I just wasn’t sure what it was. Recently I quit job. Actually a good job that paid the bills. Yes, that’s right and with no new job to go too. It was a very scary thing to do but I thought it was going to be now or never.

I have loved all things fashion for many years and I have also loved photography. The fashion thing, as I mentioned I have already done but the photography didn’t come so easily. I simply didn’t really have the money to blow on an expensive camera and lens to get me started. Also the photography courses were something I didn’t really have the time or the money for either. I know …. poor me, get out the violins  blah..blah..blah.

In my last job, I had many clients I dealt with. Like any job, some were painful and some I just loved to chat with as they were so inspiring. One in particular I would chat with on a regular basis. Over time we became friends and we would talk about all sorts of things fashion related. One day he came out and said “I used to be a professional photographer but I don’t do it anymore”. As his old camera sat idle and no longer in use, he offered it to me to start using.  I was very embarrassed to say yes. All as I could think about was if I break it, I wouldn’t have the money to fix or replace it. I guess life is all about taking chances… He always said I had an eye for fashion and I should pursue my passion.  So without any further hesitation I just said yes.

As you can see from my very first photos on the blog, I had no idea what I was really doing. For these past 7 months, I have worked so hard practising almost everyday with it. With the little money I had I lashed out on a couple or short photography courses to get me started but most of the stuff I have learnt is really self taught. Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much money on clothes and I would be able to do more. I’m working on that….haha

So far, I am having the time of my life. It’s the best feeling. It feels like I was born to do this.

Every time I hold mine (his) camera I feel the connection between me and photography.

The blog has been an amazing networking tool. Something that I never thought it would be. Actually, most of what has happened in the last 7 months I really wasn’t expecting. That’s life and I guess that’s what makes it so exciting. I have made some amazing connections and have met some great friends along the way too.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened and some of you know already is that I have gained a sponsor. A few months back I was contacted out of the blue by “Gloss Cosmetics” I couldn’t believe it. They liked what I did and wanted to be a part of it. The rest is history and I now have a sponsorship deal with them.

The best thing right now is doing something that I love. That is, wandering the Streets of Sydney with my camera looking for street fashion photography moments and sharing some quality shots with you all on my blog. Some friends have said to me, why don’t I just go out with any old camera to do this. For me it’s a combination of the street style fashion and the quality of the shots that I take. I like to make people feel good about the photos they are in.

suit-Calibre; shirt-Dolce&Gabbana; tie-Calibre; fragrance-Voyage D’Hermes

Do you know when you feel you belong somewhere? I just know.. “I belong in Fashion

The new 2011 will be full of new surprises so get ready. You may just see a little bit more of me along the way as well.

Stay tuned and thank you again for all your support.

By the way… as I really can’t take photos of myself, I had my blogger friend Peter ( taking these pictures.

Wishing everybody a wonderful 2011.


Lee Oliveira x

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Anthea December 31, 2010

Stunning post! It was nice to “get to know you better”. Good luck on your journey as a street style photographer!
Anthea recently posted..Bye bye 2010- Hello 2011 December 31, 2010

What a great post. Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings you. xx

Fashnlvr December 31, 2010

Lee!! I really enjoyed reading about you and how you got started. Great photos of you too! You look so happy in the first one and so handsome in the second one. I love to see people following their dreams. I look forward to seeing where you go with this blog and how awesome you got a sponsor.
Wish I could quit my day job but for now I will have to continue being an IT Geek full-time and a blogger in my spare time.
Happy New Year!!
Fashnlvr recently posted..Wine Tasting Women- What We Wore

Liz S December 31, 2010

Gosh, wow, that was a warm, wonderful and inspiring read. What a great journey you are on Lee. Go strong and proud out there–your blog is fantastic and I look forward to reading and seeing more amazing things in 2011.
Best wishes,
Liz S.

