I am not a Paparazzi – Part 2

I would like to dedicate part 2 for all those huge screaming fans of movie star Ashton Kutcher and the fabulous director Robert Luketic.

Unfortunately Katherine Heigl wasn’t in Sydney. If she was here, I am the one that would be screaming at her.

I asked Robert Luketic if he was wearing Dolce & Gabbana and he said to me, how do you know that? Well… let’s just say I was also wearing the same denim. Ashton Kutcher was also looking very dapper wearing Tom Ford from head to toe.

The best part of being a paparazzi for the night was I got to talk to them a little and I just want to say, they were fantastic. I was very glad when Ashton told me he really enjoyed Australia, and we all should be proud of living in a such beautiful country.

I know Ashton, That’s why I’m here.

I really enjoyed the movie. Has anybody watched this movie? It’s hilarious.

Right now, I feel as though I need about 24 hours sleep. It’s my second day at the Rosemount Sydney Fashion Festival and I have been photographing and also tweeting like mad on the runway. Follow me on twitter and I will keep you up to date on this years SS 2010/11 Australian collections. Stay tuned.


Lee Oliveira
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