Did someone say “shoes”?

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Australian launch of Brazilian shoe brand, Via Uno. The party was held in the penthouse at “The Ivy” in Sydney so how could I refuse? …. haha

Brazil is one of the largest manufacturers of shoes in the world and with this comes quality and expertise for the most part so I knew I wouldn’t be disappointed.

The brand was established in 1991 and now is represented globally throughout South America, The Middle East, Europe and now downunder right here in Australia.

I managed to get some quite good shots of the models wearing their heals and these are some of the best.

Now ladies.. isn’t this “shoe heaven”? Which one would you pick. Don’t be greedy…. Ok.. be greedy!! haha

Click here to see a short video of me in action with my camera at the launch party.

Thanks for the invite Via Uno. I had such a good night.


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