Beny Ricardo Sadewo December 31, 2010

what a Lucky man u are mr. lee…., i’ve save my money for buy a camera too, FYI, some of my photos was taken by my Cellphone,… Ciao!! welcome 2011!!!!! Happy New Year ^^ can’t wait for Lee Oliveira in 2011,..

Beny Ricardo Sadewo
Beny Ricardo Sadewo recently posted..Que Sera- Sera Whatever Will Be- Will Be

The Well-Appointed Catwalk December 31, 2010

So nice to learn a little about you and hear your inspiring story! Can’t wait to see what 2011 brings. Happy New Year!
The Well-Appointed Catwalk recently posted..WTF! Moment- Shoe Edition

Esz December 31, 2010

Cool post – it’s always great to know the story of the person taking the photos.

With the photography – I think it’s best to learn all yourself. Then you develop your own methods instead of being too heavily influenced by others. As with any other visual art I think.

Keep up the good work and come to Melbourne some time! :-)
Esz recently posted..Christmas Eve posting – Portrait study

Cecylia December 31, 2010

Hi babe, love your golden chair! Thanks for sharing all of your fabulous photos in 2010 : Look forward to another fashionable 2011 from you!
Cecylia recently posted..Salita Matthews

Bella Q December 31, 2010

Oh handsome friend, what a nice treat to get to know YOU better through this blog. Congrats on your new sponsor, and all the success that has come your way: you deserve it! Wishing you much, much success in ’11. Take care! xo. Bella Q
Bella Q recently posted..Citizens Choice Best Blogs 2010- Clothes- Cameras- &amp Coffee

JTwisdom December 31, 2010

Hello Lee,

I am a newbie to your site, I came this way by a twitter post from Citizen Rosebud. Great post and it was cool reading about you and how your pursuing your dream. Keep on taking those photographs and congratulations on your sponsor.
Awesome pics and very cool to list your fragrance.

Happy New Year to ya!

jemina December 31, 2010

Lee darling, I will always support whatever you will do,
I am sure year 2011 will bring in more wonderful things for you
I am so glad and utterly honoured to have finally met you
A guy with so much talent and passion, I am so proud to have you as my friend

Forever yours,

PS: I am missing you so much… can’t wait for the next meet up :)

sweet December 31, 2010

hello there handsome…you belong to your own blog with the stylish outfits you have…you take great photos my dear and hopefully one day I would be able to meet you…


happy new year!

a!kO December 31, 2010

Love this last post Lee :) And wonderful story! I was told to do the things I love because it will make me happy :) I am working on that! I hope the new year bring more joy to you and success! 😀 Happy new year!!!

Oh btw, you look amazing 😀 Cheers.


Idda @ a!k0
a!kO recently posted..Goodbye 2010- hello 2011

Sherin December 31, 2010

Great to finally get to know the guy behind the camera! I love how you have such a passion for photography. It really is inspiring all that yo’ve done!
Have an amazing 2011!!!
Sherin recently posted..A Year in Outfits- 2010

Manon December 31, 2010

Dear Lee,

I follow your blog a long time and I just love it. You always inspire me with your outfits and you know what fashion is about. I love this post and get to know you, a little bit, better now.
I hope 2011 will be an amazing year for you. Because you really deserve it!

Love, Manon
Manon recently posted..Iekeliene Stars in Avantgarde

SACRAMENTO December 31, 2010

I had already seen you with our beautiful jemina, but it is lovely to see you, love the D&G look. You are FANTASTIC.
Have a wonderful start to 2011 my dear friend..
SACRAMENTO recently posted..Adios al 2010

Rafael Franco January 1, 2011



I wish you a very very very happy new year!

kisses from Brazil*
Rafael Franco recently posted..MIA

Katy January 1, 2011

Lee – I’ve been creeping in the wings for a while, sorry that sounds sketch. But I just wanted to say I love your blog and this post sharing a little bit more about you is great! I see you joined the FBFF group, you might be the first guy in the crowd, but I look forward to reading what you have to say. Best of luck in 2011. – Katy

