The last post for 2010… “The real me”

by Lee Oliveira on December 31, 2010

I thought I would make my last post of the year about me ….. for a change.

First and foremost, I just wanted to thank everyone for their support. Whether it be through facebook, twitter, personal emails or the many comments I receive on the blog it’s all good. All the positive feedback makes me work even harder and helps me pursue my dream.

I get many requests from people asking about the guy behind the lens. Who is he? What makes him tick? Why does he do this? Well, here it is. Not many people know about the many changes that have happened to me just recently so I will just blab it all out now.

I have worked in the fashion industry for many years but I always felt there was something missing. I did love it but I wanted more. I just wasn’t sure what it was. Recently I quit job. Actually a good job that paid the bills. Yes, that’s right and with no new job to go too. It was a very scary thing to do but I thought it was going to be now or never.

I have loved all things fashion for many years and I have also loved photography. The fashion thing, as I mentioned I have already done but the photography didn’t come so easily. I simply didn’t really have the money to blow on an expensive camera and lens to get me started. Also the photography courses were something I didn’t really have the time or the money for either. I know …. poor me, get out the violins  blah..blah..blah.

In my last job, I had many clients I dealt with. Like any job, some were painful and some I just loved to chat with as they were so inspiring. One in particular I would chat with on a regular basis. Over time we became friends and we would talk about all sorts of things fashion related. One day he came out and said “I used to be a professional photographer but I don’t do it anymore”. As his old camera sat idle and no longer in use, he offered it to me to start using.  I was very embarrassed to say yes. All as I could think about was if I break it, I wouldn’t have the money to fix or replace it. I guess life is all about taking chances… He always said I had an eye for fashion and I should pursue my passion.  So without any further hesitation I just said yes.

As you can see from my very first photos on the blog, I had no idea what I was really doing. For these past 7 months, I have worked so hard practising almost everyday with it. With the little money I had I lashed out on a couple or short photography courses to get me started but most of the stuff I have learnt is really self taught. Maybe I shouldn’t spend so much money on clothes and I would be able to do more. I’m working on that….haha

So far, I am having the time of my life. It’s the best feeling. It feels like I was born to do this.

Every time I hold mine (his) camera I feel the connection between me and photography.

The blog has been an amazing networking tool. Something that I never thought it would be. Actually, most of what has happened in the last 7 months I really wasn’t expecting. That’s life and I guess that’s what makes it so exciting. I have made some amazing connections and have met some great friends along the way too.

Probably the most exciting thing that has happened and some of you know already is that I have gained a sponsor. A few months back I was contacted out of the blue by “Gloss Cosmetics” I couldn’t believe it. They liked what I did and wanted to be a part of it. The rest is history and I now have a sponsorship deal with them.

The best thing right now is doing something that I love. That is, wandering the Streets of Sydney with my camera looking for street fashion photography moments and sharing some quality shots with you all on my blog. Some friends have said to me, why don’t I just go out with any old camera to do this. For me it’s a combination of the street style fashion and the quality of the shots that I take. I like to make people feel good about the photos they are in.

suit-Calibre; shirt-Dolce&Gabbana; tie-Calibre; fragrance-Voyage D’Hermes

Do you know when you feel you belong somewhere? I just know.. “I belong in Fashion

The new 2011 will be full of new surprises so get ready. You may just see a little bit more of me along the way as well.

Stay tuned and thank you again for all your support.

By the way… as I really can’t take photos of myself, I had my blogger friend Peter ( taking these pictures.

Wishing everybody a wonderful 2011.


Lee Oliveira x

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Bionica January 4, 2011

Hey Lee
Happy New Year!!!
well I think that it is just fabulous that you are following your fashion dreams
via photography
It’s not always easy to do such, but a real blessing to actually do
and I think that your photos are just fabulous
like you =)

Bionica recently posted..Feliz Año

cathy. January 4, 2011

I love your street style photos! Keep it up :)

cathy. recently posted..Love All – SS10-11 Lonely Hearts

Jenna Nolten January 5, 2011

Hi, beautiful picture and it’s cool that you posted something about yourself. Something I really try with my blog :$ Really go watch Burlesque! Doesn’t matters what te people say, it’s a lovely movie :) Let me know if you watched it and what you thinkg about it. xoxo J.N.

daisybabie January 5, 2011

Lee! Happy New Year, luv!
You are one good-looking, stylish, brave, confident man with a good soul. “For me it’s a combination of the street style fashion and the quality of the shots that I take. I like to make people feel good about the photos they are in.” Brilliant! :)

