BOTB is back again

Does anybody remember Chay? Well.. for those who don’t, let me remind you. Chay was in one of my very first posts called “Boutique of the Beauties” – (BOTB). She is part of the Bettina Liano family. (FYI one of my favorite australian labels). I remember when I met her she was very friendly, bubbly and oh so pretty. In fact, I think they all are at Bettina Liano.

Since first posting Chay on my blog, my photography has improved and I wanted to go back and photograph her again. I am painful?…haha.. I hope not.

Chay wears jacket, top and pants, all by Bettina Lianno, shoes from Azar Vintage, sunglasses by Ray Ban and Pink fragrance by Narciso Rodriguez

It was so good to go into her shop and feel welcome. She remembered me. YAY! I asked her if it was ok to photograph her again as I now had a new camera and really wanted to improve on the previous photos I had of her. She agreed happily and we arranged a time in her lunch break out on the street. There she was again, but this time she was stopping traffic.

Let me tell you, she had the best pose and attitude to be photographed that day.

When I walked with her back to her shop, I saw her work colleague Liz. I said to myself, I’m in heaven. I looked at Liz and gave her the biggest smile and asked her, are you ready? She said “oh yeah”.

There I was, going to back to the street and thanking lord that I was so lucky to find these beauties again. Can I get an amen?!.. hahahah

BOTF part 2 is coming up.

Thank you Chay, it was great to see you again! (ps.. I love your hair)


Lee Oliveira
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