Zarna January 1, 2011

great to meet the man behind the lense!

happy new year!
Zarna recently posted..goodbye twenty-ten!

style'n January 1, 2011

Lee- I absolutely love this post…it is so real and genuine! And it is so amazing you just went after your dreams and made it a reality. Happy New Year to you. I hope I can learn a thing or two about photography in 2011 (maybe you can give me a few pointers!)
style’n recently posted..Guest Post- Are You A Proactive Shopper

KC of nouveau skin January 1, 2011

it seems like it has been a great year for every blogger i follow. well, congrats to all your achievements, lee. you (and your blog) are one of those who inspire me everyday. keep going. you are doing very well. and stay grounded as you are right now. happy new year. :)
KC of nouveau skin recently posted..Happy New Year!

Grace January 1, 2011

Nice to see the real you! And Happy New Year!

Love Grace.
Grace recently posted..stepintothelight

stylemefab January 1, 2011

Great post. Happy new year and wish you all the best on 2011
stylemefab recently posted..UK Elle February 2011 – Cheryl Cole

Anna January 2, 2011

Lovely Photos!
Anna recently posted..Tonight

MY STYLE ADVICE January 2, 2011

I know the feeling you’re talking about where you were “born to do something”… Ever since I started my jewelry design business, I feel that way. I was born to be in fashion and work for myself. Like you, I also quit my job that paid the bills with no other job to go to. It has spurred me on to other ideas, other businesses, collaborations, etc. And, I have met some life long friends along the way. Big Risks = Big Reward! Anyway, I totally relate in many ways! Only wonderful things to come for you, i’m sure. :-) Happy New Year!
MY STYLE ADVICE recently posted..Garb of the Day “New Year’s Eve 2010″

Ashley [Free Honey] January 2, 2011

It’s so nice to learn a little about you and how you got your blog up and running. I’ve def noticed the improvement in your photography since I’ve been reading. I think it’s great that you’re really trying to live your dreams. Here’s to the new year!

xoxo, Ashley
Ashley [Free Honey] recently posted..Silver and Grey- Sequins for Day

Josceline January 2, 2011

really interesting finding out more about you! happy new year! hope you really enjoy 2011 :)
Josceline recently posted..December Diary

Marco January 2, 2011

Thank you so much Lee!
Happy 2011!

Closet fashionista January 2, 2011

So exciting, it is great to learn more about you! I can’t wait to see whats in store for you in 2011

Closet fashionista January 2, 2011

Haha I Meant about not snout…stupid iPad auto correct 😉

ambuji January 2, 2011

Very heartfelt thoughts Lee! You are brave to follow your passion by taking a draconian step of quitting your high paying job. You are an inspiration for a person like me who loves fashion, but hesitant to take the big leap. P.S. You look dashing!!!

Couture Carrie January 3, 2011

Awesome post, Lee!

Happy 2011!


Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul January 3, 2011

I remember those pics! A great post..nice to know more about the person within.
Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul recently posted..Best Wishes with Melting Moments

Jaime January 3, 2011

Love this post- hope 2011 brings much success for you!
Jaime recently posted..Happy New Year!

ryan January 3, 2011

Amazing post, I enjoyed learning more about you. I wish you and your blog and your photography the best for 2011. xoxo
ryan recently posted..Girl meets iPhone- vodka sodas- Beach House- oh hey 2011

Angga Heinrich January 3, 2011

Great post Lee!! I’m glad you actually share some personal stuff about you!! Reading your post is actually so inspiring, I cant believe you quit your big buck jobs and go doing what you are doing right now!! For me that is a big step!! hopefully 2011 will bring the best of you and me and all the readers out there!! I’m sure you will be big, the way that I read your blog everyday or once every two days you have an amazing eyes on street style fashion!! Hopefully we’ll meet someday in the street!!
Keep doing the great job
Angga Heinrich recently posted..Red- White- and Blue

ClaraSmiles January 3, 2011

you are such an amazing person, you are a big inspiration for the ones who likes the photography and the fashion industry :)
I wish you the best of the lucks in the word!!

kisses and meny meny hugs!!
ClaraSmiles recently posted..Holiday Time!

