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Ok! This time you’re probably going to laugh and are going to definitely call me crazy. I saw this girl wondering the streets with her friend, checking out all the stores along the way. I spotted her from behind and started to walk faster so I could catch up to her and her friend. As I caught up, she walked into a store so I thought I would just hang outside waiting patiently till she came out. OK, at this point I felt like a total stalker. I was hanging for a while. When she finally came out, I stopped her. She was a little shy at first and was laughing nervously. She couldn’t really figure out why I stopped her.

Here name is Nhu and while I was talking to her, Nhu’s friend was asking what I liked the most about her style. The peasant style tunic and colourful skirt had drawn me to her and the hat really finished the look. They laughed about it because Nhu had just purchased the hat at the store that I was waiting (stalking) in front of for her.

Nhu wears dress by Paper Scissors, top and bag purchased at Vietnam

I love when girls try to find they own style. And the greatest part meeting Nhu is the fact she felt very comfortable and fresh in that outfit. Meanwhile I was boiling in my denim and polo shirt. It was a little warm that day.

I found Nhu in the same street that I found Krizia from my “Military Chic“post. I am lucky to find such pretty girls in one of my favourite streets in Sydney.

Thanks Nhu, you are so beautiful. I hope you get a change to see the shots.


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