Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin…Day 1

by Lee Oliveira on July 7, 2011

It’s 1am here and I know you are all crazy to see what Berlin Fashion Week SS12 brings to the world. I am in the lobby of my hotel having a glass of wine (well deserved) and editing this post. Here are my favourite looks from day 1.

Alexandra Kiesel SS12

Dimitri SS12

Willkommen zur Berlin-Art- und Weisewoche!

Lee x

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SACRAMENTO July 7, 2011

Berlin has been rocking, and been inpired by the freedom and colourful 80s for a while now.
How fantastic of yoy to take such wonderful pics, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Mademoiselle Marie, street style July 7, 2011

i love the outside pics, so great looks

alannah July 7, 2011

i was only wondering the other day what agy is up to these days & i read on wiki she’d quite modelling. i guess not! unless im totally wrong & that model just kind of looks like her. so many bright bright colours. it makes me yearn for summer! hope you’re having an amazing time lee.x

Tanvi July 7, 2011

The dude with the yellow tee look super cool!

♡ from ©

CessOviedo July 7, 2011

Look at all those bright colors, guess everyone in Berlin are into the color blocking trend, great pictures!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Lauren July 7, 2011

Ahhh! How cool! I bet you are having a fab time! I’m jealous!! :)

Beautiful pictures as always! I love the runway looks you’ve picked out!

<3 L

Cheyl parker July 7, 2011

Love, love, love all the color! And mmmmmmmm wine!

Regina July 8, 2011

The colour blocking trend is one of my favourites, and there is no doubt that your photos are absolutely captivating!

Claire July 8, 2011

Some great pics – love the gentleman in the last one – that blazer fits to perfection x

Katie July 8, 2011

I know you’re having an amazing time at fashion week!

Monika July 8, 2011

Great photos, Lee!:) I also like the photo mix you chose – each outfit has different style

Jesse Maricic July 8, 2011

Great Work Lee. Photos are so clear 😉 Perfecto

Jason July 8, 2011

Fab thts all!

Nicole @FHF July 8, 2011

LEEEEE!! These are all so amazing…perfect! xo

The Foolish Aesthete July 8, 2011

These are fabulous colors and shots! Beautiful. I’ll try to catch up on your posts since I’ve been away. xx

Ambuji July 8, 2011

Berlin is becoming the hub of fashion and art!! Love the shots, quintessentially European!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip July 8, 2011

Very cool! Sounds like a great time!

Mila July 8, 2011

Love third outfit!

Melissa July 8, 2011

Fantastic!! Wish I could be there!!


Sherin July 8, 2011

Love the structured pieces from the first picture. And the guy with the yellow tee looks amazing.

the nyanzi report July 8, 2011

fantastic work! i was supposed to be there but then something else came up…
i love the third and the last look.

GRIT & GLAMOUR July 8, 2011

Stunning shots, Lee! BFW agrees with you!


Rocquelle July 8, 2011

Loving all of the color!!

Fashnlvr July 8, 2011

I really love the look of the blonde with the white sunnies and pink skirt! That is my favorite! All the shots are fabulous but I love her outfit best!

De Vero July 8, 2011

I just love love love these pictures! The joy these colors is amazing. The girl with the blue blazer and cerise skirt is absolutly the best!

claudia July 8, 2011

love love the third pic, her outfit is perfect and that hair is killer!!

KC of Nouveau Skin July 8, 2011

oh everyone looks sooooooooooo colorful… love them all. especially the blue double breast jacket.

Lucy July 8, 2011

Fab shots, Lee! Hope you are enjoying yourself, and go and try to see some “real” Berlin in between the fashion if you’ve got the time. The Tacheles Arthouse, Oranienburgerstr. is inspirational! xxx

dimitri July 8, 2011

Lee, those pictures are beautiful.
It’s a perfect combinaition of colors.
Great looks !

Cristina L July 8, 2011

colorful combination. looks great!

Noura July 8, 2011

that girl’s hair is amazing!

YvonnaLivianna July 8, 2011

that aqua blazer has stolen my heart! Amazing shots darling, so colorful and captivating!


Jamillah July 9, 2011

OMIGOSH!!! I love them all but really my most fave is the girl with the pink hair. LOVE how bold and fun her style is!

Laura Tenshi July 9, 2011

The third outfit is by far my favorite. That blue double breasted blazer is now my newest obsession. I have to find something similar soon or else I’ll die :))

chen del mundo July 9, 2011

can i have the ensemble of the guy from the last pic? please… hehe = )
so gonna wear that!


kristy July 9, 2011

great shots Lee!! i’m actually considering berlin as the next place i move to so i’m definitely loving seeing your photos!! if you take any photos of different neighborhoods while you’re there that you aren’t planning on posting on your blog, i would love to be able to see them. =)

modniza July 9, 2011

so cool! love this outfit! xxx

Fashionistable July 10, 2011

Fashion weeks are just the best. Great shots as always Lee. Xxx

milanblogger July 10, 2011

seems your eos 5mkIII work better than you nikon old cam,LOL!!!!!!the catwalk pics are simply perfects,even the outside!!!see you………….

Mode Plus July 10, 2011

I’ve visited Berlin many times and even though the city tackles with financial crisis , big unemployment amongst youngsters, it is still a very inspiring place to be. I enjoy going there.

Flara July 11, 2011

This is truly phenomenal picture!! very beautiful photo and wonderful styling:) I absolutely love it.

Bionica July 12, 2011

Lee everyone looks so fabulous
I love the bright colors expressed
especially in the street style =)


Fabrizio July 12, 2011

Hey Lee, i am the guy with the blue double-breasted jacket on the last pic…..great job! Thank you! :)

Marcello July 13, 2011

You have a well taste of fashion.
your favorite looks a are great.

We had to know eachother better, before visiting the Berlin fashion week.

greetings Marcello

modniza July 13, 2011

wonderful inspiration! xxxx

STYLE'N July 13, 2011

That guy in the yellow shirt looks so great! Love the scarf too

jess July 13, 2011

Love the colours, love the vibe I am so jealous!!! xxxxxxxx

Dressed and Eaten July 13, 2011

Berlin is sure looking good. Love the blue and pink outfit. Looks great. Cute outfit by the last fella. Love the addition of the striped socks.

High on Fashion July 27, 2011

Great pics Lee! Love them…

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