Emma January 3, 2011

Gorgeous words Lee, very inspiring post.
All the best for 2011 – and every year beyond.

cathy. January 3, 2011

Lovely post :)

Good luck on the street style in 2011!

cathy. recently posted..Love All – SS10-11 Lonely Hearts

Veshoevius January 3, 2011

What an amazing and inspiring story! Bravo – good for you!
Veshoevius recently posted..The Torreras Trophy Trousers

FashionLifeCoach January 3, 2011

Great recap and self-presentation. All the best for you in 2011.
FashionLifeCoach recently posted..Co-Created

ediot January 3, 2011

No but I’m seriously considering getting a piece from him…there were so many dresses i loved from the s/s 11 collection.
thanks for stopping by me
wish you a wonderful week
ediot recently posted..christopher kane s-s 2011

ediot January 3, 2011

Now I’ve read your post too 😉 your photography is great. i will surely be back here. Here’s to an exiting 2011
ediot recently posted..christopher kane s-s 2011

Grit and Glamour January 4, 2011

Thank you for sharing your story, Lee…it is so inspiring! I deeply admire not only the huge leap of faith you’ve taken to pursue your dream, but your honesty as well. Your story is just another example that we ALL have help getting to where we want to be in life. That’s why I believe in sharing knowledge (or cameras!)…it’s paying it forward.

I’ve seen you grow so much, and I have loved it because I have felt and still feel fear and disappointment when I pick up my camera and can’t seem to get the effect I want. But like you, I keep trying, and when the time is right, I’ll have the lenses I need and the understanding to produce the results I want. But the journey along the way is just as important.

So hope to see you in Vegas! More info on that coming soon.

twitter: @gritandglamour
Grit and Glamour recently posted..Happy New Year!

DeVero January 4, 2011

Such a great post! Is cool to see who is behaind the camera and a litle histori about this person ;).
I look forward to your posts 2011!
Happy 2011!
DeVero recently posted..So many hats and only one head!

Maddy January 4, 2011

You look so dapper in your suit and I love seeing the handsome man behind the lens! I’m so glad you do what you do! Can’t believe you quit your payign job and took a leap of faith…so inspiring!! Best wishes to you in the new year! You’re a gentleman and I wish you ALL the best in the new year!

Diana Mieczan January 4, 2011

So lovely to read more about you. Have a fantastic 2011. Happy New Year. Btw: Love the photos
Diana Mieczan recently posted..Apple Donuts With Cider

Shin January 4, 2011

Hi Lee! Your story is so inspiring to me! It gives me courage to do what I want to do and that is photography and pursuing a job in fashion! And you should feature yourself more on the blog! You’re quite a dashing gentleman! And Congratulations on your sponsorship! Happy New Year to you and I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us!! xoxoxoxoo

prutha January 4, 2011

its great to know more about u lee… really…
the shots r lovely..ur hard work in the past 7 months does show and so does the progress…im in the same boat and still learning… its tough to follow ur passion but nothing more rewarding than when ur creativity comes to life…

great news on seeing more of u!!! that would be awesome… loving the shots btw…

happy new yr to u mister… may 2011 bring all your dreams to you in the form of reality :)


WOW-Im speechless Lee that post is AMAZING and i feel so inspirded by you. I had spoken to my Boss before New-Years, about leaving the company after 6yrs. As 2011 i want to focus 100% on my Mens label and work Part time in G-star raw. Over the break iv come to my thoughts and jumping into the deep end and just following my passion!! i hope everything works out for you all the best Lee.

♥Sam xo

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