Laura Tenshi January 5, 2011

Wow Lee, so courages of you to pursue your dream like that. In a way I can relate to that, but unlike you, sometimes I get doubts about whether I am doing is the right thing or not.
Seeing how confident you are, it makes me feel confident as well.
It’s such a great thing that you got your camera from a professional photographer, that was like a way for destiny to make things right for you.
I always believe in signs and that each person has his own destiny he can’t escape.
Looking back, one year ago my life was so different. Like you’ve said, life can be so unpredictable and that makes it exciting.
I wish you can accomplish everything you want in 2011.
P.S. I said something like that in my Hypeed video too.
Laura Tenshi recently posted..Maxi skirt

lynn January 5, 2011

Great blog, thanks for stopping by to check me out. Your pics are sooooo great, congrats on your new endeavor. How exciting for you and I can’t wait to see what this new year brings!

My Republic of Fashion January 5, 2011

Lee! How in the name of God did I miss this post???!!! I admire you for doing what you believe. I wish you all the success, but you won’t need it. This blog is always fantastic!! Looking very handsome in those pics, by the way. :)SArahD

My Republic of Fashion recently posted..Standing In The Spotlight

thestreetfashion5xpro January 5, 2011

I love your street style photos!…you have great style
happy new year dear lee

Christel January 5, 2011

Hey ! Nice to meet you Lee !
I wish you a lucky, beautiful and creative 2011 !
Christel recently posted..Willkommen- bienvenue- welcome !

Gigi Guerreiro January 5, 2011


You are an inspiration! Go, get your dreams!!! Do fundo do coracao eu te desejo o melhor para 2011, para que possas concretizar todos os teus sonhos!

All the best !!! e boa sorte!

BlueVanilla January 6, 2011

Following your dreams will get you far…im excited for you and excited for changes in the upcoming year to your blog…i can only imagine you will get even better at what you do!
BlueVanilla recently posted..Kiss

mo January 6, 2011

my gawd you’re ridiculously good looking. congrats handsome!
mo recently posted..pumps and a bump

The Covetist January 7, 2011

what a beautiful story. i am always drawn to people that have struggled in their lives for some reason or another. i feel as though they have earned their place. my perspective being someone who has worked in the fashion industry for a few years, i hope to find my place as well. i don’t feel that i have found it yet. but i am getting closer. and my blog is definitely helping me as well.
much love.

The Covetist
The Covetist recently posted..Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci

LeRon January 7, 2011


Good luck in all your endevors my man. I will continue to support you.

Btw, you are looking sharp in that black suit.
LeRon recently posted..Sunday Funday

reni January 10, 2011

love this post, lee. often, we are trapped in our own comfort zones and we settle. live what you love, you’ll be happier. happy 2011 to you! keep doing your thing.

Annie January 15, 2011

Wishing you a fab 2011!!!
Annie recently posted..Giveaway – CORE Foods

Carrie January 19, 2011

I loved reading your story, Lee – it is so gutsy of you to quit a great job and follow your heart. All the very, very best to you in the future!! Great pics…going to check out Jemina’s feature right now!


puja February 2, 2011

wow !! inspiring… loved your blog..

Peh Sun February 8, 2011

You look very good in this suit and you write very well too (very funny I must say). I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog.

Keep on posting please……..
Peh Sun recently posted..I Like Tea

Chris March 28, 2011

Hi Lee

Just wanted to say how proud of you I am. Hope you get all you want and more.
Good things happen to good people.

Hope you are well.
Lots of love

Fabienne Jach April 12, 2011

I love having learned all this about you, Lee. You’re so brave. I’m sure it’s not always easy but you’re living your life fully. I believe in education but I don’t believe that it’s limited to being formal. Getting out there and rolling up your sleeves is also a form of education. I can attest to the success of being self-taught and motivated.

Like you, I felt a calling that I had to purse, even it only part-time. I love writing well and finally have two outlets, my style blog and my poetry blog. I hope to continue to develop the richer nature of my content, I currently only have time for one solid piece a month, if that, but I’m so happy to be doing it. It’s better than dreaming about doing it.

Lee, it shows you love doing what you do. You’re touching lives with your positivity. Well done!

Fabienne Jach recently posted..FBFF Five

Tanisha May 14, 2011

Love this and I know exactly how you feel Lee. congrats and keep up the good work..
Tanisha recently posted..Hottie of the Week-Chayanne

Karoll July 6, 2011

Sua história é linda seu trabalhoo é fabuloso eu te admirooo muito e me inspiro em vc pela sua determinação vc ficou simplismente lindoooooooo de terno ……………..
Eu te amo muito ……..
by; Karoll

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